Cammy's Cute Cuddly and Crazy Cats

Cammy loves to fight, but more than that, she loves cats!!   She doesn't have a cat of her own, so she spends much of her free time walking around London and befriending any stray cat she can find.  Cammy also wastes countless hours looking for cute and funny cat pictures online.  She's built up quite a collection and she wanted to share some of that joy with her fans... so here you go! cammy-cat3.gif (14829 bytes)
June 6, 2014
Oh!! There's more to Cammy's cat leotard costume... some stockings! Click on the picture to see the back side or to order a pair for yourself! Next come matching hat and gloves?!

January 6, 2014
This is what Cammy got for Christmas, and it was the best present ever!! She plans on making it her new main costume for SF5.


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Cammy's Cat Gallery!

cam-catblank4koma-tn.gif (2302 bytes) Cammy the kitten
Look harmless and innocent, doesn't she? But remember, at the age of 16, she was one of the world's top assassins!
cam-cattail4koma-tn.gif (2483 bytes) Cammy's just like a cat
Cammy loves cats so much, and thinks about them so much... that maybe she's started to become like them?
cam-newstage4koma-tn.gif (4169 bytes) Cammy's New Stage!
Drawbrige of an English castle with the northern lights in the background? Nope. The isle of Santorini in Greece? Nope, that's not it either...
cat-4ko-tn.jpg (2681 bytes) Tag Team
Cammy and a cute little white cat team up to scare off big bad Zangief!
camcattn.gif (2447 bytes) Super Cat & Mouse Fighter II
One of the all-time classic Cammy fanart pictures ^_^
cam-comic13b-tn.gif (1941 bytes) Cammy & Felicia 1
Scanned from a Japanese comic by Mami Itoh... it's Cammy and Felicia in cat-form!
cam-comic13c-tn.gif (2521 bytes) Cammy and Felicia 2
Cammy and Felicia-cat taking a cat nap!
eisu-dcammy2-tn.gif (1906 bytes) Cat hat?
Cute picture by a Japanese artist named Eisu.
pixiv26-tn.jpg (2866 bytes) I'll kill you... Kill nya...
Shadowloo Cat and Cammy are gonna get you!!
bbs71-tn.jpg (2042 bytes) Kitty Airlines
This goes up as one of my all-time favorites.  It's such a silly idea, but so perfectly Cammy... Cammy the airline stewardess taking care of a plane full of cats!  Look at how much fun she's having!!  Awesome.  This picture epitomizes what's great about Cammy... depth of character and great fans!
cat-day-tn.jpg (3076 bytes) Cat Day
The 22nd (of which month?!) is cat day!
cat-mine-tn.jpg (3330 bytes) HUG!
Even the cold fighting machine, Shadowloo Cammy, softens for a cute cat!
cat-paw-tn.jpg (3824 bytes) Litter Box Paw!
My wife and I call this move "The Litter Box Paw". Our Russian Blue cat likes to stick his paw in our mouths when we hold him like this >_<
cat-tails-tn.jpg (2606 bytes) Cat Tails
Cammy is surrounded by cats... why does she have such a sad look on her face?
cqmorrell-tn.jpg (2353 bytes) Lioness Cammy!
Great fanart picture by cqmorrell at deviantART
El_Tor02-tn.jpg (3214 bytes) Cammy wallpaper
1680x1200 by El_Tor02 at deviantART (can't find his/her profile)
electric-goldfish-tn.jpg (2237 bytes) Cammy Cat
Cammy dresses like a cat sometimes... so why not a cat dressing like Cammy?! by electric-goldfish at deviantART
houdiniarts-tn.jpg (2182 bytes) HoudiniArts 1
Like the previous picture, but this one has boots -and- bangs! by HoudiniArts at deviantART
houdiniarts2-tn.jpg (3589 bytes) HoudiniArts 2
And there's a Shadowloo Cammy cat too! Also by HoudiniArts at deviantART
houdiniarts3-tn.jpg (3992 bytes) Houdini Arts 3
A stylized Cammy picture with the Delta Red Cammy cat. Also by HoudiniArts at deviantART
houdiniarts4-tn.jpg (3508 bytes) Houdini Arts 4
Super Kitten Cammy! Also by HoudiniArts at deviantART. Please check out the rest of his DA gallery, because there's a ton of great Cammy stuff besides this!
huggy-cat-tn.jpg (2988 bytes) Huggy Cat!
Tough street fighter girl totally loses it when she's got a cat.
majormario-tn.jpg (2905 bytes) Here kitty kitty kitty...
Cammy and Medic stop to pet a cat. by MajorMario at deviantART. And be double sure to check out all the other great Cammy stuff in his gallery too!
roxyfett007-tn.jpg (3372 bytes) Giant Cat!
roxyfett007 at deviantART made this great Shadowloo Cammy out of a Barbie Doll!
thawk-cats-tn.jpg (3016 bytes) T Hawk?!
Cammy always thought T Hawk was really lame, but then she didn't know that he's such a great friend to cats! She's re-thinking her position on T Hawk.
winter-cat-tn.jpg (4428 bytes) Butterfly in the winter
Cammy and a cat see a butterfly in the middle of winter...