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Like any person with common sense, Lowena is a Cammy fan!  She's drawn and sent me enough original Cammy pictures to wallpaper an entire room.  I haven't done that yet, but someday I will.  In the meantime, I've scanned some of the pictures and created this gallery for you to enjoy...
Lowena's Gallery
lowena-cam-kimono-tn.jpg (3941 bytes) Raw fish, huh?  71k  (455x600)
This is a really interesting picture of Cammy because she looks so extremely cute in her kitty cat kimono, but on the other hand that sushi stuff has got her baffled.  Don't worry Cammy, it's good!  The only one you should stay away from is the one with all the little red balls... that stuff's nasty!
lowena-cam-ssuit-tn.jpg (3449 bytes) Crab Love  78k  (573x500)
This is a really cute picture of a little crab offering a daisy to Cammy.  ^_^
It's one of my favorites because it's so simple, pretty, and amusing.  I made a wallpaper for my computer from this pic, and if I still had the Wallpaper page, I'd put it up there for you too.
lowena-cam-roses-tn.gif (1897 bytes) Cammy is Rosey  44k  (456x500)
Lowena likes to draw classical looking pictures of game characters.  This is a nude (although you can't see anything) picture of Cammy surrounded by a bunch of roses.  Watch out for the thorns Cammy!
lowena-cam-sit-chun-tn.jpg (3871 bytes) The queen on her throne  88k  (463x600)
Who's the strongest woman in the world?!   Cammy!!  ^_^
This is one of the best pictures ever!  But one thing kinda worries me... I hope Chun Li's old back doesn't go out on Cammy.
lowena-cam-cham-tn.jpg (3426 bytes) Cam Cam  75k  (438x600)
This is Cammy dressed like everyone's favorite Mayan tiger/monkey-girl from Samurai Spirits, Cham Cham.  She's just as cute as the real thing!
lowena-cam-flowers-tn.gif (3392 bytes) Lovely Cammy  89k  (438x530)
Here's a really pretty picture of Cammy.  She's actually naked in this picture, but there are plenty of arms and flowers to keep her decently covered up.
lowena-envelope-tn.gif (2320 bytes) Lowena's envelope  109k  (525x600)
Whenever Lowena mails me pictures, she draws a funny little picture on the envelope, and here's one of 'em.  Genma Saotome isn't surprised anymore when his son gets wet and turns into a girl, but this time, he turns into Cammy!
lowena-easter2001-tn.gif (1011 bytes) The Golden Egg!  21k  (494x560)
Lowena's also famous for drawing great holiday fanart.  In 2000 she drew an Easter picture of Cammy in a bunny outfit, and this year, she drew this one...
lowena-cam-sketch-tn.gif (1474 bytes) unfinished Cammy sketch  53k  (600x458)
On the back of the picture where Cammy's sitting on Chun Li, I discovered this great little sketch that Lowena never finished off.  Nevertheless, it's still a great picture!
lowena-cam-valentine-tn.jpg (3825 bytes) Cammy, the Angel of Love  95k  (462x600)
Believe it or not, this is actually a bad thing!  Cammy's the person who most of us want shot with the love arrow, but since she's cupid, she can't shoot herself...
Nevertheless, it's a very cool picture!  ^_^
lowena-cam-mermaid2-tn.gif (3484 bytes) Mermaid Cammy 2  94k  (445x600)
Sure the mermaid Cammy's been done before, but it's such a cool thing, so it should be done again!  Thanks, Lowena.  I wish more fanartists would draw different versions of other pictures... I don't think there's anything wrong with that.
lowena-cam-mono-tn.gif (3396 bytes) Mononoke Cammy  76k  (457x600)
Of course I know this is Cammy cosplay Princess Mononoke, and it looks great, but I never saw the anime.  I was in the US when it was in Japan, and then I was in Japan when it was in the US.  I'll have to go rent it when I got some free time...
lowena-cam-2001-tn.gif (2483 bytes) Out with the old... in with the new!  35k  (600x405)
For the 2nd year now, Lowena sent me a cool Happy New Year picture!  This is a really clever one showing how Morrigan and Chun Li are becoming part of the past, and how Cammy is emerging to finally take over in 2001!
lowena-cam-birthday-tn.gif (3780 bytes) Happy Birthday!  77k  (397x580)
Although this is a contest for Cammy's birthday, this is something I got from Lowena for my birthday!  Lowena always sends me pictures, but instead of e-mailing 'em, she gives me the originals!  ^_^  If you know her, you know she's probably the #1 Lei Lei fan, so for her birthday, I got her a really cute stuffed Lei Lei doll.
lowena-cam-bunny-tn.gif (2123 bytes) Cammy the Capcom Bunny  31k  (376x580)
Well, the secret is out... I love bunny outfits!  And I suppose many of you like 'em too since I'm getting so many pictures.  Bunny outfits are especially cute when pigtailed girls wear 'em.  But then again, what isn't made cuter by by a girl with pigtails?!  ^_^  Thanks to Lowena for this one!
lowena-cam-easter-tn.gif (2669 bytes) Happy Easter from Cammy!  88k  (255x600)
When I was living in Japan, Lowena sent me this great Happy Easter Picture!  They don't celebrate Easter over there, so it was especially nice to get this.  And, I also love bunny outfits too!

lowena-cam-fel-tn.jpg (3845 bytes)

Cammy + Felicia  54k  (239x580)
Cammy's the coolest, Felicia's one of the coolest so if you combine the two, you're bound to get something good!  In theory it sounds good, and as you can see from this picture, in reality is it's also good!  Thanks to Lowena for proving it.
lowena-cam-kitty-tn.gif (2244 bytes) Cammy LOVES kitty cats!  38k  (500x464)
Cammy loves cats more than anything else!  Here, she's showing how much she loves this little kitten.  Ironically, the poor little kitty seems too overwhelmed to enjoy Cammy attention...
lowena-cam-mai-tn.jpg (4162 bytes) Cammy cosplays Mai Shiranui  108k  (466x600)
Mai Shiranui is one of the classic video game gals, and she's still one of the very best.  Here two of the greatest switch places to see what it's like...
lowena-cam-mermaid-tn.jpg (4573 bytes) Mermaid Cammy  122k  (537x550)
Lowena's draw a lotta awesome pictures, but I think this one might be the all-time best!  Although I actually hate fish, I gotta can't help but love this mermaid Cammy!
lowena-cam-samba-tn.jpg (4075 bytes) Samba de Cammy  74k  (309x580)
I told you Lowena has a wild imagination!  Who else would dress Cammy up to play Samba de Amigo?!     I see it, be I still can't believe it...