Shadowloo Cammy Cosplay 2
Last Update = Sept 21, 2000   (pink Shadowloo 2d & 2e added)

The 2nd gallery of Shadowloo Cammy cosplayers is a mish-mash of different Shadowloo Cammy stuff.  You've got all kinds of colors, girls you've seen before, new girls, and a lot more fun stuff.  Enjoy!
makura-s-blue-1-tn.jpg (3466 bytes) Makura Shadowloo Cammy 1  64k  (402x702)
Here's Makura again... making her only appearance as Shadowloo Cammy.   Of course she looks great, and her outfit is practically perfect.
makura-s-blue-2-tn.jpg (3676 bytes) Makura Shadowloo Cammy 2  73k  (395x702)
This close-up picture lets you see the details a little better.   And by the way, if you wanna see more of Makura, and a buncha her friends, check out
Tokyo Cosplay Girls.
cam-s-2wmika-1a-tn.jpg (3283 bytes) Shadowloo Cammys & Mika 1a  65k  (485x691)
Hey, it's Q-T Pair!  What a great chance this must have been... 2 Cammy's and 1 Mika!  I really wish I'da been there to take some pictures.
cam-s-2wmika-1b-tn.jpg (3078 bytes) Shadowloo Cammys & Mika 1b  73k  (691x485)
This would be one of the best cosplay pictures ever, if the person taking the photograph had done a better job of centering the picture.  BTW, you'll see more of the pink Cammy below, and there's one picture of the blue Cammy in the Shadowloo 1 gallery.  Unfortunately, that's all I have of Mika...
cam-s-green-1a-tn.jpg (2749 bytes) green Shadowloo Cammy 1a  6k  (154x347)
This is the only picture I have of this green Cammy, and the quality is really low. But it's much, much better than not having a picture at all!   (gotta try to think positive!)
cam-s-green-2a-tn.jpg (2384 bytes) green Shadowloo Cammy 2a  17k  (224x640)
To be honest, I hated Cammy's neon-green outfit in XSF and SFZ3, but it actually looks pretty good on this girl!
cam-s-green-2b-tn.jpg (2269 bytes) green Shadowloo Cammy 2b  23k  (288x640)
This girl has an awesome outfit, but she didn't paint her legs!   And it looks like she's wearing a wedding ring... but Cammy's not married! ^_^
cam-s-green-2c-tn.jpg (2493 bytes) green Shadowloo Cammy 2c  19k  (384x384)
Here's the last picture... and it's up and close.  I salute all girls who cosplay as Cammy!  Hey, did you know that I once saw a guy cosplay as Morrigan! 
YUCK >_<    No guys better let me catch them cosplaying as Cammy!!!
cam-s-pink-1a-tn.jpg (3212 bytes) pink Shadowloo Cammy 1a  88k  (402x604)
This is a great looking pink Shadowloo Cammy.  It always makes me laugh that Cammy, who is a spy/assassin/bodyguard, wears the most outstandingly colored outfits!
cam-s-pink-1b-tn.jpg (3226 bytes) pink Shadowloo Cammy 1b  76k  (401x602)
Here's a full-body picture of this Cammy's awesome outfit.   But I kinda feel sorry for that one lonely lightning bolt painted on her right leg...
cam-s-pink-2a-tn.jpg (3149 bytes) pink Shadowloo Cammy 2a  8k  (126x288)
Grrrr.... this is another one of those small and low quality pictures that I hate so much.  But it's the only picture we have of this Cammy where you can see her whole outfit, so I am glad to have it nonetheless.
cam-s-pink-2b-tn.jpg (2582 bytes) pink Shadowloo Cammy 2b  13k  (231x347)
The good old turn-around win pose!  Not enough Cammy cosplayers dare to do it, so we gotta applaud those that do.
cam-s-pink-2c-tn.jpg (2754 bytes) pink Shadowloo Cammy 2c  13k  (207x350)
The quality of this picture is low, but you can still see that her gloves are perfect!  The hardest part of cosplaying Cammy, is getting or making good gloves.
cam-s-pink-2d-tn.jpg (3132 bytes) pink Shadowloo Cammy 2d  67k  (343x492)
This is a new picture from the summer 2000 Wonder Festival show in Tokyo.  I wish I could have gone... I had so much fun last time!
cam-s-pink-2e-tn.jpg (2805 bytes) pink Shadowloo Cammy 2e  59k  (343x492)
And here she is again.  BTW, if you wanna read about the Wonder Festival, and see some more cosplay pictures, check out the News Archive section of the Misc... Page.
cam-s-pink-3a-tn.jpg (2545 bytes) pink Shadowloo Cammy 3a  11k  (167x500)
This is one of my all-time favorite Cammy cosplayers.  She was one of the girls in the picture with Rainbow Mika.
cam-s-pink-3b-tn.jpg (2754 bytes) pink Shadowloo Cammy 3b  21k  (333x500)
Here's a nice up-close picture of very the very beautiful Shadowloo Cammy 3...
cam-s-pink-3c-tn.jpg (2467 bytes) pink Shadowloo Cammy 3c  18k  (500x333)
This is an interesting pose.  And I'm not sure if it's an illusion caused by the huge platform shoes or not, but those legs look sooooo <shudder> long.
cam-s-pink-3d-tn.jpg (2627 bytes) pink Shadowloo Cammy 3d  20k  (333x500)
Here's another up-close picture.  One thing about Japanese girls that I really like, is that they can have really cute chubby faces, but perfect bodies... just like this.
cam-s-pink-4a-tn.jpg (2815 bytes) pink Shadowloo Cammy 4a  20k  (167x500)
And yet another really cool pink Shadowloo Cammy!  This pose looks a lot like Cammy's select screen picture from Super Street Fighter 2.
cam-s-pink-4b-tn.jpg (2963 bytes) pink Shadowloo Cammy 4b  12k  (353x500)
Here's an up-close picture of Shadowloo Cammy 4.  As you can see, that's a great outfit!
cam-s-pink-5a-tn.jpg (2902 bytes) pink Shadowloo Cammy 5a  17k  (400x582)
Here's another all-time favorite Cammy cosplayer.  In theory, I'd say that a pink Shadowloo Cammy with golden hair and golden gloves would look absolutely awful, but here, it turned out to be absolutely awesome!
cam-s-purple-1a-tn.jpg (2651 bytes) purple Shadowloo Cammy 1a  36k  (288x560)
If I'm not playing dark blue Shadowloo Cammy, I usually select the purple Cammy.  I'm glad to have at least one good picture of a cosplayer in purple.