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February 23, 2004   (top 2 pictures are new!)

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Lowena's drawn so many great Cammy pictures over the years that I've had to create this 2nd gallery of Cammy fanart.   Now this gallery is full, so expect a 3rd gallery of Lowena's Cammy picture with the next update!
Lowena's Gallery
ko-cam-devil-val04-tn.jpg (3105 bytes) Valentine Devil 2004  64k  (600x322)
Move over Morrigan, there's a new and improved succubus in town!
ko-cam-cupid04-tn.jpg (2371 bytes) Valentine Angel 2004  54k  (299x550)
Who'd a thunk that the angel and not the devil would be the one to go topless?
ko-cam-baby-abc-tn.jpg (2849 bytes) Cammy sucks!  62k  (459x500)
Yes, as a baby, Cammy sucked her thumb.  We all did.
ko-cam-easter03-tn.jpg (3146 bytes) Happy Easter 2003  55k  (336x500)
This is the picture from the Easter card Lowena made for me.  And this proves that Cammy's no clone of Vega... would he have taken Cammy Easter Egg hunting?
ko-cam-easter03-no2-tn.jpg (2974 bytes) Happy Easter 2003 again  46k  (318x500)
Was this how Cammy wished Lord Vega a Happy Easter?  Forget the eggs, and all that other junk... I want a cute pigtailed girl dressed as a bunny too!
ko-cam-cupid03-tn.jpg (3625 bytes) Cammy Cupid  67k  (406x500)
Here's Cammy playing as the Angel of Love, Cupid.  I wonder who she's aiming her arrow at?  Maybe Andy Bogard, so he'll finally open up his eyes an notice that Mai Shiranui is totally crazy for him!
ko-cam-devil-val03-tn.jpg (3505 bytes) Devil of Love  62k  (390x500)
If this is what the devils in Hell are like, sign me up!
ko-cam-kitty-val03-tn.gif (1179 bytes) Cammy loves BIG kitties too!!  77k  (434x500)
As all Cammy fans know, Cammy's favorite thing: cats!  Here she's loving some big cat (a Pokemon?) a little too much...
ko-cammy-val03-tn.jpg (3807 bytes) Valentine Angel & Pokemon  122k  (411x500)
This is definitely one of Lowena's best pictures.  She put a lotta work into this one, and it turned out great!  I wish I coulda done a super high-resolution scan of this one, but the file size woulda been ridiculous.
ko-cam-val-angel03-tn.jpg (3590 bytes) Valentine Angel 2003  69k  (410x550)
Lowena's done a couple of Cammy Angel pictures, and here's another one.  Hmmm... if this is what angels in Heaven are like, I'll have to make sure never to sin again!
ko-cam-gomen-tn.jpg (4421 bytes) Gomen ne  95k  (500x473)
"Gomen ne" means something like "Oops, sorry!"  I'm sure Cammy using Chun Li's move against her was a total mistake.  Yeah, right!  But Chun Li knows Cammy could kick her butt, so she's not gonna do anything about it...
ko-yay-bday-tn.jpg (3460 bytes) Yay!  It's your birthday!  42k  (365x500)
Lowena and Cammy sent me this really nice card for my b-day!  Thanks!!  ^_^
ko-cam-tattoo-roses-tn.jpg (3185 bytes) The hidden tiger 2  55k  (311x500)
What a cool picture!  It's a new version of the picture below.  It's a great picture, but I REALLY hope that those are some kinda genetically altered roses without thorns!
ko-cammy-tattoo-tn.gif (1110 bytes) The hidden tiger  31k  (401x500)
Never knew that Cammy had a big tattoo underneath her suit, did you?  Me neither!   I'm not big on tattooed girls, but this one does look pretty cool.
ko-cam-sketches-tn.jpg (3022 bytes) The many faces of Cammy  55k  (470x600)
This is a classic!  It's a great color picture of Cammy surrounded by a buncha different sketches showing the different Cammys... mermaid, angel, boxer, etc.
ko-cammy-devil-tn.jpg (3301 bytes) Bedazzled  49k  (381x500)
I've seen bunny Cammys, angel Cammy, mermaid Cammy, and all sortsa other Cammys, but this is the first devil Cammy.
lowena-cam-surf-tn.jpg (2946 bytes) Goin' Surfing!  87k  (518x600)
Since when did the Brits start surfing?  But then again, since when did Cammy start following the rules?!  I guess losing your memory makes you wanna go out and experience all that life has to offer.
lowena-cam-ko-chun-tn.gif (2753 bytes) Tuffwoman Champ!  100k  (450x580)
After this beatin', I doubt Chun Li will ever claim to be the "Toughest Woman in the World".  This picture is definitely one of the all-time best Cammy fanart pictures.  BTW - check out all the characters in the crowd.
lowena-2cammys-tn.gif (3631 bytes) The 2 faces of Cammy  65k  (383x540)
A lotta fans fight over which Cammy is the best... Delta Red or Shadowloo.  This picture's got 'em both, so everybody should be happy.  I am!  ^_^
lowena-valcammy-tn.gif (2261 bytes) Valentine 2002  52k  (250x600)
Cammy in her pink Delta Red outfit, and a box of chocolates... what's better than that?  Cammy in her pink Delta Red outfit with 2 boxes of chocolate!
lowena-bday-cammy-tn.gif (3420 bytes) Happy Birthday 2001  70k  (399x560)
Lowena makes a lot of her own cards, and this is one she made for my birthday.  It a great picture done in ink and watercolor.  Yup, this definitely made my birthday a happy one... Thanks Lowena & Cammy!
lowena-cammy-angel-tn.gif (2621 bytes) Valentine Angel  71k  (384x560)
Here's a picture Lowena sent me for Valentines.  Looking at Cammy in that cute frilly outfit, and with those wings, it's easy to forget exactly how tough she is.
lowena-cammy-puppet-tn.gif (2501 bytes) Master of Puppets  56k  (469x480)
Every time I look at this picture, the song "Master of Puppets" from Metallica starts playing in my head.   If I were Cammy, I'd make my shotoclone puppets walk over to and climb into the nearest trash can!
lowena-cammy-bed-tn.gif (1696 bytes) Cat-napping  28k  (472x580)
This picture is SO cute!   First, I always think "Awwwww... ^_^"  but then I see that Cammy kicked off her blanket, and her feet must be cold!  But Cammy's a notoriously heavy sleeper... nothing wakes her up, so it's probably nothing I need to worry about.
lowena-cammy-xmas-angel-tn.gif (1765 bytes) Angelic  58k  (461x600)
Here's another picture of Cammy as an angel.  A lotta people have drawn Cammy angels but it doesn't get old because it just looks so right.