Suzune Cammy
Created September 25, 2006

Suzune salutes you!

Suzune has been one of my favorite cosplayers for a few years now.  Of couse because she's cosplayed as Cammy so many times, but also because there's just something special about her.  She's got a face that you just can't forget.  If you don't check the Japanese cosplay pages, you might have seen her featured here as the Cosplay Picture of the Week.
Suzune doesn't really look like Cammy because she's got such a unique look of her own.  But that's OK, and it's what makes her special!  Her face is almost expressionless, but she's got really piercing eyes (even without the blue contact lenses).  I met her in person once and those eyes really made an impression on me!   She's kinda intimidating LOL
.Cammy Cosplay
suzune-cammy1-tn.jpg (2566 bytes) Delta Red - blue 1  129k  (480x720)
Not your typical Cammy pose, but very cute ^_^
suzune-cammy2-tn.jpg (2734 bytes) Delta Red - blue 2  102k  (480x720)
Suzune is giving you the thumbs-up in this picture, but it still feels like she's about to kick your butt.  Especially how she's kinda looking down on you in this shot.
suzune-cammy3-tn.jpg (2813 bytes) Delta Red - blue 3  122k  (480x720)
A great up-close shot.
suzune-cammy4-tn.jpg (2282 bytes) Delta Red - blue 4  118k  (480x720)
A variation of Cammy's most famous pose!
suzune-cammy5-tn.jpg (2579 bytes) Delta Red - blue 5  90k  (387x584)
A great picture of Suzune resting.  BTW, look at those boots... imagine getting kicked with those things!
suzune-cammy6-tn.jpg (2580 bytes) Delta Red - blue 6  82k  (389x583)
Since when do you salute sitting down? LOL Or maybe she's just resting and shading her eyes from the sun?
suzune-cammy7-tn.jpg (2700 bytes) Delta Red - blue 7  33k  (390x520)
The best shot.  A perfect picture.  It's the full version of the picture from the top of this page.  I  just wish this picture was as big and high resolution as the last 3 pictures.
suzune-cammy8-tn.jpg (2816 bytes) Delta Red - blue 8  65k  (387x582)
Put up yer dukes!  Suzune is ready to go!
suzune-cammy9-tn.jpg (2508 bytes) Delta Red - blue 9  56k  (388x582)
A nice side/back shot of Suzune looking over her shoulder at you.
suzune-cammy10-tn.jpg (2635 bytes) Delta Red - blue 10  161k  (682x1024)
EVERY cosplay picture should be this big and high-resolution!
suzune-cammy11-tn.jpg (2983 bytes) Delta Red - blue 11  132k  (682x1024)
Almost the same picture as #7 but up-close and super-sized!!
suzune-cammy12-tn.jpg (2502 bytes) Delta Red - pink 1  147k  (768x1024)
A pink outfit too!  Too bad there's only 1 picture...
.Other Cosplay
Sailor Suzune  68k  (324x600)
Here's a picture I took when I saw Suzune in person at a show in 2003.