Cammy! Cammy!! and more Cammy!!!

Since the day I saw Cammy in 1993, I've been collecting!   Here's a better look at my collection with notes about some of the highlights...
1)  A picture of me with 3 of the 14 Cammy cosplayers I met at the Tokyo Game Show!
2)  The posters to the left and right, the red one underneath, and 1 more you can't see in this picture were prizes from a Japanese slot machine arcade game.  When you won a game, you'd win a SF character poster.   There were 3 regular Cammy posters and one special rare one (which is the longer one with the #2 on it in the picture).
3)  My Cammy hand puppet!  One of the most unique and cool things I've collected.
4)  The big picture is the original cover artwork cel for the Cammy drama CD!  I took 2 copies of the Drama CD and had it all laid out and framed.
5)  Udon Studio stuff.  A door-sized Cammy poster by Alvin Lee, Cammy covers from the SF comic series, and all those white ones are sketches by the Udon artists.  Click here to see the gallery of all that artwork.
6)  2 sketches by one of my all-time VERY favorite artists, Adam Warren.  There are 2 more sketches by Adam at the top left corner of the picture, plus a bunch more that you can't see in this picture.
7)  Cardboard Cammy standup.   Was a Japanese arcade promo in 1993 for the release of SSF2.  Got this one from the Capcom arcade in the Kansai Int'l Airport.  I traveled around Japan for 2 weeks with all my luggage and Cammy!
8)  A sketch by Capcom's Akiman.  You can just see the top of it here.  He drew it on the back of an old Street Fighter II poster with a sharpie marker.
9)  Some of my extra Cammy stuff.  Stuff to give away in contests, extra stuff boxed, cards, photos, doujinshi, at least a dozen unbuilt resin model kits, etc.
Miscellaneous notes:
I have over 50 different (not including all the color variants) Cammy models & action figures.  Some of the random Cammy things you probably can't quite see that feature Cammy... pencils, eraser, Zippo lighter, pins, key-holders, an arcade token, business cards, cosplay video, and 2 cosplay CD ROMs.
I have extra sets of almost all models & action figures still in the box.  There are a few more posters, photographs, cards, advertisements, t-shirts, animation cels, magazine covers, and things without room at the moment.  And close to 100 Cammy sketches by friends and comics artists such as Jason & Heather Martin, Terry Dodson, Scott Benefiel, Sam Lotfi, Ryan Kinnaird, Ben Dunn, Fred Parry, and Jeffrey Moy.  Aside from all the Cammy-only stuff, I've got every other Cammy comic, ad, or whatever that feartures Cammy that I've been able to find. And on my car... the license plate "CAM FAN"
No Cammy hentai.  Honestly.  (this is not sarcastic, I'm serious!)
This collection is all in a spare bedroom, and it's way too small.  I need to finish my basement and make room to properly display ALL my Cammy stuff!  Not to mention all the other game stuff I've collected.  What do the other 3 walls look like?  They look just like that, but they're filled with my other collections... Darkstalkers, Samurai Shodown, Fatal Fury/King of Fighters, Battle Angel Alita, Final Fantasy, and other random stuff here and there.  Here are some pictures of my old toy room that give you some idea...