Maxwell's Gallery
Last Update: Sept 22, 2003 (last 2 pictures of Maxwell added)

If you go to Japanese fan sites, you've probably noticed that a lot of them have sections dedicated to their pets.  A lot of people in Japan have cats because they're small and they take care of themselves.  But when it comes to dogs, the most popular breed is definitely the dachshund!
Anyhow, in the tradition of all those Japanese fan sites with pet sections, here's mine.  About the only thing as cute and lovable as Cammy is a puppy dog, right?  If you like dogs, lemme introduce you to my wire-haired dachshund...
He was born on June 8, 2003, and he came to live with me on August 2, 2003.  Wire-haired dachshunds are the rarest of the 3 dachshund breeds... most people only know the short-haired and the long-haired varieties.  There are lots of great breeds of dogs, but I've always loved dachshunds the most.
Maxwell's Gallery
Here are some pictures of my little buddy.  If you're interested, you can come here to see different pictures of him as he grows up...
BTW, I named him "Maxwell" after Maxwell House coffee.  I hate coffee, but his breath smells like coffee, so I thought the name fit.  Plus, my very first dog was a St. Bernard named "Max".
haus-tn.jpg (2531 bytes) "Haus" (age 1 mo.)
Here's the very first picture I got of my puppy.  He was only 3 weeks old.  This picture was taken just after getting dewormed, so he's not looking too happy.
haus-bandit-tn.jpg (2384 bytes) "Bandit" (age 1 1/2 mo.)
Here's a picture I got from the breeder.  One look at him and I was totally in love.   Out of all the puppies there, he was the one that everybody wanted... but I lucked out and got him!  ^_^
maxwell1-tn.jpg (2508 bytes) Maxwell sitting (age 2 mo.)
Here's Maxwell on my kitchen floor looking very well behaved.  He's a curious little guy, so it's pretty rare to get him to sit down this calmly when he's not sleeping.
maxwell4-tn.jpg (2196 bytes) Maxwell sleeping (age 2 mo.)
Yeah!  He's finally taking a break!  Puppies are incredibly cute and lovable, but they can also drive you nuts because they're constantly getting into everything...
maxwell5-tn.jpg (2825 bytes) Maxwell biting (age 2 mo.)
Ouch!  Puppies have very sharp little needle-like baby teeth.  And they like to use 'em to chew on EVERYTHING!
maxwell-sleeping-tn.jpg (2242 bytes) Maxwell sleeping?! (age 3 mo.)
I don't know how Maxwell got himself into this position, much less fell asleep like that!  He's a strange little puppy, but that's part of what makes him so fun to have around.
maxwell-couch-tn.jpg (2257 bytes) Maxwell on the couch (age 3 1/2 mo.)
And here's a nice up-close picture of Maxwell.  As you can see, he's really changed since I got him 1 1/2 months ago.  His hair is turning gray already!
maxwell-bath-tn.jpg (1581 bytes) Maxwell's bath (age 8 mo.)
Ugghhhh... bath time!  Actually, he does't put up a struggle when I give him a bath, but after I let him out, he runs around the house like a maniac!!
maxwell-sleeping2-tn.jpg (2947 bytes) Maxwell's nap (age 8 mo.)
Here's Max curled up in front of the fireplace where it's nice and warm!  Doesn't he look so comfortable?
maxwell-1yr-tn.jpg (2858 bytes) Maxwell 1 year old!
Here he is pretty much all grown up!  He weighs about 21 pounds, but he's almost 3 feet long form his nose to the tip of his tail!
'Uncle' Waldi's Gallery
I bought Waldi for my mom when I moved off to college.  He's also a wire-haired dachshund.  Waldi's a bit unruly at times, but he's really a great dog and an important part of the family.  In the spring of 2003, he kinda broke his back and became paralyzed, but after some surgery he's back to 99%!  He's almost 10 years older than Maxwell, so hopefully he'll be a good mentor.
baby-waldi-tn.jpg (3084 bytes) Waldi baby
Here's Waldi when he was just 2 months old.  Gee, doesn't this picture look a lot like the "Maxwell biting" picture?  Guess that's what puppies do.
mama-waldi-tn.jpg (2607 bytes) Waldi & Mama
Here's my mom and Waldi in my car.  See the little red and yellow dot below the rearview mirror?  That's Cammy!  ^_^
waldi-tn.jpg (2811 bytes) Hairy Waldi
When Waldi grew up, he also grew a ton of hair!  It's almost hard to tell he's a weiner dog with all that hair, but if you get him wet, there's no doubt that a dachshund is underneath all that hair.


Dachshund links
If you wanna learn a little more about dachshunds, here are 2 links to get you started...

e-teurer Dachshund
e-teurer-link.gif (5003 bytes)This is the site of a very cute dachshund breeder in Hokkaido, Japan.  The site is all Japanese, but if you click around the links, you should have no problem finding some interesting stuff.  BTW, Tomomi obviously likes Final Fantasy because quite a few of her dogs are named after FF characters.

Walking Weiner Kennel
This is where I got Maxwell!  He's got a very impressive pedigree, but that doesn't matter too much to me... I just wanted a wire-haired weiner dog!