Shadowloo Cammy Cosplay 3
Created = April 28, 2004   (everything's new!)

The 3rd gallery of Shadowloo Cammy cosplayers features some of the best all-around cosplayers doing Cammy, so there are some especially good pictures in this gallery.
cam-s-blue-15a-tn.jpg (2272 bytes) blue Shadowloo 15a  20k  (400x430)
I wish I knew who this girl was because I really love her as Cammy, and I would like to see more of her cosplay...
cam-s-blue-15b-tn.jpg (2244 bytes) blue Shadowloo 15b  20k  (310x589)
I call a lot of pictures "all-time favorites", and this is without a doubt one of those!  Only a much higher quality picture could make this one any better.
cam-s-blue-15c-tn.jpg (2755 bytes) blue Shadowloo 15c  30k  (400x619)
And here she is again with Mika and Karin.  Group shots are always a lot of fun, especially when they're this good.
maki-s-cam1-tn.jpg (1983 bytes) Maki blue Shadowloo 1  39k  (400x600)
Maki is one of my very favorite cosplayers.  She's cosplayed multiple times in every Cammy outfit, and she's done a lotta other good stuff as well.
maki-s-cam2-tn.jpg (2013 bytes) Maki blue Shadowloo 2  29k  (400x600)
Wow, Maki doing this pose is just too sexy!
maki-s-cam3-tn.jpg (2695 bytes) Maki blue Shadowloo 3  59k  (330x768)
I've actually seen Maki in person, and she's tiny... so imagine how small this Yuri cosplayer is!  Maki is barely over 5 feet, and even if she didn't have those big boots on, she's be way taller than this other girl.
maki-s-cam4-tn.jpg (2583 bytes) Maki blue Shadowloo 4  47k  (300x400)
Cammy loves cats!  Here she is with Capcom's most famous cat-girl, Felicia.
maki-s-cam5-tn.jpg (3314 bytes) Maki blue Shadowloo 5  40k  (225x300)
Here's Maki with a really good looking blonde wig.  The quality of the picture is kinda poor, but it's still a great picture.
maki-s-cam6-tn.jpg (2928 bytes) Maki blue Shadowloo 6  46k  (225x300)
Who cosplays Cammy without striking this pose?!
maru-s-cam1-tn.jpg (2440 bytes) Maru! blue Shadowloo 1  84k  (426x568)
Maru's another one of those girls who's cosplayed as Cammy on many occasions.  BTW, is she biting her fist in this picture...?
maru-s-cam2-tn.jpg (2531 bytes) Maru! blue Shadowloo 2  89k  (426x568)
Aside from the turn-around win pose, this is the other must-have picture for any cosplayer (especially Shadowloo Cammy).
maru-s-cam3-tn.jpg (2279 bytes) Maru! blue Shadowloo 3  51k  (400x600)
Here's a funny new look for a classic Cammy pose.
maru-s-cam4-tn.jpg (2090 bytes) Maru! blue Shadowloo 4  56k  (400x600)
Here's the 'confused' or 'huh, what?' pose.  ^_^
maru-s-cam5-tn.jpg (2661 bytes) Maru! blue Shadowloo 5  105k  (480x640)
Here Maru's just giving the photographer a really pretty pose.  
maru-s-cam6-tn.jpg (2478 bytes) Maru! blue Shadowloo 6  118k  (480x640)
Another pose like picture #2, but it's somewhere else, so it's a totally different picture!