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Lowena's a real gamer, so unlike so many people outside of Japan, she knows how cool SNK really was!  Capcom may have Lowena's and my favorite characters, but overall, I think SNK has more cool characters than any other company.
Lowena's Gallery
terry-mary-val04-tn.jpg (2300 bytes) Mary's Target  77k  (500x437)
This is a really cute picture!  But, I don't think Blue Mary needs to worry because no guy needs to be shot by cupid to fall for her.
ko-maiandy-val03-tn.jpg (3859 bytes) Hogtied!  85k  (406x500)
You gotta wonder what Andy's problem is!  Every dude in the world drools at the sight of Mai Shiranui, but for some reason, Andy's still in the dark.  Hey, but at least we know that the DO eventually marry and have kids (play Garou: Mark of the Wolves).
ko-mary-tattoo-tn.jpg (2862 bytes) Mary's secret  47k  (385x500)
Again, I gotta think that Terry is not only the coolest guy in video games, but also the luckiest!  Blue Mary is as cool as any girl without pigtails could ever be!!
ko-yuri-summer02-tn.jpg (2543 bytes) Summertime Yuri  28k  (241x500)
Gotta love Yuri because she's one of the most fun characters.  And hey, and she looks pretty good in a swimduit too.
lowena-andymai-sum02-tn.jpg (2862 bytes) Oh no!  Please don't do that!  49k  (372x500)
I could write a book of comments on this picture!  My 2 main thoughts are:   how the hell did Andy hurt his nipple?!  and what's he afraid of?!  I'd love to see a follow-up picture showing Terry giving his little bro a BIG dope slap and lecture on girls...
lowena-bmary-sum02-tn.jpg (3021 bytes) Flirting  31k  (249x500)
As far as I'm concerned, Blue Mary doesn't have to do anything to get me interested!  She could turn me on just by standing there.  (don't tell Terry I said that)
lowena-leona-sum02-tn.jpg (2508 bytes) It's getting hot in herre...  27k  (267x500)
...so take off all your clothes.  In case you don't get the reference, that's from a popular song by Nelly.  Anyhow, this is KoF's Leona in a cute camo bikini.
lowena-maryterry-vday-tn.gif (3360 bytes) A Blue Mary Valentine  60k  (347x560)
Normally, I see Blue Mary as being cool & sexy, but not necessarily pretty.  She's kinda too tomboy-ish to be 'pretty'.  But with this dress on, she proves that she can be as pretty as a girl without pigtails can be!  Lucky Terry...
lowena-snk-summergals-tn.jpg (3700 bytes) KoF Summer Gals  96k  (600x454)
Here are some of the best gals from SNK's King of Fighters series.   And, you can't see it here, but there's a really funny scene in the background involving Bao, Athena, and Athena's bikini top...

lowena-terry-mary-tn.gif (1958 bytes)

Terry B. & B. Mary  35k  (419x600)
Here's a nice little black & white picture of two of my very favorite characters.  As usual, it looks like Mary is using her feminine charms to mess with poor Terry's head.  But, I'm sure it's all in good fun!
lowena-charlotte-valentine-tn.jpg (3579 bytes) Lovely Charlotte  91k  (507x600)
I've always found the French to be extremely rude, but nevertheless, I can't help but love Charlotte!  As far as looks go, she's gotta be one of the best looking game characters... as you see here in Lowena's picture.
lowena-shermie-valentine-tn.jpg (3716 bytes) Cupcakes, Anyone?  96k  (508x600)
One minute she's suplexing people in a fight, one minute she's playing in a band, and the next, she's baking cupcakes for Valentines!  Shermie's of of the coolest and most unique characters, so it's very nice to get fanart featuring her.   By the way, this picture went up on Feb 13, which happens to be her birthday!  
lowena-mai-loves-andy-tn.jpg (3735 bytes) "I love you, Andy!"  95k  (600x482)
Poor Andy... it must be tough to have a cute ninja like Mai madly in love with you!  I bet he dreads Valentines Day every year.  BTW, in KoF '99, when Mai and Andy have to fight, the intro animation shows Mai with a baby in her arm, and it's waves at Andy and says "Papa!"... Andy freaks out, but it's just a hand puppet!  ^_^
lowena-mai-tn.gif (2423 bytes) Mai Shiranui fanart  38k  (436x580)
Here's a black and white picture Lowena made of SNK's leading lady, Mai Shiranui.  She's been around almost 10 years now, but unlike Chun Li, she hasn't gotten boring at all.
lowena-mary-beach-tn.gif (1183 bytes) Blue Mary at the beach  47k  (600x431)
Here's a picture that looks like it was taken by Blue Mary's boyfriend, Terry Bogard.  They must be enjoying a day off at the beach.  Going to the beach is lots of fun, but you gotta watch out for those pesky crabs...
lowena-mary-letter-tn.jpg (3715 bytes) A letter for Stefan!  75k  (600x269)
This is a letter Lowena once sent me!   Pretty cool, huh?  Not only that, it was filled with fanart too.  I scanned almost all these pictures in this gallery from the originals that Lowena was nice enough to send me.
lowena-mary-tn.jpg (2849 bytes) Blue Mary fanart  68k  (269x580)
Here's a nice picture of Blue Mary in her original Fatal Fury and King of Fighters outfit.  It's a great outfit, but I always wonder how that big loose belt stays on...