Mary's Tactics! - By Miss Megumi Onozawa

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Panel 1                                  

Computer - According to the client, Ryuji Yamazaki and Billy Kane are making a team.
Computer - And they are looking for a 3rd member...

Panel 2                                  

Computer - If you became that 3rd member it would be a great chance to investigate, right?
Blue Mary - I guess so...

Panel 3                                  

Blue Mary - (Hey, what kinda goofy boss are you anyways!)
Computer - Out of everyone you're the only one who can do it.

Blue Mary - ...Yeah right, I'm the only one for the job...
Computer - (If get caught or killed, there's nothing we can do, or they might link you back to us...)

Panel 4                                  

Computer - And by the way, this disk is set to self-destruct.
Blue Mary - Sure it is.  It's gonna start smoking, and then...


Sorry, but some of the dialogue here is really strange!  I'm not quite sure what Miss Onozawa is talking about.  But, I think I basically got it right...

And where I wrote the dialogue in parentheses, that's Japanese dialogue that's not in a bubble.  Usually, it's muttered under their breath.   For instance, check Panel 3.

Also, in case you don't know, Blue Mary is an undercover cop, Billy Kane is Geese Howard's (a crime boss) right hand man, and Yamazaki is a crazy Yakuza-type guy.  This all takes place within the King of Fighters '97 storyline.

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