Fighting Fanart Contest
Updated = May 15, 2007  (everything is new!)

The last fanart contest 3 months ago went really well, so I was excited to have another one!  The theme of the contest was 'fighting'.  I wanted to encourage artists to make more fighting pictures featuring Cammy because she is a fighter after all!  I think there's a huge lack of fighting fanart pictures.
After 6 weeks, I got way less entries than I'd expected.  They were all good (thanks everybody who entered!), but I thought this contest would be really big.  Especially with some pretty big prizes!   So I started talking to some artists about it, and found out one of the main reasons why there are so few fighting fanart pictures... they're hard to do!  Most of the people doing these fanart pictures are just amateurs.  I'm no artist (I wish I was!!), but apparently it's one thing do draw a normal picture of Cammy standing, but the perspectives and other things that go into an action picture make them much more complicated.  I never really though about that.  But now that we know that, you guys know what you have to work on LOL  Practice makes perfect!
PS, special thanks to for hosting all the pictures!
keunglee-tn.jpg (2146 bytes) Chun Li Pretzel  by KeungLee
So many things I love about this picture!  I love the cool submission hold, I love the different stages of the picture's art, and I love the giant sized resolution.
It's not a real hold I've ever seen in the UFC or Pride, but it looks good.  I'm not sure where it hurts, but I'm sure getting twisted up like that can't feel good!
KeungLee's Prize = door-sized Cammy poster
saturn0729-tn.gif (1765 bytes) Cammy's New Move  by saturn0729
Another good action move!  And great resolution too!  I like how Cammy's taking out SD versions of all the SF badguys.  Another thing I like is that he's got all the little details exactly right... leg paint, socks, gloves, hair, scar, etc.
saturn0729's Prize = "Stand" doujinshi comic
captainbloo-tn.jpg (2517 bytes) German Suplex  by CaptainBloo
LOL this is Cammy practicing her German Suplex on a life-sized Chun Li doll.  I always loved using this move, and it's a cute idea to have a practice dummy.
ciphersilva-tn.jpg (3020 bytes) Attack  by ciphersilva
This picture was based off Pinky Street's SF figures.  Cammy wasn't one of 'em until ciphersilva made her one!  Go Cammy!!  It's funny to think of something this cute about to get into a vicious fight!

darklinkthe2nd-tn.gif (1837 bytes)

Psycho-logical Warfare  by DarkLinkthe2nd
Don't think this picture was actually entered for the contest, but it's close enough.   Cammy vs Vega!  You know, they often say half the fight is mental, so although this isn't an action picture, I guess it works in that way.

dollarchan-tn.jpg (2430 bytes)

Cammy vs SD Cammy  by Dollar-Chan
Normal Cammy vs super-deformed Cammy... that's a fight I didn't expect to see.  SD Cammy has a real reach disadvantage.
dollarchan2-tn.jpg (2763 bytes) Cammy vs Chun Li  by Dollar-Chan
I like this, Cammy legs are as big and strong as Chun Li's!  Imagine the power Cammy's gonna get with her Cannon Spike and Cannon Drills now!!
gamersdan-tn.jpg (2875 bytes) Poor Sakura-chan  by Gamersdan
This is a colored picture of picture a friend got for me from Holly Dougherty back in 1999.
millerj-tn.jpg (2940 bytes) Cammy vs the Karate Gi!!!  by MillerJ
This guy won the last contest with his White & Nerdy picture.  This picture is really cool too, and Cammy's accent is SO bad it's good LOL
slade16-tn.jpg (2343 bytes) Who's next?  by Slade16
Done in Paint with a mouse!  That's impressive because that program is so old and limited!  I like the idea of "who's next" because that's exactly Cammy attitude... she loves a good fight!
gunspike-tn.gif (1093 bytes) X Calibur move  by Gunspike
This is Cammy in Leona's (KOF) costume, and she's doing Leona's move!  I always thought they SHOULD have been the rivals in SNK vs Capcom (instead of Cammy and Vice).   BTW, Gunspike was the Japanese name for Cannon Spike the game.
tru0001a-tn.gif (2114 bytes) Spiral Arrow Killer  by tru0001
If Cammy was a character in Mortal Kombat!  I love how it all ends with a little mushroom cloud LOL
tru0001b-tn.gif (3009 bytes) Fight with new ending  by tru0001
This is very cool, it's a video of Cammy beating Bison, and then it goes into Cammy's new ending from SSF2 Turbo Revival on the Gameboy Advance.
uo90876-tn.jpg (3081 bytes) Strongest Woman in the World  by uo90876
So there's no original art, but it took a lot of work to create this nonetheless.   Maybe it's not art, but it is artistic!  I think it's awesome so take existing pictures and then write a story around it.  It's a lot like old-school rap music where they used existing music to create something new.
reinzgear-tn.gif (992 bytes) Hyper Kick  by Reinzgear
Kinda like a standing medium kick and a Cannon Spike.  Imagine catching the Hyper Kick in your face!
catfightfan-tn.jpg (2182 bytes) Cammy vs Chun Li cosplay  by Catfightfan
This is interesting... he took an existing cosplay picture, tweaked the colors, and gave Cammy a new face.  The original picture is attached with this one so you can see the changes.