Delta Red Cosplay - Green 4
Last Update = June 15, 2007 (Wonder Fest Green 4 through
Green Cammy 48e are new!)

Here we are with a 4th gallery of girls dressed in Delta Red Cammy's traditional outfit!  It's filling up quick, so look for a 5th gallery soon...
cam-d-green33-tn.jpg (2677 bytes) Green Cammy 33  46k  (480x640)
This is one of the best Cammy cosplay pictures not just because it's a cute girl with a good Cammy outfit, but the picture is also high quality too.   It's SO frustrating to get a bad picture of a great cosplayer.  But no problems here!
cam-d-green34-tn.jpg (2284 bytes) Green Cammy 34  34k  (480x640)
This is the perfect Cammy body because it's thin, strong, and still feminine.  I wish I had more pictures of this girl.  She looks kinda angry, but that's how Delta Red Cammy is, so maybe that's just part of the cosplay?
cam-d-green35-tn.jpg (2840 bytes) Green Cammy 35  64k  (480x640)
I've seen this girl cosplaying as Cammy a lot of times, and I'm sure I've been to her website, but I don't know it offhand... it's somewhere in my personal links, but I've gotta do a bit of searching first.
PS - In the meantime I've met her and created a page for her...  Nonone Karin
cam-d-green36-tn.jpg (2702 bytes) Green Cammy 36  83k  (512x768)
Here's another really nice big picture.  And if that's not big enough for you, click here to see a close-up picture.
cam-d-green37-tn.jpg (2168 bytes) Green Cammy 37  59k  (465x700)
Well, this isn't quite a cosplay picture, but it is... somebody painted over a picture of a cosplayer and created this interesting picture.  I wonder if I have the original cosplay picture somewhere?
cam-d-green38-tn.jpg (3081 bytes) Green Cammy 38a  58k  (310x450)
Here's the first picture of Miss 38.  She's modified her Delta Red Cammy outfit a little bit, and I think it's pretty interesting.  Check out the new gloves, armbands, and boots.
cam-d-green38b-tn.jpg (2850 bytes) Green Cammy 38b  54k  (306x450)
I also like the way she poses in these pictures.  With all the hundreds of Cammy cosplay pictures I've seen, not many have been poses taken while sitting down.
cam-d-green38c-tn.jpg (3085 bytes) Green Cammy 38c  52k  (310x450)
Here she's telling the person behind the camera that she's gonna shoot 'em if they stop taking pictures!
cam-d-green38d-tn.jpg (2780 bytes) Green Cammy 38d  58k  (310x450)
Wow, never seen Cammy posing against a pole before.  But I kinda like it... ^_~
cam-d-green38e-tn.jpg (2871 bytes) Green Cammy 38e  50k  (306x450)
And here's the last picture.  What' also interesting about these photos is that they're taken in a garden, and not your typical event.
cam-d-green39-tn.jpg (2140 bytes) Green Cammy 39a  36k  (390x520)
Here's another one of the better outfits.  This girl looks really young, but I kinda doubt that she is.  Japanese girls have a tendency to look a lot younger than they are.
cam-d-green39b-tn.jpg (2643 bytes) Green Cammy 39b  47k  (390x520)
Here's a cool modification of Cammy's turn-around win pose.   She trying to look tough, but when you're that cute, it's kinda hard to be scared.   ^_^  (that's probably the last thought most guys have about Cammy)
cam-d-green39c-tn.jpg (2760 bytes) Green Cammy 39c  49k  (390x520)
And here's the last picture.  I really like how the background is somehow faded out because it makes Cammy stand out much more.
cam-d-green40-tn.jpg (2708 bytes) Green Cammy 40a  31k  (225x560)
Here's another really good Delta Red Cammy.  It's obviously homemade, but that's one of the best things about Cammy cosplayers... so many of them do it out of love.  And it makes most of the outfits just a bit different and interesting.
cam-d-green40b-tn.jpg (2774 bytes) Green Cammy 40b  40k  (341x500)
This is a close-up picture that's really interesting because it lets you see that her pigtails are made of yarn!  I've never seen that before, but I think it's really cool.
cam-d-green41-tn.jpg (2783 bytes) Green Cammy 41a  55k  (480x640)
And this is one of my all-time favorite Cammy cosplayers.  I know I say that a lot, but it's true!  She's got a great costume, she's very cute, she's having fun, and the pictures are all big and high-quality!  What more could you ask for?
cam-d-green41b-tn.jpg (2303 bytes) Green Cammy 41b  50k  (480x640)
Oops... there's no scar on her cheek, but with a face that cute, it's impossible to be mad at her.  ^_^
cam-d-green41c-tn.jpg (2700 bytes) Green Cammy 41c  54k  (480x640)
And unfortunately, here's the last picture.  And by now, I'm sure you agree that this has got to be one of the best Cammy cosplayers you've ever seen, right?
wfgirl-dr-green1-tn.jpg (2472 bytes) Wonder Fest DR Green 1  25k  (320x640)
I know this girl... I met her at the Winter 2000 Wonder Fest!   If you check out my "Personal 1" gallery, you can see some of the pictures I took of her.
wfgirl-dr-green2-tn.jpg (2355 bytes) Wonder Fest DR Green 2  32k  (416x640)
This is definitely one of my favorite Cammy cosplayers ever.   I didn't talk to her long when I met her, but she seemed pretty nice.  And she sure looks awesome as Cammy!
wfgirl-dr-green3-tn.jpg (2388 bytes) Wonder Fest DR Green 3  20k  (384x384)
Here's an up-close picture.  Doesn't it exactly like this picture from the Cammy Gaiden Drama CD?
wfgirl-dr-green4-tn.jpg (2338 bytes) Wonder Fest DR Green 4  77k  (712x1064)
Every cosplay should be this good!  Every pose should be this cool!  Every cosplay picture should be this big!
wfgirl-dr-green5-tn.jpg (2997 bytes) Wonder Fest DR Green 5  81k  (384x512)
Lookin' tough by a giant poster of Chun Li's Street Fighter 2 stage.
wfgirl-dr-green6-tn.jpg (3078 bytes) Wonder Fest DR Green 6  90k  (512x384)
This must be after her win over Chun Li!  Not a scratch on her.  Not even sweating!  BTW, I like the 2 guys in the background LOL
wfgirl-dr-green7-tn.jpg (3002 bytes) Wonder Fest DR Green 7  75k  (425x567)
Lookin' tough again.  Doesn't seem too concerned to be on Chun Li's home turf!
wfgirl-dr-green8-tn.jpg (3163 bytes) Wonder Fest DR Green 8  86k  (425x567)
More toughness!  And the hint of a smile... like she's excited to start kicking some fat Chun Li butt!!
wfgirl-dr-green9-tn.jpg (3136 bytes) Wonder Fest DR Green 9  90k  (425x567)
A quick photo before the big fight!  Chun Li was too beat up afterwards, so there is no post-fight picture for her.
PS - Don't get worked up about my Chun Li teasing... I'm just playing around!
cam-d-green42-tn.jpg (2159 bytes) Green Cammy 42  81k  (424x600)
The perfect body for Cammy, and a great perspective.
cam-d-green43-tn.jpg (2697 bytes) Green Cammy 43  68k  (430x400)
Hide's cosplay pictures are always cool cuz he gives you one full shot, and one up-close shot.  His website is one of the best around with hundreds of galleries from cosplay events dating back to 1999!  Hide's Cosplay
cam-d-green44a-tn.jpg (1698 bytes) Green Cammy 44a  35k  (415x680)
I like this one, it looks like she's ready to fight.  Catches Cammy's attitude really well.
cam-d-green44b-tn.jpg (2108 bytes) Green Cammy 44b  41k  (441x680)
This girl also has an interesting style of camo paint on her legs.
cam-d-green45-tn.jpg (2556 bytes) Green Cammy 45  79k  (480x640)
Nice wig!  And I like how everybody in the background is dressed really goofy...
cam-d-green46a-tn.jpg (2572 bytes) Green Cammy 46a  61k  (400x600)
Delta Red Cammy and Juli with guns.  In the chronology of the game, these 2 characters can't be together, but it's cosplay... who cares as long as it looks good?
cam-d-green46b-tn.jpg (2834 bytes) Green Cammy 46b  59k  (400x600)
When Cammy doesn't feel like kicking and punching and Cannon Spiking her way to a win, she gets out the BIG guns for a quick and easy victory!   With this, she clear the game in under 15 seconds.
cam-d-green46c-tn.jpg (2944 bytes) Green Cammy 46c  70k  (400x600)
Same as the 1st picture of these two, but it's a full shot.
cam-d-green47a-tn.jpg (2421 bytes) Green Cammy 47a  131k  (712x1064)
Awesome wig!  Not really braided like pigtails, but it's close enough.
cam-d-green47b-tn.jpg (2165 bytes) Green Cammy 47b  112k  (712x1064)
There's something strange about the perspective in this picture that makes it look like she's got a little backwards child arm or something @_@;
cam-d-green47c-tn.jpg (2423 bytes) Green Cammy 47c  103k  (1064x712)
Wow, a REALLY big and up-close picture.  It's actually life-sized on my monitor!
cam-d-green48a-tn.jpg (1886 bytes) Green Cammy 48a  70k  (333x500)
A variation of Cammy's classic turn-around win pose.
cam-d-green48b-tn.jpg (2178 bytes) Green Cammy 48b  105k  (500x333)
Cool, I've only seen 1 or 2 pictures of Cammy lying down like this.  Guess since most cosplay pictures are at show, they don't wanna lie down on the dirty floor.
cam-d-green48c-tn.jpg (1586 bytes) Green Cammy 48c  86k  (400x600)
Not sure what this pose is, butt I like it ^_^
cam-d-green48d-tn.jpg (1864 bytes) Green Cammy 48d  23k  (273x515)
Great pose and great costume, but she forgot the red socks.   Everybody forgets the red socks...
cam-d-green48e-tn.jpg (2320 bytes) Green Cammy 48e  33k  (354x515)
A good up-close salute picture.  Notice the gloves?   They're some of the best I've seen.  I think that's probably the hardest part of the costume to get right.