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Updated November 5, 2001 - My last 2 Most Wanted items, the "Parachute Cammy", and "Cammy bubble toy" are now in my collection!  The new Most Wanted thing is the SF Jr 2 Cammy toy by ReSaurus... something that I doubt I'll ever get.
Anyhow, this is a page for you to see what kind of Cammy things exist, and for me to beg you to help me find those things that I don't have!  I'll be forever grateful if you can help me find any of this stuff.   Please keep an eye out for me, and if you find something, I will do whatever I have to - money, trade, work... almost anything!  I've obviously got extremely good contacts to have gotten so much stuff already, so I'm sure we can come up with a deal that'll make us both very happy.
Please, I'm begging you!  I understand that 99.999% of you will never be able to help me, but you never know when you'll run into something - at toy shows, in magazines, in model stores, online, from friends, whatever.  Thanks!
BTW - I've collect a lot more non-Cammy stuff, and someday I'll put up a HUGE page with picturtes and descriptions of all that too.
Help me!
.Cammy things I NEED!   Please help me find them...!!

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SF Jr Series 2 Cammy - DON'T HAVE
  22k  (196x268)
This was supposed to be out in all the toy stores, but it looks like the company (ReSaurus) is in trouble, and may never get it out!  >_<  I dunno, maybe some were already made, and if you can get one for me, there's not much I wouldn't do for you!!!!

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2 Cammy garage kits - DON'T HAVE  111k  (482x405)
Oh, these look good!  And they are models of Cammy's most classic poses.  I really need these for my collection.  Can you help me out?

original2-tn.gif (5470 bytes)

SF Gaiden Cammy - DON'T HAVE  107k  (480x420)
This is another nice model that's based on a picture from the Cammy Gaiden comic by M. Nakahira.  Or, maybe the pose is just a coincidence...

oono-model-tn.gif (3897 bytes)

"Saluting Model" - DON'T HAVE  72k  (560x400)
When I saw this model, the guy wasn't done with it yet, but I ordered some for him.  I was in contact with him about it, but then he stopped talking to me, and he won't answer any e-mail on the subject.  @$$hole!  So, I guess I'm never gonna get it...?

resaurus-cammy3-tn.gif (7374 bytes)

Player 3 pink Cammy - DON'T HAVE  20k  (239x360)
This was the repaint version of Cammy that Resaurus showed on their web site, but I don't actually know if it exists.  I have a "Player 3 repaint", but it's blue instead of pink.  If there's a pink Cammy too, I gotta have it!

cammy-pin2-tn.gif (3919 bytes)

Cammy Pin - DON'T HAVE  41k  (600x429)
I have two different pins from this set, but not this Cammy.  I'm still looking for it!!  BTW, in this picture, you can also see some of the other SF pins from the set.
Help me!
.Cammy things that I already have!!
Since I first put up this gallery, a lot you guys have helped me a great deal... you can't imagine how much I appreciate it!!  Thank you!  And please keep helping me if you can...
Cammy Animation Cels
These are animation cels that were actually used in the anime!  I've been lucky enough to get one from each of the 3 that Cammy's appeared in.  However, there are many other cool ones, so I'm always looking to get more...

cammy-usa-sf-cel-tn.gif (3106 bytes)

USA Network's SF anime cel  57k  (580x456)
No, this isn't the best looking animation cel ever made, but it's Cammy and that's all I need!  Nevertheless, I love it, and I'm happy to have it in my collection!
sf2movie-cel-tn.gif (1821 bytes) Street Fighter 2 Movie anime cel  71k  (600x510)
Wow, I never ever thought I'd get one of these!  I asked EVERYBODY when I was living in Japan, and none had ever seen one from the movie because the Capcom people supposedly took all the Cammy cels for themselves!  I got this one off a Yahoo! Japan auction.   Yeah!!  ^_^

sf2movie-cam-cel2-tn.gif (2634 bytes)

SF2 Movie cel #2  22k  (600x450)
This is kind of a stange scene, but it's Cammy, so I had to get it.  What's cool, is that it came with a sketch of Cammy as she's holding Mr. Sellers on the ground... that's a cel I would LOVE to have, but I'll take what I can get since they're so extrememly rare.   Click here to check out the sketch...
sf2v-cammy-cel-tn.gif (3272 bytes) Cammy SF2 V anime cel  117k  (570x457)
Although this wasn't really the Cammy that we all know and love, the storyline behind her was very good.  And if you remember, this cel is from the scene where Cammy assassinates Chun Li's dad!
Cammy Posters
I'm a poster-collecting freak!  I estimate that I've got at least 4-500 in my collection.  Most of course don't get hung up because there's no room, but you know that these 4 Cammy posters definitely have a spot on the my wall!  ^_^  I have many other posters with Cammy prominantly displayed, but these are the only 4 Cammy-only posters I know of.

cammy-poster-3tn.gif (4983 bytes)

Cammy poster #3  31k  (144x197)
This is a cool poster of Cammy looking back at you... but it's kinda strange because she looks so serious, and she's looking down at you too, so it's a bit intimidating too.   (yeah, I'm a wimp!)

cammy-poster-10-tn.gif (4773 bytes)

Cammy poster #10  30k  (200x141)
This is a cool poster simply because it's sideways!  Those are always very useful when you're trying to cover your walls.  And I like how there's a picture of Cammy's back in the background too.

cammy-poster-14-tn.gif (6144 bytes)

Cammy poster #14  29k  (145x197)
This thumbnail only shows you 1/2 of the poster... the bottom part has that picture, and the top part says "Cammy" and has a picture of Cammy standing there (the same as poster #'s 10 & 22 ).

cammy-poster-22-tn.gif (4643 bytes)

Cammy Poster #22  39k  (145x270)
This is the super-rare poster from the set, and it's about 1 1/2 times as tall as a normal poster!  I searched for this poster for over 5 years before I finally got it for $150 on eBay.  Finally getting to hang this one up on my wall was a great moment!
Cammy Garage Kit Models
I honestly think Cammy may be the most popular garage kit model character ever!  It's really amazing.  I haven't seen any other character with nearly as many models as Cammy.  Good, because that's how it should be!  ^_^

original1-tn.gif (6232 bytes)

SSF2 Official Alternate  72k  (560x400)
This Cammy model is cool, huh?!  Anyhow, the basic model for this model is Cammy's SSF2 official portrait from Capcom.  However, the modeler changed the position of her left arm.  I finally got a copy of this one in July 2001.

donthave1tn.gif (5901 bytes)

Spinning Knuckle statue  55k  (286x465)
FINALLY, I got it!  This is a model I searched furiously for for over 6 years!!   It came up for sale on eBay, and a very good friend got it for me.  I'm so happy... this is the one thing that I wanted the most!

cammy-model-tn.gif (2445 bytes)

SF2 Official Alternate #1    Picture #2    Picture #3
This model looks a lot like the 2nd Cammy model (the one on the right) in the first picture under the "Cammy things I NEED!" section, but I'm pretty sure it's different.  Anyhow, it's 1/6 scale and one of my very favorites.

cammy-model2-tn.gif (3056 bytes)

Cammy standing  48k  (326x600)
This is basically just a model of Cammy standing there, so it's nothing too original, but it's Cammy, and that alone makes it super-cool!!!  BTW, this is was the models look like before you put 'em together and paint 'em.

cammy-model3-tn.gif (5882 bytes)

Cammy wins    Unpainted    Parts 1    Parts 2    Pink
This is a new model (winter 2000-01) that most of you should be able to get.  I know I've seen it on eBay a lot.  And what cool, it's 1/6 size, so that means it's very big... about 1 foot tall!

cammy-model4-tn.gif (6269 bytes)

Close short kick statue    picture 2     instructions
To be honest, I don't think this model looks that great (it's a bit too perverted), but the first picture of it makes it look like the coolest model in the world!  I'd love to be able to photograph my models like that.  Someday I will...

have3tn.gif (4785 bytes)

Super deformed Cammy  35k  (337x401)
This little Cammy came in a set with one of my other favorite Street Fighters... Dee Jay!   It's a cool statue, and the guy who painted my did an excellent job!

cam-ssf2-gkit-tn.gif (4468 bytes)

SSF2 Pose Cammy    Picture 2
I bought this one on eBay even though couldn't even see the picture!  It was Cammy, so I bought it.  I got lucky, and discovered something new.  Not only that, the seller had a 2nd one which I also bought!

cam-ssf2-gkit-ver2-tn.gif (6548 bytes)

SSF2 Pose Cammy - different version  38k  (419x329)
Of course this is a very famous picture of Cammy, and that's why you have 2 different versions of the exact same thing.  The only major difference is that this one is 1/6 scale instead of 1/8 scale, so that means it a lot bigger.

have4tn.gif (5394 bytes)

Cammy lounging model  53k  (629x309)
Before I got this one, I never knew a model like this existed.  I especially like this one because the pose is so unique.  You know what, it might be a one of a kind.   A lot of artists make their own... maybe I got VERY lucky!

have11tn.gif (6579 bytes)

My 1st new statue    Front    Back    Left    Right
Thanks to Scott, this was my first new Cammy model.  He wrote me about it when I first put up the page, and we worked out a trade.  BTW, if you want to get this too, here's a link...

donthave4tn.gif (4736 bytes)

Party Yaroze statue  49k  (233x413)
This is one from a Japanese company called Party (paati) Yaroze.  It looks just like the Cammy from Capcom (still in the 'Need It" section).  I ordered this one from the AnimeBox.

donthave2tn.gif (6078 bytes)

Dancing Cammy statue  56k  (293x503)
Found this one all on my own!  Anybody happen to know Mandarake in Shibuya, Tokyo?   Found it there.  The guy didn't even have a chance to put it in the display case before I took it!  ^_^  It was built, beautifully painted, and only US$ 85.00!! 
kondo-tn.jpg (9882 bytes) Wonder Festival 1 - Front view, Back view
Mine is actually blue, but other than that, it's just like this.  The artist cast, assembled, and painted one just for me!  I met him and hung out for a while, and he's super cool!  Anyhow please check out his homepage because there's a lot of great stuff there... including more pictures of this model.   Homepage: G-DOME
free-model1-tn.gif (6641 bytes) Wonder Festival 2 - A new Shadowloo Cammy
Never seen one like this before!  The new outfit is really cool, and they artist's style is unique too.  This model was sold out (all 4 copies, but the guy selling the models was SUPER nice, so he told me that if I came back after the show, he'd give me this and another model for free!  I did, and he did!!
free-model2-tn.gif (4500 bytes) Wonder Festival 3 - Front view, Back view
This model is by the same guy who did Model #1.  It's really big... about 30 cm (1 foot) tall!  Like the first one, there were only 4 copies, and they were all gone only an hour into the show!  But the nice guy gave me this display model for free.
I also got 2 other free things... a beautifully painted picture of the big  model (see here 1) as well as sketch/instructions display featuring the 2 models he had for sale (see here 2).  BTW, if you're wondering... no, I'm not always this lucky!  I use up every ounce of my luck on collecting Cammy stuff!

salute-model-ad-tn.gif (6378 bytes)

Wonder Festival 5 - Ad picture     Model picture
This is actually the last model I found at the show.  The guy had 10 copies, and only 1 was left by the time I got there.  Looks great, huh?  Cammy can just hear Cammy's voice... "Mission completed, Sir!"

wf99-cammy-model-tn.gif (4533 bytes)

Wonder Festival 6 - Thumbs Up Cammy
There's a 6th Cammy model that I got at the Wonder Festival.   It looks kinda crude in the picture, but the real thing honestly looked a lot better.  And, it's a cool pose too.

have2tn.gif (3824 bytes)

Sidestep Cammy statue  68k  (349x600)
This is the 2nd Cammy statue I ever got.  It's real big... about 9 inches tall.  It's a perfect looking model, but the guy who painted it for me made her hair blue!   That's not right.  But I used to have blue hair too, so who am I to complain?

have1tn.gif (5614 bytes)

Cammy standing ready statue  47k  (402x600)
This is my very first Cammy statue.  I found it crammed way in the back of some stuff in a store in Kyoto.  Her head is a little small compared to the rest of her, but oh well.  It's Cammy, and that alone makes it cool!  It's maybe the most common of all the Cammy garage kits, so it should be too hard to find if you want it.

ssf2movie-cam-tn.gif (4341 bytes)

Front side    Back side    Movie artwork
This is a model made from the famous SF2 Movie picture of Cammy.  It's really one of the most amazing models of Cammy I've seen!  And it's cool to see a picture get turned into perfect 3D.

No picture

No-picture model #1
This model has Cammy standing and signaling to the side with her left arm.
Miscellaneous Cammy Stuff
These are just a few of the 'miscellaneous' Cammy collectible things that I've picked up over the years, but there are many more.  Some of the things I don't have pictures of here are... a Cammy pencil, a Cammy eraser, Cammy ads, trading cards, phone cards, stickers, etc.

cammybubbletoytn.gif (2216 bytes)

Cammy 'bubble toy'  45k  (669x229)
It took me almost 6 years to finally track this cute little Cammy finger puppet down, I FINALLY got her!  ^_^  Yeah!  And it was worth the wait.  Cammy never disappoints.

special-keycammy-tn.gif (3941 bytes)

Special Cammy Keyholder  14k  (133x169)
This is a very rare little Cammy figure that I think you could only get as a prize from or as a give-away at the Tokyo Game Show.  Luckily, I got one!

cammy-zippo-tn.gif (5305 bytes)

Cammy Zippo lighter  47k  (361x673)
This is definitely one of the strangest but coolest things in my collection!  I don't smoke, but getting this almost gave me an excuse to start.  But, it's probably safer sitting amongst all the other things in my Cammy collection.

cam-para-tn.gif (3164 bytes)

Parachute Cammy toy  159k  (709x661)
After 6 years, I finally managed to get one for my collection!  But, it mine came with a window-suction thing instead of a parachute.  And, it's much smaller than I thought it was... but I'm happy to have it!  BTW - there's also a Cammy keychain thing on this picture that I still need!

sumparadise-cam-tn.gif (4429 bytes)

Summer Paradise 2001 Cammys  71k  (406x500)
Here are the two newest Cammy arcade prizes from Japan!  This time, there are 2 different colors... Delta Red green and Shadowloo blue.  This figure is super cool, but it's surprising that Cammy's butt (which she's so proud of) is covered up ^_~

cammy-christmas-tn.gif (3309 bytes)

Christmas 2000 Cammy  62k  (714x371)
This is without a doubt one of the coolest Cammy things I've ever seen!  It was a UFO Catcher arcade prize.  When I found out about it, I called my friend and begged him to go win some for me... and he did!  ^_^

prize-cam1-tn.gif (5350 bytes)

Cammy arcade prize  59k  (325x500)
Capcom snuck out a new Cammy product in Sept 1999.  I only had one month to win these from those rip-off UFO Catchers.  Also, check out the backside.

cammy-pins-tn.gif (5549 bytes)

2 Cammy pins  67k  (600x301)
This is a picture of the 2 Cammy pins that I've managed to get for my collection so far.   There's at least one more out there that I don't have.  But, the one shown on the thumbnail is by far the coolest, so I'm pretty happy.

cammycointn.gif (3884 bytes)

Cammy memorial coin  71k  (369x500)
My buddy in Japan found this one for me a little while ago.  I had no idea it existed, but now it's in my collection!  It's actually made out of the same resin that the garage kit models are.  And it needs to be painted...

resaurus-cammy-tn.gif (5732 bytes)

Resaurus Player 1     Player 1 in box     Player 2
Gone for 6 years, but still popular enough for a new toy!  It's 100% accurate, and just all around well done.  Better yet, you can get it too!  Just go to to order yourself one!  BTW, I've got a blue repaint of this figure too, but no picture...

cammy-thing-tn.gif (6406 bytes)

Cammy... thing? 107k  (600x293)
This is some kinda suction cup dart game thing that I don't quite understand.  But, it's Cammy, so I got it.  For more info on this really strange 'thing', check out the instructions on the back of the package...

suto2bandaitn.gif (3637 bytes)

SSF2X Bandai cards  124k  (663x463)
Yahoo!  After all these years, I've finally managed to get these cards.  I think I have them all, but I'm not totally sure.  In total, I've got a stack of different Cammy trading cards about 5 inches high!  BTW - the picture here is black and white, but the real cards are of course in color.

cammy-token-tn.gif (3736 bytes)

Cammy arcade token  22k  (317x137)
Got this cool thing from Lucas, my friend in Malaysia!  He has one, but wasn't willing to part with it.  Luckily he was nice enough to look, find, and buy a whole set of SSF2X tokens... including Cammy!

puppet-cam-tn.gif (5322 bytes)

Cammy hand puppet!!  65k  (434x500)
Yes, is was a very, very happy day when I found this Cammy hand puppet!  My hand it too big to really fit inside, but I was still excited for a whole week with this great find!  Next to my life-sized Cammy stand-up, it's my favorite Cammy thing!!

cam-doll-tn.gif (4288 bytes)

Delta Red Cammy doll  26k  (209x442)
This is a cool Cammy that wears real clothes!  What's kinda cool, is that I bought a Chun Li and Sakura doll and now I can use the clothes for Cammy cosplay.  But, I felt quite perverted doing it, so I bought 3, changed the clothes once, and now I don't have be a pervert anymore.  Right?

No picture

No-picture "Cammy" Barbie
At the toy store one day I saw a Barbie doll with really long braided hair just like Cammy, so I bought it.  Man, was that embarrassing!   Anyhow, someday I'm gonna have to find somebody to custom make some Cammy outfits for her... (I'm sure there's somebody out there who does that kinda thing)

have5tn.gif (2953 bytes)

Cammy XSF action figure  51k  (337x573)
The Cammy X-Men vs Street Fighter action figure by ToyBiz!!!   I've already got 3 of my own.  By the way, she comes packaged with Gambit, and she also has a red coat like the one in her opening animation.

have-keyholder-tn.gif (2447 bytes)

Cammy keyholder  28k  (300x550)
My friend from Malaysia also got me this cool Cammy keyholder.  It's a little big, so I don't use it to hold my keys, but it is hanging on the wall by all my Cammy stuff!

have6tn.gif (4545 bytes)

Cammy keychain figure  61k  (402x450)
This is the thing that turned me into the Cammy collecting freak that you all know. How cool is this little figure... and she stands up on her pig-tails!  I got this and 2 more at the Kansai Int'l Airport when I went to Japan for the 1st time.  To this day, I still carry this Cammy around with me wherever I go!

have7tn.gif (2974 bytes)

Spinning back knuckle mini  46k  (392x500)
It is absolutely amazing that I ever got a hold of this little Cammy rubber figure.   Actually, I got an entire set of SSF2 figures like this.  These kinds of toys come from little vending machines or packs of candy!  BTW, I've also got one just like this, but made out of blue rubber.

have8tn.gif (3332 bytes)

At attention mini  55k  (269x565)
This is another figure from the SSF2 set that the one above is from.  A little 8 year old kid I worked with in Japan (Masashige Kogin) gave these to me because he knew I was a big-time Cammy freak!  Since then, I've never seen either of these little rubber figures anywhere else, so I was EXTREMELY lucky!!

have9tn.gif (5208 bytes)

Life-sized stand up  69k  (407x600)
This is by far my favorite thing in the whole world!  I picked this up when I was in Japan a few years ago (from the Kansai Int'l Airport Capcom Arcade).  By the way... if you think my web page is packed with lots of stuff, check out what the corner of my room with Cammy looked like when I was in college!  The whole room looked just like that!  Also, check out the Felicia poster... cool, huh?  I've also got a Morrigan and Bulleta poster like that, but you can't see 'em here..