Cammy cosplay - scanned
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July 6, 2000   (moved)

These are just a couple of the Cammy cosplay pictures that I've gotten from books and magazines.  Since cosplay is so big in Japan, there are many books and magazines dedicated to it. 


Kylie Minogue from the SF2 Movie  25k  (397x403)
I guess this isn't too bad as far as a 'real' Cammy goes.  Besides Anna Kournakova, I haven't seen any real girls who look a whole lot like Cammy.
cam-cosplay2tn.jpg (2690 bytes) Cammy cosplay - winning pose  62k  (618x228)
Here's a girl doing Delta Red Cammy's classic winning pose.  BTW, don't look too hard, or you might notice that her hair is black, but her pigtails are blonde...
cam-2cosplay.jpg (3119 bytes) Cammy vs Cammy cosplay  76k  (637x379)
Delta Red Cammy vs an evil black Cammy.  I think what happened here, is that 2 Cammys saw each other at a cosplay show, and decided to fight over the right to be Cammy.  I think the one on thumbnail is the girl from above...
camcos1tn.jpg (3279 bytes) Shadowloo Cammy cosplay  134k  (424x600)
This is the first Shadowloo Cammy cos-player I found.  This is Linda, and I think she makes a great Shadowloo Cammy.
camcos94tn.jpg (3459 bytes) Hippon Super cover  150k  (630x600)
Here's a magazine I picked up in September 1994, long before I knew any Japanese.  But, I was already a big Cammy fan.  Anyhow, I think it's a super cool picture.  She makes a good Cammy, don't you think?
camcos942tn.jpg (2686 bytes) Another Hippon Super picture  74k  (415x400)
Another picture from that now defunct Hippon Super magazine.  By the way, this Cammy's name is Mami Yamazaki.  She's probably the most common Cammy cos-player.   I think she actually worked for Capcom at shows.
camcos2tn.jpg (3282 bytes) Old and new Cammy  66k  (347x600)
Found this one the morning I left Japan a couple of years ago.  Real cool, huh?   One Shadowloo Cammy, one Delta Red Cammy.  By the way, these ladies are Natsume and Yanneko.
camcosblktn.jpg (2901 bytes) Black Delta Red Cammy cos-play  83k  (241x600)
The quality of this picture isn't too great, but it's not that bad either.  Besides, it's Cammy, and how bad can anything Cammy be?