King of Fighters 2001 (part 2)
Last Update = November 26, 2001 (Psycho Soldier, and Ikari teams added)

Although this series isn't the most popular around the world, in Japan, where it counts most, King of Fighters is the most popular fighting game series.  Whenever a new KoF comes out for the year, arcades are totally swamped, and it's a awesome sight to see so many people fighting it out and having fun.
Anyhow, despite SNK's troubles, the King of Fighters lives!  KoF 2001 is due out in November 2001 (a little late this year), and from what I've seen, it looks like it'll be one of the best.  It's got great graphics, a nice cast of new & old characters, and of course we can expect the great gameplay that KoF is famous for!
Yagami Team
iori2001-tn.gif (2705 bytes) Iori Yagami  34k  (166x550)
He used to be one of the biggest stars in gaming, but now he's taken a back seat to some of the newer characters.  I still like him, but I admire SNK for giving somebody else a chance.  Think Capcom will ever do that with Ryu & Chun Li?
vanessa2001-tn.gif (3440 bytes) Vanessa  46k  (305x550)
She first appeared in KoF 99 Evolution as a special striker, but now she's a playable character!  Even though I don't have room on my team, I'm glad that happened.
seth2001-tn.gif (3197 bytes) Seth  44k  (261x550)
Seth was the other special striker from KoF99E, and I like him too.   And it's also good to have another cool black fighting game character because I don't think there are enough.
ramone2001-tn.gif (4049 bytes) Ramone  68k  (347x480)
This is another new character from KoF 2001.  I wonder what the luchadore wrestling mask is all about?  Anyhow, I predict that next year Ramone will change his name to "Ramona" and be the first 'man' on the Woman Fighters Team.
Art of Fighting Team

yuri2001-tn.gif (2572 bytes)

Yuri Sakazaki  47k  (333x550)
Here's a pose Yuri learned from Cammy when they met in Capcom vs SNK!   Yet another reason why Yuri's one of my favorite game gals!

ryo2001-tn.gif (4240 bytes)

Ryo Sakazaki  63k  (403x530)
He's a shotoclone, but he's from SNK.  Yuri musta taken ever ounce of coolness from the family and left poor Ryo at Ryu's lowly level...
takuma2001-tn.gif (3001 bytes) Takuma Sakazaki  53k  (284x400)
What's he doing here... did he get crushed and killed at the end of KoF 99?   I wish he would have because he's one of the most boring characters.  SNK coulda used his spot for somebody cooler.
robert2001-tn.gif (2231 bytes) Robert  37k  (186x550)
Robert was the coolest of the original Art of Fighting cast, but I'll never understand why Yuri likes him... I always thought she and Joe Higashi would go great together.
Japan Team

kyo2001-tn.gif (2691 bytes)

Kyo Kusanagi  39k  (319x550)
Kyo is probably the most popular guy in fighting game history.  Girls in Japan absolutely went nuts for him.  I think his fanbase has shrunk a little, but he's still up there.
daimon2001-tn.gif (3347 bytes) Daimon  64k  (343x560)
I never liked Daimon much.  I kept waiting for him to get replaced, but after 8 years he's still around... and I can't help but start to respect him for that.
benimaru2001-tn.gif (2847 bytes) Benimaru  31k  (171x550)
Why Beni and and Guile weren't rivals in Capcom vs SNK, I'll never understand.  Maybe we'll see a 3-way battle between Beni, Guile, and Paul Phoenix in Capcom vs SNK vs Namco!
shingo2001-tn.gif (3173 bytes) Shingo Yabuki  45k  (247x550)
I honestly can't even comment on Shingo.  I know he's been around for a few years, but I never paid the least bit of attention to him...
Psycho Soldier Team

athena2001-tn.gif (1894 bytes)

Athena Asamiya  45k  (391x550)
Arrggghhhh... she cut her hair!  Sorry, but I won't be a good friend if I said it looked good.  Athena, you were MUCH cuter with long hair.  But the new outfit it one of the best yet.
bao2001-tn.gif (3184 bytes) Bao  47k  (273x500)
One of the most annoying characters ever!  I heard she died last year... what's she doing back?!
kensou2001-tn.gif (2510 bytes) Sei Kensou  55k  (413x550)
Sei is the hungriest character in video games.  It was pretty amusing at first when he'd chomp down (and choke) on a big rice ball, but it's kinda getting old now...
chin2001-tn.gif (3902 bytes) Chin Gensai  52k  (288x360)
How this old drunk ended up with these kids is a total mystery to me.   But, it a good thing he's there because he adds some excitement to the team.
Ikari Team
leona2001-tn.gif (3806 bytes) Leona  41k  (295x520)
She hard to pay, but Leona is undoubtedly one of the most loved KoF characters.  In Capcom vs SNK, I think it should have been Cammy vs Leona!
heidern2001-tn.gif (3273 bytes) Heidern  29k  (152x550)
Oh uh, he's back!  He's been coming and going from the series since the beginning.  Every time I rejoice that he's gone, he comes back to torture me!
ralf2001-tn.gif (5405 bytes) Ralf  57k  (345x400)
I always thought Ralf was one of the coolest looking characters, but I've never had him on any of my teams because there are SO many other cool characters.
clark2001-tn.gif (6607 bytes) Clark  49k  (386x550)
Although I was a big fan of Ikari Warriors, I like to kick Clarks butt because he dresses too much like Terry.  I think he's trying to steal his look...