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Last update = February 23, 2004   (first 2 pics are new)

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With characters like Cammy, Lei Lei & Lin Lin in Capcom's lineup, it natural that Lowena would draw a lotta fanart from Capcom games.  But, she not only draws pictures of the cool characters from Capcom, but Lowena also draws a lotta pictures making fun of some of Capcom more lame and over-hyped characters...
Lowena's Gallery
ko-felicia-val04-tn.jpg (2930 bytes) Felicia Valentine 2004  61k  (437x500)
Felicia's taking a nap on a big heart pillow (with wings) and she's apparently having a good dream.  I wonder if she wags her tail in her sleep like my dog?
ko-mor-val04-tn.jpg (2982 bytes) Morrigan Valentine 2004  83k  (458x500)
This is a nice picture of Morrigan sitting on two hearts.  And she's wearing a very special valentine's outfit too.
ko-fel-catnap-tn.jpg (2791 bytes) Cat napping!  54k  (500x317)
Oh, this is definitely one of my all-time favorite Lowena Ko pictures!  Of course Baby Felicia is cute, but it's the little toy mouse that makes the picture.  I had a little mouse toy just like that one when I was little!
ko-sak-surprise-tn.jpg (3239 bytes) Surprise!  48k  (421x450)
While Baby Sakura was painting her Easter Eggs, something hatched!  It's hard enough when a teen becomes a mother, so imagine how difficult it is for a baby to become a mother!   What's society coming to?!
ko-chun-baby-tn.jpg (2969 bytes) Lonely Baby  70k  (504x500)
Don't worry, someday you'll grow up and Capcom will do everything in their power to promote you, and then you'll have lots of fair-weather fans.  BTW - if I could draw, I'd add Papa Smurf coming out of a door in the mushroom and have him yell at Chun Li for putting her big fat baby-butt on his home!  ^_^
ko-kar-sak-bunny-tn.jpg (3752 bytes) Tastes Great!  Less Filling!  83k  (600x389)
Before the Miller Lite catfight girls, there was Karin and Sakura.  Maybe when they get old enough to drink, these two nitwits will fight over beer too.
ko-morlil-rain-tn.jpg (3837 bytes) Who's afraid of the rain?  78k  (549x500)
C'mon, even though you're babies, you're still demons!  There's no need to be scared of the rain.  You're supposed to be tough, scary, and evil...
ko-sf-babies-tn.jpg (2973 bytes) Ice Cream Babies  72k  (600x330)
What if Weird Al made a parody of Ozzy Osbourne's "Crazy Babies" called "Ice Cream Babies"?
ko-jedah-baby-tn.jpg (3744 bytes) Curiousity  53k  (500x322)
Glad Jedah didn't look like that nasty Fetus of God thing from his stage!  But he still liked to play with nastly little bugs when he was little.  No wonder he grew up to be so strange.
ko-felicia-val03-tn.jpg (4065 bytes) Felicia Valentine 2003  62k  (600x346)
Poor Felicia doesn't look like she's enjoying her Valentines too much.  Maybe she's depressed that Capcom STILL hasn't announced a new Darkstalkers game...
ko-chunli-val03-tn.jpg (4137 bytes) Chun Li's Valentine  73k  (399x500)
At first Chun Li was real happy to get a Valentines gift, but then she realized that it was all a big joke... nobody loves Chun Li anymore.
ko-puppet-trash-tn.jpg (2680 bytes) Takin' out the trash  45k  (364x500)
Lowena's not having much fun with the same old Chun Li & Sakura anymore, so it looks like they're getting retired!  ^_^
lowena-birdtrick-sum02-tn.jpg (3156 bytes) Seagull Frenzy  109k  (600x465)
Only from the mind of Lowena Ko.  How many times have you heard me say that?!  In this picture, Cammy plays a practical joke on her fellow Capcom Gals.
two-succubi-tn.gif (2228 bytes) Two Succubi  110k  (800x617)
Here's a poem/comic that Lowena draw about Morrigan and Lilith.  The art, the humor, the opinions, and everything about this is classic Lowena Ko!
lowena-rose-bikini-tn.jpg (3316 bytes) Bikini Gypsy  50k  (414x500)
Out of all of Lowena's 2002 summer swimsuit pictures, I think this one's my favorite.  Normally I don't like bikinis, but Rose just & her hat make this one look SO good!
lowena-mika-tan-tn.jpg (3249 bytes) Listening & tanning  45k  (358x500)
Mika looks great in her one-piece swimsuit.  It looks like her and her little crab buddy are enjoying the sunshine & music.  I wonder what kinda music Mika listens to?
lowena-sak-kar-tn.jpg (3581 bytes) It won't last long...  56k  (385x500)
Karin looks real innocent here... a little too innocent!  Something's put Sakura in a foul mood, and I bet she's gonna use that Shamu bucket full of water to ruin that silly hairdo Karin's so proud of...
lowena-makoto-tn.jpg (2880 bytes) Hey! She's looking at you...  61k  (419x500)
Never in a million years could I have imagined SF3's Makoto looking good, but she REALLY does here!  Wow, Lowena's really amazing... I don't know how she did it.
lowena-fel-sum-tn.jpg (3311 bytes) Kitty in a swimsuit  49k  (335x500)
Only Felicia could put on a itsy bitsy teeny weenie bikini and end up wearing more than she usually does!  ^_^
lowena-ele-ibu-tub-tn.jpg (3462 bytes) Evening soak in the hot tub  96k  (448x500)
Here are SF3's Elena and Ibuki.  When they're not fighting each other, I guess they like to hang out and gossip.  I bet they're laughing at how lame Ryu is!   ^_^
lowena-chun-beach-tn.jpg (2720 bytes) Close, but no cigar!  34k  (328x500)
Okay Chun Li, I see what you're trying to do... you think that wearing a green one-piece like Cammy will make you look good too.  Well, you're no Cammy, but I am happy that you've FINALLY tried to do something about your oh so old look!
lowena-bb-sum-tn.jpg (3023 bytes) Relaxing in an inner tube  56k  (365x500)
NEVER trust BB Hood!!!  She might look like she's relaxing, but I guarantee that she's got a buncha weapons hidden somewhere in that swimsuit... under that hat... in that drink...
lowena-qbee-pop-tn.jpg (2842 bytes) Deflated tube  54k  (380x500)
Whoops!  It looks like somebody forgot to tell Q Bee that you can't sit on an inner tube if you've got a giant stinger sticking out of your butt...
lowena-morr-sum-tn.jpg (3662 bytes) Sexy Succubus  40k  (330x500)
You see a swimsuit, and you automatically think "sun", right?   But, demons don't like sunlight much.  Do you think that maybe Morrigan lies out under a full moon instead?
lowena-lil-mor-run-tn.jpg (3977 bytes) Come an' get it!  64k  (380x500)
I guess the fact that they're evil demons doesn't matter... sisters will be sisters!  Hold on tight Morrigan, or those things might bounce up and knock you right out!
lowena-letter-june02-tn.jpg (2866 bytes) June 2002 letter  70k  (362x500)
As always, Lowena's batch of Summer 2002 swimsuit pictures came in an envelope with a very interesting picture drawn on it...
lowena-felicia-12-02-tn.gif (3176 bytes) Lovely Felicia  60k  (530x500)
I'm not normally a guy who likes girls with big hair, but how can't you love Felicia's big blue 'do?  Maybe it's the ears.  Maybe some of you have been so busy staring at her scantily clad body that you never noticed her hair!
lowena-felicia2-02-tn.gif (1619 bytes) Black and white Felicia  21k  (390x560)
Here's a nice black and white picture of Felicia.  She's not really doing much... just posing.  But it looks really good.  And I like the little bell she's wearing.  Capcom should add that too.
lowena-cam-watches-tn.jpg (3794 bytes) Cammy watches the show  89k  (502x540)
Sakura & Karin, those two nitwits, don't even know how to have fun at the beach, but not Cammy... she's having a great time!  ^_^  But Cammy's pretty strange, and she enjoys fighting, so it might not be long before she goes over than kicks both their butts!  And speaking of butts, Sakura's got a starfish stuck to hers...
lowena-vampsav-summergals-tn.jpg (3828 bytes) Vampire Savior Summer Gals  97k  (600x453)
Here are all the girls from the Darkstalker series posing for a picture at the beach.  I wonder where these girls shop for swimwear, because so many of them have special needs (hole in back for tail, room for wings, etc.)
lowena-cam-sf-sumgals-tn.gif (4491 bytes) SF Summer Gals  98k  (600x462)
Here are most of the SF gals posing for a picture at the beach.   Cammy looks great, of course.  But, Sakura & Karin are missing... maybe they're still kicking & scratching in the water?
lowena-cap-gals-crabpool-tn.gif (2260 bytes) Lowena's Summer Paradise  60k  (600x461)
Summer of 2001 saw the release of the Capcom Gals Summer Paradise arcade prize collection featuring Cammy, Chun Li, Sakura, Morrigan, and Lilith.  This is Lowena's interesting take on the summer paradise idea.
lowena-lil-letter-tn.gif (2798 bytes) Lowena's Letter  73k  (399x500)
Whenever Lowena sends me an envelope full of artwork, she draws an interesting picture on the outside.  I bet the postal office workers get a few laughs... I know I do!
lowena-felicia2-tn.gif (1809 bytes) We -heart- Felicia  49k  (358x600)
So simple, so clever, and so cool!!  See, that's what I mean when I say that simple fanart can easily be the best.  Sometimes, fancy art and color can actually overshadow the simple beauty of a picture.
lowena-felicia-tn.jpg (3624 bytes) Felicia fanart  65k  (373x580)
Lowena is also a big fan of Felicia.   Actually, I think we're all Felicia fans, right?  Is there anybody that doesn't like her?  I don't even like cats, and I love her!