Cammy Golf Fanart Contest
Updated = March 15, 2008  (everything is new!)

Apparently Capcom is making a golf game, and there was an online poll to see which character costume would get included for the female character.  I found out kinda late, so to help get the word out, I decided to hold a contest!  Unfortunately, the contest ended a day or two later, and Cammy didn't win.   Why only 1 character costume... I don't know... it's Capcom.
Anyhow, the theme was simply "golf"!  The contest was kinda short (since the vote ended so soon), I hardly had time to advertise, and it seems like not too many artists are inspired by golf, so participation was really low LOL  Every entry was great, so everybody who submitted a picture wins a prize!!   Thank you guys so much ^_^
kumanagai-golf-tn.jpg (4027 bytes) Ambush at the golf club  by Kumanagai
What could make Cammy happier than getting a hole-in-one?
Hitting Vega in the face!!
penguin-golf1-tn.gif (1342 bytes) Fore CammyFan  by MutantPenguin
Exactly how I imagine Cammy playing golf... with grenades and a Jeep!  When it lands, it makes its own hole!  A hole-in-one every time!!
penguin-golf2-tn.gif (1980 bytes) Fore CammyFan  by MutantPenguin
OMG poor Guile... is the golf tee stuck in his butt?!  He musta really done something to make Cammy mad o_O;
millerj-golf1-tn.gif (1990 bytes) Cammy Golf Sketches  by MillerJ
Wow, what a CUTE collection of golf outfits!  I love 'em all.
millerj-golf2-tn.gif (1876 bytes) Cammy Golf  by MillerJ
I think Blanka might be a little too big to fit into the hole...
tak-golf-tn.jpg (3574 bytes) Spin Drive...?  by Tak-Kohinata
It's like an advertisement for Cammy's 1 Wood... the Spin Drive Smasher! LOL Very clever!
shift42-golf-tn.gif (1857 bytes) Cammy and golf girl sketch  by Parallel-shift42
Not really an entry into this contest, but it happens to have a picture of Cammy and some other girl with a golf club LOL
SSF2 Golf Tournament
Here's a bonus Cammy golf comic by Yoshizaka Mine that I translated a long time ago.
If I could draw, I had 2 ideas... one would be Cammy's infamous temper breaking and her throwing a fit and Cannon Spiking her bag of clubs into the water, and two would be a Cammy-themed miniature golf hole!
I've saved up a lot of different Cammy things over the years just for situations like this!  Each winner was allowed to pick one of these items.
The Super Street Fighter 2 Cammy comic by Masahiko Nakahira!  Fun story, amazing art, and just all-around great!!  You'll read it over and over and always have fun.
This figure comes new in the box.  It's a Japanese crane game arcade prize from way back in 1999!  I made sure to win as many of these as I could LOL.  It's about 5 inches tall.
swim-gashapon-tn.jpg (3836 bytes) A set of Cammy, Juni, and Juli swimsuit gashapon figures from Japan.   They're all actually white like Cammy and they're about 4 inches tall.
SOTA Toys Cammy action figure that comes new in the box.   Instead of the normal green suit, this one has a grey/blue/greenish suit.  I encourage you to take it out of the box because it's super posable with an extra head, extra hands, and lots of joints.  It's no fun in the box!
Cammy model by Yunkiro that comes new in the box!   The box is 8x6.5x5.5 inches big.  Very cool!!
gashapon-tn.jpg (4748 bytes) Shadowloo Cammy Gashapon figure from Japan.
summer-paradise-tn.jpg (3839 bytes) Summer Paraside arcade prize figure from Japan. Comes new in box with stand.

stand-cover-tn.jpg (4352 bytes)

Stand Doujinshi comic from Japan (not hentai!).  I bought like a dozen copies for something like $5 and then saw it for sale years later in a store for around $150 LOL  No idea if it's worth that, but you're welcome to one of my copies.   Great original story and artwork you won't find anywhere else!