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A lot of people are stopping by the site lately looking for news on Cammy in Street Fighter 4, so I thought I'd put up this little page with a quick and easy answer, and then address some other ideas and concerns people are having.
draw Cammy!
Cammy is coming back!!
Good job everybody, we voted her back in.  Seems like Capcom hasn't totally abandoned/rejected the fans (especially Cammy's).  It's amazing that it took so long, but it seems like there will be a happy ending of sorts after all!  Here's the news from the San Diego Comic Con...
from Kotaku.com:
If you missed out on our liveblog of Yoshinori Ono's "The Making of Street Fighter IV panel at Comic-Con — at which very little actual "making of" was discussed, you might not have caught wind of the multiple Cammy mentions made during the presentation. Seth Killian from Capcom mentioned about halfway through the panel that the petite British street fighter had won the popular vote for characters that would appear in the console versions of Street Fighter IV. That's probably a good sign.
Additionally, a brand new animated sequence shown at the conclusion of the panel showed off various Street Fighter mainstays, including considerable screen time for Cammy. The few-minute animation focused on her disbelief that the Shadaloo organization and M. Bison himself were dead.
While still not confirmed, it's looking very likely that Cammy will be one of the "New Challengers" to debut in the console versions, now under development at Capcom
And here's a great video with Delta Red Cammy in the anime (action and speaking!).  Cammy's 1st appearance is at about the 4 minute mark.   There's some more about 5 min and later too!!

Obviously Cammy just made the game for me, but until this point, SF4 literally couldn't have been more disappointing.  Here's what I -wanted- to see, and you'll see it turned out nothing like that.  However, even without Cammy, this anime really shows a lot of promise for the storylines and characters in SF4, and that's what I'm really all about.  OMG, does Chun Li actually have an updated storyline and personality?  Awesome!  And everything else they showed was really cool, suddenly I'm kind of excited again...
November 2008
The game is currently set to be released in February 2009.  Sakura was announced and shown about a month ago, but they kept Cammy hidden until now!  It's Delta Red Cammy and she looks great!

sf4-cammy1-tn.jpg (75958 bytes)

December 17 2008
FINALLY some more info on Cammy in SF4.  The pervious picture leaked out, but otherwise they've really kept Cammy hidden.  Even now on all of Capcom's websites, there's nothing on Cammy.  I've looked everywhere, but the only place I've found any info on Cammy is here...
Thanks to the January 2009 issue of GamePro magazine (on stands until Jan 13th), Cammy's official artwork has been shown along with some more screenshots and info regarding her role in the game. 
cammy-sf4-tn.jpg (34360 bytes) sf4-cammy3-tn.jpg (71189 bytes)
As for her storyline, the article says that in SFIV Cammy is still a member of Delta Red, and she's investigating the connection between a seedy new organization, SIN, and Shadowloo.  The article also mentions that Cammy's fighting style will focus on her SF2 style, and that they're gonna expand on that base.
Ahh... it's nice that Cammy is finally getting acknowledged in SF4!  However, it's annoying that Capcom is still being dragged kicking and screaming.  At least it's getting done!  SF4 started out as an EXTREMELY disapointing game, but it seems to be evolving nicely now.  I just hope there's some decent balance... and not just a typical Capcom shotoclone and Chun Li hype fest.  But even if it is, the fans are always out there building up other characters with their amazing fanfics, artwork, cosplay, etc.
BTW, I'm not totally sure what this is yet, but there's some kinda SF4 anime and here's a picture from Capcom's Japanese website.   Cammy's in it, so it's gotta be worth getting, right?  I love the art... I'm excited to learn more!

sf4-anime-tn.jpg (41103 bytes)

December 22 2008
Yes, a video of Cammy in action, and it's really amazing!!  I guarantee you'll be amazed bow how awesome Cammy looks.  Capcom may have drug their stinking feet when it came to Cammy, but looks like they sure did an awesome job making her look cooler than ever!!

And here are some more screenshots of Cammy in SF4.
sf4-7-tn.jpg (12983 bytes)
Cammy's ready to fight!
sf4-2-tn.jpg (16414 bytes)
Spinning Back Fist!
sf4-3-tn.jpg (15135 bytes)
New move?
sf4-4-tn.jpg (16805 bytes)
Cannon Drill!
sf4-5-tn.jpg (13073 bytes)
Cannon Spike!
sf4-1-tn.jpg (16169 bytes)
January 10, 2008
Also, an AMAZING new demo video about Cammy it out.  If this doesn't excite you, I dunno what will!  Wow, what looked like a half-assed game at first really looks like it's gonna live up to the hype!

for high quality, click here (click the little link under the video)
January 29, 2008
Here's another video of Cammy in SF4 wearing her new alternate costume!  It's kinda the normal costume with a coat... so it looks a little like Shadowloo Cammy.  Not bad, but looks kinda awkward with no pants.

for high quality, click here (click the little link under the video)


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