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Last update = March 4 & 11, 2002   (first 5 pictures are new)

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Like me, and probably all of you, Lowena's a really big fan of Lei Lei.  In fact, she's probably Lei Lei's #1 fan.  Oh, and she's also a very big supporter of Lei Lei's sister, Lin Lin.  Anyhow, here are a buncha pictures of everybody's favorite dead Chinese girls...
Lowena's Gallery
lowena-leichef-tn.gif (1831 bytes) Iron Chef Lei Lei  78k  (251x560)
I always say that Lowena's the most creative fanartist I know, and here's more proof of that (in case you haven't had enough).
lowena-leitattoo-tn.gif (1294 bytes) Lei Lei's tattoo  21k  (399x560)
I absolutely love sketches like this!  This is one of Lei Lei with a big dragon tattoo on her back.  Isn't it amazing how some of the most simple pictures are the best?
lowena-lei-lin-hug-tn.gif (3133 bytes) Sexy Sisters  78k  (379x540)
Lei Lei and Lin Lin are twins, and we know that they're really close, but WHOA!!  Ummm... well... Ugghhhh... I... I better not say anything for fear of putting my foot in my mouth!  >_<
lowena-vday-leilei-tn.gif (1945 bytes) Valentines 2002  58k  (367x540)
I usually don't post nude pictures, but as long as it's not pervertedly sexual, it's no big deal.  This picture comes from Lowena's Valentines card.
lowena-leibunny-tn.gif (2382 bytes) Lei Lei flattens Lilith  60k  (409x520)
I sure do love Lilith's Gloomy Puppet Show bunny outfit!  I think almost any girl would look great in that outfit, but Lei Lei fills it out a little bit better than Lilith.  If I know Lowena, this picture's hidden meaning is that Lilith's too 'flat' for a sexy outfit like that.   (get it? ^_~)
lowena-lei-kimono-tn.jpg (3340 bytes) Sushi anyone?  63k  (396x600)
I really loved Lowena's first picture of Lei Lei and Lin Lin wearing Kimonos, so I was really happy to get more!  Lowena really has a talent for drawing beautiful kimonos.  The one Lei Lei's wearing here has bamboo shoots and cute little panda bears.
lowena-lin-kimono-tn.jpg (3500 bytes) Sake anyone?  70k  (317x600)
Lin Lin, Lei Lei's oft overlooked sister, is wearing a kimono and serving sake (Japanese rice liquor).  Personally, I don't like to drink, but if a girl this cute is gonna offer me something, I'm taking it!

lowena-lei-snorkel-tn.jpg (2671 bytes)

Snorkeling Lei Lei  67k  (276x600)
Lei Lei's ready for summer (and she looks great).  This is maybe as simplistic as a picture gets, but it's also about as good as a picture gets... I love this one! 

lowena-tiger-lei-tn.jpg (3302 bytes)

Tiger Lei Lei & Lin Lin  53k  (288x600)
This is an interesting picture of Lei Lei in a new outfit that's half her normal outfit, and half tiger!  I wonder if Felicia's gonna get jealous?
lowena-lei-crabs-tn.gif (1185 bytes) At the beach  38k  (524x600)
Here's a crazy picture that could ONLY have come from the mind of Lowena Ko!  The crabs are trying to pick out Morrigan & Lilith's thongs!!   That's strange, but very funny.  BTW, I also like Lei Lei's swimsuit... it's one of those one-piece bikini's.  You almost never see that, but I think they're cool.  Am I the only one?
lowena-lei-lin2-tn.jpg (3733 bytes) Venus and Cupid sisters  116k  (449x600)
Here are the sisters, Lei Lei and Lin Lin looking lovely as always.  This picture is kinda hard to describe because it's such a mix of different things (St. Valentines, Birth of Venus, etc.) so I'll simply say that it's beautiful!
leileifan10tn.jpg (3876 bytes) Lei Lei & Lin Lin go Japanese  144k  (393x700)
This is definitely one of my favorite Lei Lei and Lin Lin pictures because those kimonos that they are wearing look so beautiful!  And, I always love fan art that shows the characters in a new outfit.

lei2lin2fan9tn.gif (387 bytes)

The fanart of a madwoman!  52k  (350x353)
I'm not even gonna ruin the surprise of this picture by giving it a thumbnail.  This is one of the most ridiculous things I have ever seen - but I love it!  Thanks Lowena!
lowena-lei-ishida-tn.gif (1981 bytes) An old grudge  39k  (580x478)
Out of all the Darkstalkers comics published in Japan, the only one that's been translated into English is by Run Ishida.   After all these years, Lowena's still upset that Lei Lei wasn't in the comic...
lowena-lei-lei-tn.jpg (3769 bytes) Lei Lei's having a blast?  78k  (306x580)
Here's a happy picture of Lei Lei and one of her special bombs.  I don't trust that bomb... look at that evil grin.  I wonder if it blows up and quickly changes Lei Lei's mood from good to foul?
lowena-lei-lin-tn.gif (1754 bytes) Taking if all off?!  26k  (580x491)
This is a strange little fanart picture of Lei Lei & Lin Lin almost undressing themselves!  It's like they're teasing all their fans...
lowena-lei-lin-fel-tn.jpg (4000 bytes) Lei Lei & Lin Lin cosplay Felicia 95k  (354x580)
It looks like the girls are having second thoughts about what they thought was a cute idea.  Lei Lei looks kinda cold, and it's like she's trying to explain to her sister that she wants her old outfit back.   What's really funny, is that the both look like they wanna change, but are hesitating to admit it...
lowena-xmas-leilei-tn.jpg (3789 bytes) Merry Christmas from Lei Lei!  100k  (432x580)
For Christmas 2000, Capcom made a set of arcade prize figures feature 5 famous Capcom gals.  Cammy was one, but for some reason, not Lei Lei.  So, Lowena made a Christmas Lei Lei herself.