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I've never been one for having much of a links page because I don't really get out to see many other sites.  The links I do have are usually to give credit where it's due.  But there are some sites that I really should formally acknowledge, so I've started a links page.
BTW, I know there are A LOT more links that should be added to the list.  I'm working on getting more, so please hang in there.  Thanks.
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please link to! SSF2 Cammy comic by Masahiko Nakahira
It's Cammy's comic translated into English, and it's available from!  This is a must-have for everybody because it's Cammy, it's fun, and the artwork is amazing.   Get it, and I guarantee you'll love it and end up reading it over and over again.
BTW, there are also sample pages for you to check out. Delta Red Cammy model has this fully assembled and painted resin model of Cammy.  It'll look cool wherever you display it!  Pictures are cool, but models are cool on a whole 'nother level.  I've ordered it, and testify that the service and quality is top-notch! Yukitopia is Yukito Kishiro's homepage.  If you know who he is, then I'm sure you wanna go check it out.  If you don't know who he is, he's the creator & artist of Battle Angel Alita, Aqua Knight, and other amazing comics.  He's the best.
Love 'em, hate 'em, or somewhere in-between... nonetheless, they're the company who's responsible for Cammy!  Without them, there is no Cammy, so support them and be sure to tell them that you wanna see Cammy in lots more games!
SNK lives on!  Yeah Playmore!!
SNK is gone, but Playmore and all of its affiliate companies have taken over, and they're looking to continue SNK's great legacy!  It's Japanese, but if you check the top of the main page, you'll see a link to the English section.
Comic and fanartists Jason & Heather Martin have a great website, and they're Cammy fans as well!  Go check out what they've done so far.  BTW, you can also order a great-looking print of Shadowloo Cammy for only $5.
Erwin Papa's homepage!
The homepage of Erwin Papa!  He's a longtime Cammy fan, and he's also one of the most talented and fun artists you'll ever see.  If you don't have fun while visiting his homepage, then your fault!
The only other fan site I know of that's as dedicated as  It's run by my friend Daala, and backed by millions of Rival School fans!  If you like the game, you'll love the site, if you don't like the game, the site will make you like it.
BTW - I gave all the Rival Schools stuff I had on to the RSN.
Masamune Shirow Hyperpage The Masamune Shirow Hyperpages
If you're interested in manga, then you gotta know about Masamune Shirow.  He's a great creator, and probably the best artist.  Lucas' site is the best page for all things Shirow.
Lucas' Hyperpage The Hyperpages
My good buddy Lucas (the world's biggest Masamune Shirow fan) also has a great personal page for his fanart and non-Shirow interests like Sueng Mina, Puchi Charat, Cammy, etc.
Talbain and Cammy Forever! Talbain and Cammy Forever!
A great site run by my friend, Talbain Eric.  It's dedicated to two of the coolest fighting game characters ever... Cammy and Talbain (aka Gallon in Japan).
Cammy's Dream House Cammy's Dream House
Hey, it's another dedicated Cammy fan site!  And there's a lotta new stuff there that I don't have, so go check it out ASAP!!
NO BANNER Anime Group Lone Wolf
A great anime group dedicated to all the coolest stuff... Cammy, Battle Angel, Terry Bogard, SNK/Capcom, Trigun, Tenchi Muyo, and more!  Go interact with other fans and have a good time!
cammyfanlist.png (5025 bytes) Cammy vs Chun Li fan listing
I have no idea what this is, but I'm supporting Cammy!
Ran the World Ran the World
It's a Japanese site, but the guy is a big Cammy fan, and if you click around on the various links, you'll find some really great Cammy pictures!
Pastel House Shomei's Pastel House
This is another Japanese site, but it's also got a lotta great Cammy pictures.  Just explore, and you'll find 'em.
Yuri Ai's Homepage
Yuri Ai one of the most famous Japanese doujinshi artists, and he's been drawing pictures & making comics about Cammy for a long time.  His works are definitely adult-only, but if that's your style, then you should go check it out...
G-Dome - Kondo's Garage Kits G-DOME
Kondo-san is easily one of the best garage kit makers.  The website is all-Japanese, but if you click the links, you'll see all of his great creations, including a Delta Red Cammy and a Shadowloo Cammy.  I've got personally built & painted copies of each one!  ^_^
Nonone Karin's cosplay Nonone Karin
This girl is the Cammy cosplay champion!  She's probably got about 6 or 7 different Cammy costumes.  And she cosplays lots of other great game gals too.  Don't miss this site... you're guaranteed to find some really great stuff!!
Izuru Nekou's homepage Nekokuma
Izuru Nekou my favorite cosplayer, and even got to I meet her at the Tokyo Game Show cosplaying as Cammy ^_^.  She's also a great artist!  I guarantee you'll fall for her talent & charm too.

Sena's Cosplay

This pretty girl has done some of my favorite Cammy cosplay, and she's done a lotta other cool stuff too.  You'll have tons of fun looking through her photo galleries!   BTW, if you can't read Japanese, click here to go directly to the cosplay pictures.
Zuruosu Pink cosplay Fumi Kayama
Fumi is THE hottest cosplayer ever!  (and I've seen 'em all)  Anyhow, it's all Japanese, so to get directly to the Cammy picture pages, click here, then here, next here, and here, here too, and finally here
Endorsed by Cammy! Oh! Cosplayer House
Okay, the link alone makes this site worth seeing!  But it's also got some of the very best and high quality pictures of cosplayers from events in Japan.  It's all Japanese, but you'll have no trouble finding some awesome pictures!
He's probably the coolest guy in the world, and a totally kick-ass guitar player.   He's got his own band, the Black Label Society, and he of course plays with Ozzy Osbourne too.
Puffy's Page at Stefan's Puffy Page
Hey, this is another little part of  Go check it out, and then go to the links section to get to, their official English page.
RA Salvatore's homepage
This guy is a novel-writing monster!  Almost as fast as you can read his books, he's got a new one for you.  And although they're all very similar characters & storylines, I've never been anything but excited about what I've read.