dem-curse-heart.gif (1891 bytes)Demitri's Midnight Bliss
Last update = November 9, 2000  (everything's new!)

In a game TOTALLY chalk full of great moves and overall style, this may be the best of the best.  It's an EX Special move done by moving down, forward, forward/down and pressing 2 punch buttons.  Demitri floats forward, tosses a rose, turns the victim into a woman, bows like a gentleman, turns himself into a demon, and then he picks her up and sucks out her life-force.  What's coolest, are the girls he turns the characters into.  In fact, in many instances (Aulbath, Donovan, Phobos, Zabel, etc) the girls are better looking than the original character!  Anyhow, here's what all the characters look like...
BTW, the reason demon Demitri is colored differently in the various pictures is because he flashes many different colors during the move.

Where is Darkstalkers 4?!
Most of you will probably be confused by this one.  Lemme explain it to you.  Anakaris is actually made of 2 people!   Anakaris, the old Pharaoh, is on top controlling the head and the arms, while his servant, Khybit, controls the feet.  When Demitri transforms Anakaris and picks him up, Khybit wanders off and eventually faints.
BTW, for a comic kinda related to Anakaris & Khybit, check the "Chinese Spirit" link on Lei Lei's page.
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Where is Darkstalkers 4?!
I think Aulbath is the only character in the game that just plain old sucks, but I really like this mermaid girl Demitri turns him into.  I'd rather have her in the game, but then again, she doesn't look like she'd be able to fight very well.
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Where is Darkstalkers 4?!
This is one of the strangest transformations because the monk turned cursed samurai becomes a cute girl who's only wearing a very short shirt.  As if that's not risque enough, Demitri hangs her in the air so we can all get a really good look at... well, almost! dem-curse-bish1.gif (1300 bytes) dem-curse-bish2.gif (4493 bytes)
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Where is Darkstalkers 4?!
Bulleta's already a girl, so when Demitri performs his Midnight Bliss on her, she changes into a different type of girl.  Maybe she grows a few years older.  Anyhow, what's cool about her, is that she puts up a terrible fight when Demitri tries to suck the life out of her... she's the only character that really does that.  Whatta warrior! dem-curse-bb1.gif (2208 bytes) dem-curse-bb2.gif (4025 bytes)
dem-curse-bb3.gif (4263 bytes) dem-curse-bb4.gif (3739 bytes)
Where is Darkstalkers 4?!
Guess this would never happen in 'real life', but since this is only a game, Demitri can perform this move on himself!  However, the results are nothing too special or exciting though...
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Where is Darkstalkers 4?!
YAHOO!  I absolutely LOVE the female version of Donovan!!!  Wow, she's so cool looking.  It would be cool if the female version of Donovan showed up in Darkstalkers 4.  Maybe the curse stuck, leaving Donovan with yet another reason to hunt down and destroy Demitri.  Hey, do you know what would be even cooler?!  If you some fan artist out there drew a picture of Cammy dressed like Miss Donovan ^_^
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Where is Darkstalkers 4?!
Demitri kinda turns Felicia into Marylin Monroe.  For a while, it looks like she actually likes it!  But then Demitri sucks out Felicia's life-force, leaving nothing but a shriveled up husk.
BTW, Felicia looks exactly the same in Lilith's Gloomy Puppet Show, but she's wearing a tophat.
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Where is Darkstalkers 4?!
Although Gallon is very cool, his Midnight Bliss transformation is quite dull.
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Where is Darkstalkers 4?!
Wow, I've seen dresses with slits on the side going all the way up to the hip, but I haven't seen a dress with a slit in front going all the way up to...
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Where is Darkstalkers 4?!
.Lei Lei
In case you didn't know, Lei Lei is actually two people too.  Kinda.  Lei Lei's a zombie who's controlled by her twin sister, Lin Lin.  That little piece of paper that hangs off Lei Lei's hat (and often in her face), is actually Lin Lin.  Anyhow, turns them back into the two scared little girls that they actually are, and then he sucks 'em dry.  It's pretty sad...
BTW, for more on Lei Lei, be sure to check out Lei Lei's page here at!
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Where is Darkstalkers 4?!
Lilith's transformation is pretty strange too.   For some reason, she changes into her pajamas.  And she even looks really dopey and sleepy.  I bet she hardly notices that Demitri turns her into a skeleton.   She probably thinks it's all a bad dream.  (it's not!)
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Where is Darkstalkers 4?!
Morrigan has a cool transformation... she turns into a little girl.  I wonder if this is what she looked like when she was a young demon-girl?  What's strange, is that she turns into a cat or something like that after Demitri sucks her life-force out.
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Where is Darkstalkers 4?!
Phobos has one of the best transformations.   Well, it's not all that exciting, but I like the look of the character he turns into.  BTW, she's got two birds sitting on her head, and when Demitri picks her up, they chirp.  However, when she gets drained, they slump over too.
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Where is Darkstalkers 4?!
Pyron, the strange alien, turns into a really weird looking girl.  Kinda reminds me of the Chiquita Banana girl.   Anyhow, what's really strange, is when Demitri starts to suck her life-force out, two beams shoot out of her eyes.  And after she's all drained, there's a weird little face floating over her head... dem-curse-pyr1.gif (4716 bytes) dem-curse-pyr2.gif (4972 bytes)
dem-curse-pyr3.gif (5609 bytes) dem-curse-pyr4.gif (4428 bytes)
Where is Darkstalkers 4?!
.Q Bee
This may be the most famous transformation.   I've seen a few fanart pictures in Japan of Nurse Q Bee, and I've even heard of (but never seen) of cosplayers wearing this outfit.  Cool, huh?  BTW, for one of those fanart pictures, click here.
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Where is Darkstalkers 4?!
This is another cool transformation!   Then again, almost anything with a pigtailed girl is cool in my mind.  Before I left Japan, there was a set of Vampire Savior toys, and each figure in the set came with one extra piece.  When you got 'em and put 'em all together, it turned into this pigtailed girl wearing a Sasquatch outfit. 
BTW, I wonder what the big banana is all about?
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Where is Darkstalkers 4?!
This is the one downright bad transformation.   I guess there's no good way to make a female frankenstein, but this is awful!   Girls with muscles like Cammy are okay, but this is... ewww... yuck!
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Where is Darkstalkers 4?!
Next to the Donovan transformation, Zabel's has got to be the best!  Who'da thunk that that old Zombie could make such a cute girl?  I'd love to see more of her somehow.  BTW, once Demitri starts to drain out her life-force, she pulls out a gun and aims it at his head!  But, she never shoots him.  I wonder what that's all about?
BTW - doesn't Miss Zabel look a lot like Naomi Armitage from the anime "Armitage"?
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.Something to think about...
After seeing this gallery, my friend Lowena, one of the world's most imaginative people, started to think about what Demitri's Midnight Bliss move would do to the street fighters.  Here's what she and I came up with...


Balrog/M. Bison:
M. Bison/Vega:
T. Hawk:
Fei Long:
Mega Man:


A nerdy schoolgirl

He'd turn into Sakura!
Sexy blonde in an evening dress
Girl in pyjamas (she would try to hit Demetri with her teddy bear. ^_^)
Miss America beauty queen
She-Hulk from the comics
Cute East Indian girl
A bunny girl (just like the one in his SF2 & SFZ3 stages)
A sexy woman wearing his uniform (Cammy, his clone?)
Traditional Thai dancer
A flamenco dancer
Cute Native American girl
The stereotypical female movie star
Girl in bikini with a beach ball
Little geisha doll
A showgirl from the famous Rio de Janero festival
A cavegirl
Wind-up toy doll
A red-haired geisha
Carmen Miranda-type woman