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Last update = February 23, 2004  (1st picture is new!)

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Lowena's not just a fan of Capcom and SNK.   Like me, she's really curious and interested in all sortsa stuff.  This gallery is for all the random fanart that doesn't fit into any of the other galleries.  
Lowena's Gallery
ko-vday-naruto-tn.jpg (3736 bytes) Naruto's Valentine  77k  (371x500)
This is Naruto's dream Valentine's Day.  BTW, if you haven't checked out Naruto yet, you should because it's a great comic!
ko-ff7-babies-tn.jpg (3433 bytes) Baby Aerith the Flower Girl  61k  (500x311)
Aww... kids are so cute!  Who'd think that this cute little girl and that nice little puppy would grow up to be such great fighters?
ko-ffx-babies-tn.jpg (4126 bytes) It's for you  62k  (500x380)
The first thing I noticed about this picture is that baby Kimahri has a skull necklace!   What kinda parents give their kid a skull necklace?  ^_^
ko-tifa-val03-tn.jpg (4023 bytes) Dear Cloud...  76k  (500x462)
Here are some possible endings:  "...why wasn't I in Kingdom Hearts too?"   "...will Square ever re-make Final Fantasy 7"  "... is there a chance that FF7 well get a sequel like FFX?"
ko-devil-letter-tn.gif (2061 bytes) Devil girl  45k  (500x366)
Here's the picture from one of Lowena's envelopes.  She always draws something interesting.  The lady who delivers my mail always enjoys the pictures too!
ko-tifa-choco-tn.jpg (3222 bytes) Tifa & Chocobo  59k  (361x500)
Two of my favorite characters of all-time... Tifa from Final Fantasy 7, and the Chocobo from all the FF games.  I've got collections going for both of these two, and now I've got a great picture too!
ko-yuna-grass-tn.jpg (2506 bytes) Yuna daydreaming  42k  (600x273)
Yuna turned out to be one of the best Final Fantasy characters ever.  Here's a nice picture of her relaxing in the grass.  I bet she thinking about Tidus...
lowena-yuna-july02-tn.jpg (2322 bytes) Yuna drawing attention  66k  (473x500)
I don't blame Tidus at all for staring.  And Kimahri, I respect you for trying not to notice.  How're you gonna react...?
lowena-rikku-july02-tn.jpg (3188 bytes) Rikku relaxing  46k  (378x500)
As great as Rikku is, those eyes of here are just too damn creepy!   But she's got her eyes closed in this picture, so it's all good.  ^_^
lowena-lulu-july02-tn.jpg (2615 bytes) Lulu in the water  33k  (344x500)
I don't think I could have imagined Lulu in anything other than a gloomy outfit, but this orange suit look good on her.
lowena-doa2-summergals-tn.gif (2124 bytes) DoA2 Summer Gals  53k  (600x450)
Here are the 3 original DoA gals burying Ayame in the sand while she sleeps in the sun.  Falling asleep in the sun is so dangerous because at best, you can get sunburned really bad, and at worst, your 'friends' can play all kinds of dirty tricks on you...
lowena-watermelon-grrrls-tn.gif (1750 bytes) Watermelon Grrrls  47k  (402x500)
Here's Yuri Sakazaki with Vice & Mature, chowing down on some watermelons.  In the USA, there's a stereotype about black people loving watermelons, but let me tell you that NOBODY loves to eat watermelons more than the Japanese.
lowena-envl-front-tn.gif (2880 bytes) Summer Gals envelope - front  66k  (500x360)
As usual, when Lowena mailed me her batch of Summer Gals 2001 pictures, she drew this interesting little sketch on the front of the envelope.
lowena-envl-back-tn.gif (2166 bytes) Summer Gals envelope - back  60k  (600x339)
And this time, Lowena sketched a little something on back too.
lowena-kasumi-tn.gif (1865 bytes) A hard day's work  22k  (451x600)
After getting her butt kicked all over the place, off a cliff, and then blasted by a fireball (all at the hands of Ayame), Kasumi's back training as much as she can... getting ready for the rematch!  I can't wait for the next DoA game...