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Since I'm such a fan of games, anime, and comics, I've learned to also love cosplay.  Having lived in Japan having seen & met so many of the great cosplayers (Nonone Karin, Izuru Nekou, Suzune, Mino, etc), I've really gotten to know the scene quite well.
At least once a week I search Japanese websites for new Cammy cosplay pictures, and as I do that I run into all kinds of interesting things.  I thought maybe I should introduce you to some of that stuff.  There's a whole section of the website for Cammy cosplay, so this will all be all the good cosplay that's not Cammy (usually).
Cosplay PotW
  June 6, 2014  -  Street Fighter Rain Fight
A great bit of artwork made from a cosplay picture by truefd. Featuring Megan Coffey as Cammy.




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