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First there was the Weekly Wallpaper page with one new wallpaper every week, and then there was the regular Wallpaper Page with dozens of permanent pictures to choose from.  Well, I had to take down the Wallpaper Page because the site couldn't handle all the extra traffic that it caused.  I've always meant to get it back up somehow, but I haven't quite been able to do that yet.  But, I hate not having anything at all, so I've kinda brought it back.  Come by here ever few weeks to pick up a new Cammy Wallpaper for your computer. Shadowloo Cammy from X-Men vs Street Fighter
I make all sorts of wallpapers for myself and I wanna share some of them with all you fans.  Some of the art can only be found here, and it's all extra high-quality, so I hope you enjoy them!
By the way, if you don't know (or aren't sure) how to set or change your wallpaper, read the "Wallpaper FAQ" at the very bottom of this page.
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-October 2, 2009  -  Higiusa Cammy

I love the sketchy style of this picture. Her face is really clear but the rest is pretty 'sloppy'. I tried to add a background that kinda find the style.
-Wallpaper FAQ
How to set these as your computer's wallpaper...
Okay, this is gonna sound complicated, but it's not.  First of all, I'm assuming that you're using Windows and either Microsoft Internet Explorer, or Netscape.  If not, then you're on your own.
1.  Method #1 is to right click on the picture you want to be your wallpaper.  Then select "Set as wallpaper".  Done.   But if you ever do that again, the new one will replace the old one.  So to avoid this, go into your Windows folder and change the name of the file named "Internet Explorer Wallpaper.BMP" or "Netscape Wallpaper.BMP" to whatever you want.  Then it'll always be there for you to select...  (see *footnote* below if you don't know how to change your Windows wallpaper)
2. There's one more way to do it... save the picture you want as is (in .JPG format).  Later, open it in some art program and then save it as a .BMP (aka - "bitmap") file into your Windows folder.  Then, it'll always be there for you to select....  (see *footnote* below if you don't know how to change your Windows wallpaper)
If you don't know how to even change the wallpaper on your computer whenever you want, here's how:
Right click on the desktop and select "Properties".  Next, select "Background" if you're not already there, and there should be a list of available wallpapers... select the file you want that then click Okay.