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Created May 12, 2003
Nonone KarinNonone Karin
If you've looked at any Japanese cosplay sites, you've surely seen Nonone Karin's Cammy cosplay pictures.  With at least 7 Cammy outfits, she's the undisputed #1 Cammy cosplayer.  She may be the #1 cosplayer period.  She's done almost everything that's worth doing, and she does it well!
And here's Nonone Karin's homepage.  It's all Japanese, but definitely worth looking through because she's cosplayed as all the best video game gals... Cammy, Angel, Mai, Blue Mary, Morrigan, and more.
.Personal Pictures
I actually got to meet Nonone Karin in April 2003 at the Tokyo Big Sight.  I saw on her website that she was planning to cosplay as Cammy at the World Cosplay Festival, so I e-mailed her to say "hello".  She was really cool, and I did get to meet her at the show!  I'd would have loved to spend all day talking to her about Cammy and cosplay, but she was so busy, so I tried not to take up too much of her time.  And I really wanted to have my picture taken with her, but I thought that might be kinda inappropriate.  But it was a huge honor seeing and meeting her in person, so I was very happy nonetheless!  And I loved seeing how much fun she was obviously having while cosplaying Cammy.
She actually dressed up in pink and green Delta Red Cammy outfits, but unfortunately I accidentally had the wrong setting on my camera, so all the pink pictures were all blurry and ruined!  And it was the first time she'd ever worn the pink outfit!  >_<  But I'm sure some of those pictures will show up online sooner or later.  Anyhow, here are some of the good pictures I took...
World Cosplay Fest #1  119k  (405x800)
Out of all the hundreds of Nonone Karin's Cammy cosplay pictures I've seen, I think this is the best... and I took it!  ^_^
World Cosplay Fest #2  81k  (280x800)
Here she gives all her fellow Cammy fans a thumbs up!  And we're all giving her a thumbs up too!
World Cosplay Fest #3  150k  (500x800)
This post is almost like the first one, but it's a little bit different.  I guess since Delta Red Cammy is a soldier, she's likes saluting.
World Cosplay Fest #4  104k  (356x800)
And here's Cammy ready to fight.  I guess this is her way of telling me that I've taken enough pictures, and it's time to let somebody else have a turn... or else!
.Collected Pictures
The only cosplayer who is as dedicated to a cosplaying a character as Nonone Karin, is Amanone, who cosplays Lilith.  But you won't find more pictures of any one cosplayer doing any single character nearly as much as Nonone Karin cosplaying Cammy.  There are hundreds of pictures online, so this is just a small sample of what I've collected so far.  
Delta Red - white 1  71k  (253x603)
Here she is in her white Delta Red Cammy outfit.  This is the full-sized version of the little picture at the top of the page.
Delta Red - white 2  45k  (376x536)
Here's another pictures of the white DR Cammy.  I think this outfit looks especially good on Karin because of her tan skin.
Delta Red - white 3  43k  (480x640)
And here's one more of the white outfit.  This one was taken at the Tokyo Game Show... I recognize those widows behind her.  Check out that picture of me with the 3 Cammys, and you'll see the same windows behind us.
Delta Red - green 1  53k  (420x560)
Here's the traditional Delta Red Cammy sitting down and having a rest.  BTW, look at those boots... imagine getting Cannon Spiked by those things!  
Delta Red - green 2  34k  (375x500)
This picture gives you a really good look at her outfit.  I like how it's kinda shiny.  It's probably not practical, but it sure looks cool.
Delta Red - green 3  28k  (400x600)
One of the things I like best about Nonone Karin is that she's usually smiling in her pictures!  It's good to see her having fun.  Too many cosplayers have no emotion. 
Delta Red - green 4  83k  (600x800)
This is a really great picture because everything about it turned out well.  And if you notice, this green Delta Red outfit is not shiny like the one in the other 3 pictures.
Shadowloo - blue 1  50k  (400x600)
And here's the tradition blue Shadowloo Cammy outfit.  It's made out of the same shiny material
Shadowloo - Blue 2  33k  (374x546)
This picture turned out really well, but unfortunately the resolution is pretty low.  I'd love to have a high res version to work with.
Shadowloo - Pink 1  52k  (375x500)
I don't know where this picture was taken, but I do know that I love the costume and the pose.  The pink Shadowloo Cammy seems to be one of the most popular.
Shadowloo - Pink 2  53k  (480x640)
And this picture was taken at the Tokyo Big Sight.  There's a parking lot outside of the West Halls, and that's where cosplayers like to hang out.  It's got an amazing view of the bay (and the old Neo Geo World), and the natural lighting is better.
Shadowloo - Pink 3  29k  (375x536)
And here's that wall again from the Makuhari Messe... must be the Tokyo Game Show!  I like Karin's hair in this picture.  It's kinda messy, but it looks cool.
For more Nonone Karin...
nonone-karin.jpg (5893 bytes)If you wanna find some more pictures, of course you should check out her homepage.  And then if you wanna look for more, here's a link to a Japanese language search for her name...
  There are also a ton of pictures at a site called Cure, but it's Japanese only, and you need to register in Japanese.  If you can, do ahead and do that.  Thanks to Karin, Cammy is the 24th ranked character... not bad for somebody who hasn't been used or promoted in a very long time.  She's higher than Chun Li who's gotten all the hype in the world for the last 12 years... ha! ^_^