Shadowloo Cammy Cosplay 4
Created = November 7, 2005   (everything's new!)

The 4th gallery of Shadowloo Cammy cosplayers.  Shadowloo Cammy cosplay is much rarer than Delta Red Cammy cosplay, but I think that's just because it's a little more difficult to make the costume.   However, the cosplayers who do make it usually do an especially good job!
cam-s-blue-16-tn.jpg (2261 bytes) Blue Shadowloo 16  73k  (680x400)
Spiral Arrow is what the Cannon Drill was called in the English version.  Anyhow, this is one hell of a cosplay picture, huh?  Great idea and good work on the CG!!
cam-s-blue-17-tn.jpg (2313 bytes) Blue Shadowloo 17  84k  (480x681)
Way back when I had time to take e-mail from Cammy fans, somebody asked me if I had any pictures of Cammy barefoot. ROFL!  If you're still out there, this one's for you ^_^
cam-s-blue-18a-tn.jpg (2845 bytes) Blue Shadowloo 18a  101k  (400x600)
Can't cosplay Cammy without knowing her most famous winning pose!   I'm not sure, but I think this cosplayer is Iyo-Q.
cam-s-blue-18b-tn.jpg (2501 bytes) Blue Shadowloo 18b  77k  (400x600)
She really took care to get all the details right!  I especially like little Shadowloo skull & wings pins on her hat and chest.  I wonder where she got those?
cam-s-pink6a-tn.jpg (2108 bytes) Pink Shadowloo 6a  38k  (400x530)
This is a nice up-close picture where you can really see the gloves nicely.  They're some of be best I've seen.
cam-s-pink6b-tn.jpg (1984 bytes) Pink Shadowloo 6b  51k  (475x717)
In this picture you can see the entire costume, and it's great!
chouko-s-green1-tn.jpg (2211 bytes) Chouko 1  168k  (530x1342)
This picture and the next one are absolutely 2 of the best ever! The cosplay is really good, and the pictures are so nice and BIG!  I wish they were all like this...
chouko-s-green2-tn.jpg (2121 bytes) Chouko 2  136k  (560x1281)
Everything about this cosplay is just about perfect, and the alternate green outfit is a nice change too.
deji-bijon-s-green1-tn.jpg (2158 bytes) Deji Bijon 1  14k  (174x349)
Here's a set of great pictures, but they feel SO teeny tiny after those last two ;_;
It's such a shame to have such great cosplay that you can't see and appreciate properly...
deji-bijon-s-green2-tn.jpg (1839 bytes) Deji Bijon 2  14k  (134x349)
Anyhow, my complaining about picture quality shouldn't take away from this cosplay because it is great!  What color is that suit... green or blue?   It's pretty whatever it is.
deji-bijon-s-green3-tn.jpg (2193 bytes) Deji Bijon 3  14k  (147x349)
Does she have a stomach ache?  LOL
deji-bijon-s-green4-tn.jjpg.jpg (2256 bytes) Deji Bijon 4  23k  (241x349)
Here's a nice pose of Cammy kneeling down casually, but you always get the impression that she's ready to jump up and go!
kousuke-s-cam1-tn.jpg (1783 bytes) Kousuke 1  63k  (450x600)
Nice outfit and picture.  Anyhow, is it me or is the room all crooked?
kousuke-s-cam2-tn.jpg (2346 bytes) Kousuke 2  62k  (450x600)
This outfit is interesting because it's a little bit cuter than usual with the over-sized turtle neck and the extra wide tie.
miisu-s-blue1-tn.jpg (2586 bytes) Miisu 1  42k  (152x369)
Miisu has been cosplaying Cammy a lot lately from what I've seen from Japanese cosplay event report sites, so you can probably look forward to more pictures of her!
miisu-s-blue2-tn.jpg (2186 bytes) Miisu 2  84k  (369x567)
This is definitely one of the best Shadowloo Cammy outfits I've seen.  The paint on her legs is a little different, but that's no big deal.
nachis-blue1-tn.jpg (2620 bytes) Bankara Nachi 1  54k  (374x520)
This is one of my favorite cosplayers (I regularly check her website for updates).  She cosplays a lot of my favorite characters!
nachi-s-blue2-tn.jpg (2468 bytes) Bankara Nachi 2  55k  (390x520)
For more of her cosplay I highely recommend you check out her website...
Bankara Nachi's homepage
niea-s-blue-tn.jpg (1816 bytes) Niea 1  22k  (243x353)
Kind of a small picture, but I really like the look and the pose.