Shadowloo Cammy Cosplay 1
Last Update = Sept 21, 2000   (blue Shadowloo Cammy 13b-d added)

Shadowloo Cammy has never been as popular as the original Delta Red Cammy (maybe because the outfit's harder to make), but there are always a few Shadowloo Cammys at almost every cosplay show.  This is the first gallery of Shadowloo Cammy cosplayer pictures...
cam-s-blue-1a-tn.jpg (3232 bytes) Blue Shadowloo Cammy 1a  60k  (412x273)
Even after all these years, Cammy and Chun Li are still the first ladies of Street Fighter!  These two girls look like they're working as booth girls at some game show.
cam-s-blue-1b-tn.jpg (3229 bytes) Blue Shadowloo Cammy 1b  60k  (276x410)
They both look pretty good, but thank goodness that Cammy doesn't have the Capcom logo plastered on her outfit!
cam-s-blue-1c-tn.jpg (3418 bytes) Blue Shadowloo Cammy 1c  50k  (361x470)
Here's the best look at Cammy... and isn't her outfit perfect?!   That had to be custom made.
cam-s-blue-2a-tn.jpg (2928 bytes) Blue Shadowloo Cammy 2a  102k  (400x705)
Here's Cammy standing victoriously over Chun Li... see Chun Li behind Cammy?  She's huddled up and crying her eyes out after getting her big butt kicked!
cam-s-blue-2b-tn.jpg (3157 bytes) Blue Shadowloo Cammy 2b  61k  (345x489)
This picture is almost the exact same pose as the first one, but the quality of the picture is much, much better.  She's also got a very nice outfit (the Shadowloo armband is especially cool).
cam-s-blue-2c-tn.jpg (2912 bytes) Blue Shadowloo Cammy 2c  13k  (173x246)
This is a good close-up picture of Shadowloo Cammy 2's face.
cam-s-blue-2d-tn.jpg (3009 bytes) Blue Shadowloo Cammy 2d  27k  (318x566)
And this one's pretty much like the first 2 pictures too.  If you look behind Cammy, you'll notice that she must be part of a big SF cosplay group.
cam-s-blue-2e-tn.jpg (3258 bytes) Blue Shadowloo Cammy 2e  101k  (391x600)
No Cammy cosplayer is complete without this classic pose! 
cam-s-blue-2f-tn.jpg (3158 bytes) Blue Shadowloo Cammy 2f  19k  (172x244)
This is another up-close picture, but the quality's a little bit better.
cam-s-blue-2g-tn.jpg (3742 bytes) Blue Shadowloo Cammy 2g  23k  (349x528)
Awwww... what a couple!  ^_^  This has got to be one of the coolest poses and cosplay pictures I've ever seen!
cam-s-blue-2h-tn.jpg (3627 bytes) Blue Shadowloo Cammy 2h  46k  (366x502)
Here they are again, posing for the Camera.  I've seen many other Cammy & Vega pictures, but these two are especially good!
cam-s-blue-3a-tn.jpg (3591 bytes) Blue Shadowloo Cammy 3a  48k  (451x294)
Here are 2 more Capcom booth girls.  The girl playing Chun Li actually works for Capcom (at the Capcom Plaza Arcade in the Kichijouji district of Tokyo).  When SF3 3rd Strike came out, she did a lot of appearances as Chun Li.
cam-s-blue-3b-tn.jpg (3838 bytes) Blue Shadowloo Cammy 3b  53k  (339x452)
I've met this Chun Li in real life, and I have to say that she's one of the most beautiful girls I've ever met.  I'd rather a girl as good as her cosplayed as Cammy, but I gotta admit that she is the perfect Chun Li.
cam-s-blue-4a-tn.jpg (2610 bytes) Blue Shadowloo Cammy 4a  36k  (271x560)
This girls got a painted on tie!  That's worse than a clip-on tie... ^_^  But, I still love her outfit.  The brown gloves look really good because they match her boots, and her hair.
cam-s-blue-5a-tn.jpg (3551 bytes) Blue Shadowloo Cammy 5a  52k  (606x403)
Zombie Cammy... no, just kidding!  The quality of this particular picture is pretty bad, so the coloring makes her look super pasty and white.
cam-s-blue-5b-tn.jpg (3599 bytes) Blue Shadowloo Cammy 5b  56k  (401x602)
Here's a much more normal-looking picture of Cammy 5.  See, she's looks pretty good!
cam-s-blue-5c-tn.jpg (3228 bytes) Blue Shadowloo Cammy 5c  44k  (401x602)
And here's one more picture of her... it's a unique pose that I've never really seen before, and I like it a lot.
cam-s-blue-6a-tn.jpg (3379 bytes) Blue Shadowloo Cammy 6a  229k  (765x1024)
This is a GIGANTIC picture! (and it's close-up too)  I wish they were all so big & clear, and I wish I had a few more pictures of this girl because she's got a nice homemade Shadowloo Cammy outfit.
cam-s-blue-7a-tn.jpg (2607 bytes) Blue Shadowloo Cammy 7a  68k  (401x602)
This is another near perfect Shadowloo Cammy outfit... I can only criticize that the hat's a slightly different blue than her suit.  But it no big deal.
cam-s-blue-7b-tn.jpg (2790 bytes) Blue Shadowloo Cammy 7b  108k  (401x602)
Oh wait, one more small problem... she's got those blue eyes that freak me out!  I shouldn't talk bad about this girl, because she definitely one of the best Cammy cosplayers!
cam-s-blue-8a-tn.jpg (3341 bytes) Blue Shadowloo Cammy 8a  58k  (---x---)
I like this picture because it's so cute and funny... I really like this little girl, and the fact that she's not even trying to pose makes it look kinda funny.  It looks like she's thinking "C'mon... take the damn picture..."
cam-s-blue-9a-tn.jpg (3464 bytes) Blue Shadowloo Cammy 9a  119k  (344x489)
Here's SF Zero's first couple again.  Cosplay is always cooler when you've got some relevant people to pose with, especially if they both look this cool!
shadowloo-blue-10a-tn.jpg (2312 bytes) Blue Shadowloo Cammy 10a  62k  (340x502)
One thing that's cool about Shadowloo Cammy, is that she's a cute, skinny little girl with really big gloves made for fighting!  This girl shows that perfectly.
shadowloo-blue-10b-tn.jpg (2656 bytes) Blue Shadowloo Cammy 10b  82k  (602x420)
In this picture, it looks like Cammy's saying "Huh?   Speak up, I can't hear you..."
shadowloo-blue-11a-tn.jpg (2931 bytes) Blue Shadowloo Cammy 11a  40k  (388x560)
Great outfit and great pose, but c'mon, you didn't think you'd fool anybody with that hat!  ^_^  It's like she had to fold up a newspaper at the last minute.  But you know what... the real hat's pretty silly in its own right!
shadowloo-blue-11b-tn.jpg (2862 bytes) Blue Shadowloo Cammy 11b  31k  (273x560)
As you can see here, besides the hat, this is a really cool Shadowloo Cammy cosplayer.  (I wonder what's up with that hat?!)
shadowloo-blue-12a-tn.jpg (3507 bytes) Blue Shadowloo Cammy 12a  63k  (450x600)
Here's the couple again.  Whenever Vega goes out into big crowds like this, he need his bodyguard, Cammy, to watch his back!
shadowloo-blue-13a-tn.jpg (2972 bytes) Blue Shadowloo Cammy 13a  19k  (378x584)
This Cammy cosplayer's a bit strange, but I really like it a whole lot... extra tan, silver gloves, beautiful blond hair, great outfit, and such nicely curved hips!  ^_~
shadowloo-blue-13b-tn.jpg (2340 bytes) Blue Shadowloo Cammy 13b  22k  (352x640)
Here's the same girl, but at a different show... the Summer 2000 Wonder Festival.  As you can see, she went for silver hair this time.
shadowloo-blue-13c-tn.jpg (2217 bytes) Blue Shadowloo Cammy 13c  16k  (224x640)
You can get a good look at her whole outfit in this picture... from her high-heeled platform shoes, all the way up to the goofy little hat sitting on her silver hair.
cam-s-blue-13d-tn.jpg (2661 bytes) Blue Shadowloo Cammy 13d  23k  (384x384)
Look at her bangs... what on earth did she put in her hair to make it stick out and curl like that?!
cam-s-blue-14a-tn.jpg (2952 bytes) Blue Shadowloo Cammy 14a  62k  (512x896)
The quality of this picture isn't so good, but since it's so big, it ends up being okay.  And the quality of this cosplayer's great too!  I wish I had more than one picture of this girl...