December 6, 2009  -  Cammy retired!

I discovered Cammy in the fall of 1993 when Super Street Fighter II was released, and I immediately 'fell in love'.  However, back in those days, there was no internet, so there wasn't too much info, art, community of fans, etc.  So although I liked her a lot and found a little bit of art + info here and there, there wasn't much to do :(
I really became a huge fan and collector when I went to Japan in the summer of 1996.  My 1st night in Japan was spent in the airport, and during my very long layover, I found a Capcom arcade!  In that arcade was a life-sized cardboard Cammy display (which I own ^_^) and an extremely cute little keychain figure.  I got that figure and loved it so much that I started carrying it around in my pocket... and I've been doing that for the 13+ years.  She's been my 'luck charm'.  However, after losing and re-discovering her for the 3rd time, I thought it was time she retired!
The 1st time I lost her, I was pretty upset.   I looked everywhere... nothing.  Then I thought back about everywhere I'd been that day and figured out that I probably lost it in the parking lot after dinner.  I didn't get to go look for her until noon the next day... and sure enough, she was right there on the ground where I parked the night before.  I was so happy and lucky!!   I vowed to be more careful.
The 2nd time I lost my lucky Cammy figure was at the mall.  I spent the day there shopping and people watching with Jenny (girlfriend then, fiancée now, wife after Feb 13, 2010). We were in the car going home when I checked for her... it became 2nd nature to pat my left pocket to make sure she was safe.  But she was gone! I figured there was no hope, so I tried to get over it.   After all, 12 years in my pocket was pretty good.  But Jenny noticed that something was wrong and pestered me until I told her the truth.  I had to go out that night, so I left Jenny, but stopped by the mall to check The Gap where I thought I probably lost her.  It wasn't in the dressing room, and it wasn't where I thought I dropped it in the store.  I figured I might was well ask somebody there if anybody had found her.  While I was waiting to ask, there was Jenny.  I knew she'd look for it even though I told her not to cuz it was a waste of time.  Anyhow, somebody had found my Cammy and all was good in the world!  Again, I vowed to be even more careful...
The 3rd time was 2 weeks ago I went to a St. Louis Blues Hockey game.  I had so much junk in my pockets, I meant to leave Cammy in the car where she'd be safe.  I forgot.  So the entire night, I was EXTREMELY careful.  I remember checking on her after the game ended.  But then when I got home, she was gone!  Of course I fruitlessly checked everything.  I was mostly mad because I'd been so damn careful and still lost it!  But I've been expecting to lose her for a long time, so in a way it was kinda nice to finally just get it over with.   I have a few extra Cammy figures, so replacing it wouldn't be hard.  But that was the original.
Anyhow 2 nights later I happened to get tickets to another Blues game.  Just for the hell of it, I parked in the same spot as I had 2 nights prior.  She wasn't there.  And she wasn't in the parking garage or anywhere along the route to the arena.  After the game, I looked again the whole way back.  This time I checked window sills and stuff where somebody might have set her after finding her on the ground.  No luck.  I was 20 feet from my car when I happened to notice a trashcan... and guess who was lying on top of it?  Yes, my lucky Cammy!!  It was a miracle.
This time, I didn't vow to be more careful with her, I retired her after 13+ years.  Now she was much too special to lose, and I'd really be devastated when I did.  Almost everything I've done done since I got her in Japan has been with Cammy in my pocket... graduating college, travelling the world, meeting my wife, etc.  Silly, I know!!  Even after all these minor miracles, I'm not the least bit superstitious, but it's been fun having her around and that stupid little thing has really given me a lot of comfort and some really exciting memories.