Vampire Savior Collection
Created = August 15, 1999 (full collection)

These are all the official Capcom artwork pictures for Vampire Savior (aka Darkstalkers 3) from the PlayStation version of the game.  This are super cool and great quality!  Enjoy, because it just doesn't get much better than this.  Keep in mind, this stuff is 3 years old... I wish Capcom's new stuff was this good!
col-anakaris-tn.gif (5212 bytes) Anakaris
Not character people play very much, but he's actually very cool.  The biggest problem is that he has about as much personality as Ryu... that's none!
col-aulbath-tn.gif (4914 bytes) Aulbath
I don't hate Aulbath, but I really couldn't care less about a character...
col-bishamon-tn.gif (5801 bytes) Bishamon
Also a cool character, but he's a bitch to play against... SLASH! SLASH! SLASH!  I wish there were more about his storyline, because I think it's really one of the best.
col-bul-don-tn.gif (5850 bytes) Buletta & Donovan
The Dark Hunters.  One is fighting his dark side, and the other is fighting for money.
col-buletta-200-tn.gif (5926 bytes) Buletta 200
I don't know why it's "200"... Maybe that how many bounties she has collected.
col-buletta-tn.gif (5486 bytes) Buletta
What a sweet little girl!  Right...?
col-bul-lil-tn.gif (2314 bytes) Buletta w/ Lilith
If you're a Lilith fan, you dare not look at this picture!  It looks like Buletta is finally gonna collect that big bounty on Lilith's head...
col-demitri-port-tn.gif (5402 bytes) Demitri's portrait
He's what this game used to be based on, but he hasn't been involved in many of the newer storylines.
col-demitri-tn.gif (4067 bytes) Demitri
With the exception of the gay ruffle-tie thing, Demitri is pretty cool.  I love that burning aura surrounding him!
col-don-anita-tn.gif (5546 bytes) Anita & Donovan
A Dark Hunter, and the little girl who lost her parents to the Darkstalkers.  Anita is cool as it is, but I would love to know what she ends up doing later in life...
col-don-mor-tn.gif (3275 bytes) Donovan w/ Morrigan
If you're a Morrigan fan, you dare not look at this picture!  It looks like Donovan is finally gonna take out one of the most powerful of the Darkstalkers...
col-felicia-tn.gif (5669 bytes) Felicia
This may be Felicia's coolest picture!  She's another character that has lost a lot of popularity in this series.
col-gallon-tn.gif (6269 bytes) Gallon
A cool and strong character.  It just feels like this guy is destined to be a big player in this series.  I wonder if they'll ever expand his role.  Actually, I wonder if there will ever be another Darkstalkers game!
col-huitzel-tn.gif (4968 bytes) Huitzel
The Mayan robot.  The Mayan were a very advanced civilization, but I doubt they ever built any robots - the hadn't even invented the wheel yet!
col-jedah-tn.gif (5295 bytes) Jedah
The biggest and newest player in the series.  To tell you the truth, I'm still not quite clear on this guy. 
col-lei-anita-tn.gif (4546 bytes) Lei Lei & Anita
Two of my favorites!  This is a very interesting picture of Anita showing us that there may be more to her than a scared little girl!
col-leilei-tn.gif (6106 bytes) Lei Lei
The coolest picture of the coolest character besides Cammy!  Those claws are just too damn cool!!!
col-lilith-tn.gif (5199 bytes) Lilith
Basically a Morrigan clone, but really made unique enough to be a good character on her own.  But, I doubt her storyline allows for a return in any future games.
col-lilith2-tn.gif (7146 bytes) Lilith 2
Lilith quickly became a fan favorite of this series.  She's the type girl and character that pedophiles just love!
col-lil-out-tn.gif (5232 bytes) Lilith coming out
This is an interesting picture... would make a nice wallpaper on your computer.
col-mor-hide-tn.gif (7249 bytes) Lilith & Morrigan (& Buletta!)
This is without a doubt one of the most well though out pictures from this series.   Lilith is leaning against a mirror, but the reflection is of Morrigan.  And in the background, Buletta is hot on her heels!  It's also drawn with great style!
col-mor-lil-xtn.gif (7400 bytes) Naked Sisters...
I'm not even gonna pretend to have a clue, or to make a fool of myself by commenting on what the hell this picture is all about!
col-morrigan-tn.gif (5435 bytes) Morrigan
The fan favorite until her 'little sister' came alone.  She's still way up there on most people's list.  (except Lowena's!)
col-mor-wav-tn.gif (5468 bytes) Morrigan's waves
This is a simple but very cool picture of Morrigan.  I usually like pictures that are smart and simple the best.
col-pyron-tn.gif (6218 bytes) Pyron
This picture is just too cool!  I don't like his animation in the game too much, but this picture shows what a neat character Pyron really is!
col-qb-crtn-tn.gif (6562 bytes) Q-Bee cartoon
A great picture!  I really wish the would make more cool and clever things like this for other characters.  Characters posing is cool, but this kinda stuff is so much better!
col-q-bee-tn.gif (6278 bytes) Q-Bee
Does anybody else get drawn in by those bulls-eyes...
col-sasquatch-tn.gif (5052 bytes) Sasquatch
Is he a bigfoot or an abominable snowman?  Those two monsters are different, but they seemed to have mixed them into one form for this guy.
col-victor-tn.gif (5603 bytes) Victor
His side-story characters are so much cooler than her is.  By the way, you all know the traditional movie story of Frankenstein, but how many of you have read the real book?   It's SO much different!
col-vs-group-tn.gif (7454 bytes) VS group picture
Maybe my favorite Darkstalkers series picture of them all!  The only problem is that Lei Lei is barely featured.  Can you see her... she's sneaking up in the graveyard in the bottom left corner.
col-vs-group2-tn.gif (9113 bytes) VS group picture 2
A cool group picture, but there are many which are better...
col-zabel-tn.gif (6030 bytes) Zabel
This guy is just a little too stupid to be cool.  I don't dislike him, but I think he could be much better if he were a little more serious.