King of Fighters 2001
Last Update = October 22, 2001 (11 new pictures all mixed in)

Although this series isn't the most popular around the world, in Japan, where it counts most, King of Fighters is the most popular fighting game series.  Whenever a new KoF comes out for the year, arcades are totally swamped, and it's a awesome sight to see so many people fighting it out and having fun.
Anyhow, despite SNK's troubles, the King of Fighters lives!  KoF 2001 is due out in November 2001 (a little late this year), and from what I've seen, it looks like it'll be one of the best.  It's got great graphics, a nice cast of new & old characters, and of course we can expect the great gameplay that KoF is famous for!
kof2001-title-tn.gif (2308 bytes) KoF2001 title  18k  (250x128)
Here's the title for the King of Fighters 2001.  Whoever's job it is to make titles for SNK's games does a great job because they're always very cool-looking!
kof2001-poster-tn.gif (5089 bytes) KoF 2001 poster  70k  (366x500)
I think this is the official KoF 2001 poster.  I know SNK artist, Hiroaki, drew it.  It's pretty cool, but only if you're a K fan.  I like the old group-style pictures better.
Garou Densetsu Team (aka Fatal Fury Team)
terry2001-tn.gif (4035 bytes) Terry Bogard  68k  (317x480)
What can you say... Terry's a living legend.  He's not only the best fighter, he's one of the coolest.  Unlike Ryu, he doesn't have to compromise his personality or personal life to be #1.

blue-mary2001-tn.gif (3020 bytes)

Blue Mary  46k  (317x550)
There's definitely something about Mary!  In my mind, she's 2nd only to Cammy as far as video gals go.  BTW, check out the little bulls on Mary's new & improved belt...  I wonder what that's all about?
andy2001-tn.gif (3651 bytes) Andy Bogard  51k  (250x550)
Terry's little brother may not be quite the fighter that his legendary brother is, but when Mai Shiranui's madly in love with you, what does it matter?!   BTW, Andy's got a slightly new look this year...

joe2001-tn.gif (3107 bytes)

Joe Higashi  42k  (149x550)
Joe's always been goofy, but as time goes by, he descends further and further into madness!  Nevertheless, he's always fun to have around, and he's fun to play too.
Woman Fighters Team

mai2001-tn.gif (2967 bytes)

Mai Shiranui  44k  (187x550)
She's been around for over a decade, but for some reason, Mai never gets old.  There's still enough style and personality left in her to keep her up at the top of most fans' list of best game gals.

hinako2001-tn.gif (3378 bytes)

Hinako  39k  (330x550)
Hinako first appeared in KoF 2000, and I'm glad she's back for more!   I love that outfit with her pigtails & kneepads.  And although I've never seen her in action, I understand that her fighting style is sumo!  I can't imagine...

xiangfei2001-tn.gif (3194 bytes)

Xiangfei  41k  (228x550)
Xiangfei isn't a character that I like to play, but she's always interesting to watch because she's got one of the more unique fighting styles.  And she seem to be pretty popular among fans too.

king2001-tn.gif (2836 bytes)

King  32k  (164x550)
It's always amazed me how King has stuck around for SO long when she's probably one of the lamest characters in the game (I keep thinking she's a guy!)... or maybe that's just my opinion?
Nests Team
angel2001-tn.gif (3832 bytes) Angel  56k  (303x550)
Here's one of the new characters, and she's the one I'm most looking forward to seeing!  Although the boots are kinda stupid, I really love that outfit.
kula-diamond2001-tn.gif (3895 bytes) Kula Diamond  43k  (232x550)
I still haven't seen KoF 2000 yet, but I think she was a boss.  Now, she's one of the regular characters on the "Nests Team".  BTW, this is a great looking picture!
foxy2001-tn.gif (3932 bytes) Foxy  53k  (297x550)
This lady sure is stylish... unfortunately, it's not my style.   Anyhow, I dunno why, but she looks powerful.
k99992001-tn.gif (3137 bytes) k9999 (aka "K Four 9")  65k  (495x550)
Hey, if this guy isn't the BIGGEST Tetsuo rip-off, I'm a monkey's uncle!   BTW, Tetsuo is from the ultra-famous Akira anime/manga.
Heroes Team
k2001-tn.gif (3432 bytes)    'K'       38k  (316x550)
K never did much for me, but he made a pretty big impact on the series, and fans sure do seem to like him.  BTW, does K just have one arm, or is this picture just awkward?

whip2001-tn.gif (2518 bytes)

Whip  42k  (214x550)
Whip entered the KoF series in 1999 with Leona, Ralf, and Clark, on the Ikari Team, but now she's switched sides... I can't wait to learn why!  SNK always takes pride in its storylines, so I know there's a good story behind the switch.
lin2001-tn.gif (2684 bytes) Lin  47k  (474x480)
This is Lin.  I don't know a thing about him, but I've gotta believe that anybody who looks this freaky has to be pretty interesting!
maxima2001-tn.gif (3845 bytes) Maxima  48k  (279x550)
Maxima's another character who made his debut in KoF 1999.  It's about time there was a big Rock-a-Billy fighting character.  I bet he listens to the Reverend Horton Heat.  I know I do!  ^_^
Korea Team
kim2001-tn.gif (2832 bytes) Kim Kaphwan  44k  (295x550)
Kim is one of SNK's best guys.  I never liked him until the Fatal Fury 2 anime.  After that (and Fatal Fury the Movie), he's been one of my favorites.   And, I personally think Tae Kwon Do is one of the coolest looking fighting styles.

mei-li2001-tn.gif (3245 bytes)

Mei Li  36k  (173x550)
Hey, this new girl looks pretty good!  I love the overall look, but the little froggy on her t-shirt is kinda lame, and that ying-yang belt is pretty stupid too.  Hmmmm.... I'll have to reserve judgement on her until I see her.

chang2001-tn.gif (4574 bytes)

Chang Koehan  71k  (334x580)
Chang is awesome!  He cracks me up.  He's definitely one of the all-time best big men.  Question:  Chang vs. Zangief... who'd win?
choi2001-tn.gif (4293 bytes) Choi Bounge  39k  (199x450)
Choi is simply a mini Freddy Kreuger, but he's also one of the original KoF characters who's been in every single game!