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Last update = February 23, 2004  (the first 2 pictures are new)

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Here's more of Lowena's favorites, Lei Lei & Lin Lin.  Since she's such a HUGE fan, I'm sure this 2nd gallery is only that start of many more to come.  With Lowena's creativity, there's no limit to how many interesting fanart pictures she could draw of these two...
Lowena's Gallery
ko-lei-angels-tn.jpg (2408 bytes) Lei Lei posing  88k  (550x407)
These little guys are smart... not only did they talk Lei Lei into posing nude, but they're painting her so they get to stare for a few hours (as opposed to a few quick snaps with a camera).
ko-lin-cupid-tn.jpg (2807 bytes) Lin Lin Cupid  66k  (387x500)
Lin Lin is a special cupid, because if the arrow shot doesn't turn you on, her buck-nakedness will.

ko-lei-lin-teeter-tn.jpg (2822 bytes)

Teeter Totter  57k  (500x536)
Here's Lei Lei and Lin Lin playing on the most famous of the ancient Chinese playground toys... the teeter totter.
ko-baby-leilei-tn.jpg (4081 bytes) Baby Lei Lei  58k  (382x500)
This is a really cute picture.  I love Lei Lei with chocolate all over her face, and I love the look of that little puppy hoping that he'll get some.  What luck, she gets it ALL OVER her face, but doesn't drop any on the floor for the doggy...
ko-zab-lei-val03-tn.jpg (4359 bytes) The Rejection  72k  (500x426)
Zabel (aka Lord Raptor) got himself all cleaned up for Lei Lei, but she still says "No way!" But I don't blame her... if somebody tried to give me flowers they stole from their local graveyard, I wouldn't be flattered either!  But then again he is a zombie, and maybe that's proper zombie etiquette.
ko-lei-val03-tn.jpg (3895 bytes) Lei Lei XXX-Rated Valentine!  95k  (388x500)
I don't think Lei Lei meant for everybody to see this topless Valentine picture she posed for!  What 'til Zabel sees this!!

ko-dolls-tn.jpg (3305 bytes)

A girl, a dog, and 3 dolls  64k  (388x500)
Here's a picture of Lowena, her dolls, and her dog.  Lowena loves her Lei Lei & Lin Lin dolls (she really has the Lei Lei), but I don't think her dog liked his Morrigan doll...
ko-lei-lin-buttnaked-tn.jpg (4667 bytes) Bathing Beauties  111k  (600x523)
This is one of Lowena's most detailed pictures... and I'm not just talking about the tattoos.  Anyhow, since most of you will be busy noticing other things, I think I should point out that they're wearing their hats into the bath!  ^_^
ko-lei-yawning-tn.jpg (3809 bytes) Wake up Lei Lei!  43k  (253x500)
Do zombies sleep?  I guess if vampires sleep, why not zombies too.  It's amazing... as haggard and half-asleep as Lei Lei is, she still looks cute!
ko-lei-sketches-tn.jpg (2808 bytes) The many faces of Lei Lei  75k  (464x600)
Here's a great picture featuring a colored Lei Lei surrounded by a buncha interesting sketches of Lei Lei.  I particularly like the bunny & tiger Lei Lei sketches in the bottom corners.
lowena-lei-lin-sum1-tn.jpg (3430 bytes) Lei Lei & Lin Lin summertime 1  50k  (282x500)
Who'da thunk that two dead girls could look so sexy in bikinis?  Well, over the years I've learned that pretty much anything is possible with Lowena!
lowena-lei-lin-sum2-tn.jpg (3178 bytes) Lei Lei & Lin Lin summertime 2  39k  (365x500)
And here are the twins showing off another set of bikinis.  I love Lei Lei's, and Lin Lin's is interesting too, but I guarantee that she'll fall out as soon as the first wave hits!