Cammy cosplay - personal 2
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August 2, 2000   (created)

Here are a few more pictures from my personal collection.  I met these lovely girls at various conventions around Tokyo.  There was only one at the Wonder Festival because it was so cold, but there were quite a few at the Spring Tokyo Game Show.  There were actually more than just these two, but I didn't have the chance to take pictures of the others (Grrrr!!!).  One girl I met looked really good as a pink Delta Red Cammy, but she got shy and refused to take off her coat.  I tried to talk to her, but since I'm a really big foreigner, I think I only scared her more.

Cammy's of the Spring 2k Tokyo Game Show

tgs-s00-camfans-tn.jpg (4405 bytes) We LOVE Cammy!!  107k  (533x450)
There are lots of Cammy fans all over the world.  At cosplay shows, girls dressed as Cammy are always among the biggest attractions.  Check out how many guys are taking pictures of Cammy here... amazing!
tgs-s00-cam1-1tn.jpg (3428 bytes) Izuru Neko 1 - spring 2k  100k  (359x677)
Here's the first of 6 pictures I got of Izuru Neko as Cammy.  She's one of the best I've seen, and her outfit is really good too.
tgs-s00-cam1-2tn.jpg (3338 bytes) izuru Neko 2 - spring 2k  76k  (287x659)
You can get a really good look at her in this picture here.  I talked to her for a few moments (can't talk long because everybody want pictures!), and she was really cool.
tgs-s00-cam1-3tn.jpg (3585 bytes) Izuru Neko 3 - spring 2k  72k  (270x635)
Pictures 2 through 5 were just for me!  She was nice enough... and I was lucky enough to get some personal pictures.  ^_^
tgs-s00-cam1-4tn.jpg (2957 bytes) Izuru Neko 4 - spring 2k  66k  (260x653)
Sometimes, if you get a chance to talk to the girls (it's usually too crowded), you can ask them to give you a couple of poses.  They are usually really nice, and sometimes, they'll even take pose requests.
tgs-s00-cam1-5tn.jpg (3543 bytes) Izuru Neko 5- spring 2k  86k  (352x632)
And here's my last personal picture.  I wanted a lot more but let her go after 4.   If I had my way, I'd never have stopped taking pictures...
tgs-s00-cam1-6tn.jpg (3512 bytes) Izuru Neko 6 - spring 2k  78k  (308x612)
Here's what she looks like from behind... and if you can take your eyes off her butt (you pervert!), check out those HUGE combat boots!
nekokuma-banner.jpg (15270 bytes)And, I also need to plug Izuru's Nekou's website.   She's obviously a beautiful girl and a great cosplayer, but she's also a very talented artist.  Definitely go check out her website!  It's all Japanese, but I guarantee you'll enjoy yourself nonetheless.
tgs-s00-cam2-1tn.jpg (3107 bytes) Cammy #2-1 Spring 2k  76k  (333x552)
Here's the only other Cammy cosplayer I got pictures of at the Spring 2k TGS.  And I was lucky enough to get a few personal pictures of her too... numbers 2-1 to 2-3.
tgs-s00-cam2-2tn.jpg (3255 bytes) Cammy #2-2 Spring 2k  58k  (229x590)
Salute!  This Cammy's also got a really nice costume.  It's more or less perfect... she's got almost all the details right.  And she looks good as Cammy.
tgs-s00-cam2-3tn.jpg (3045 bytes) Cammy #2-3 Spring 2k  45k  (179x527)
Cammy's being modest here... I think she deserves 2 thumbs up!  By the way, I like the ribbons holding her pigtails together.
tgs-s00-cam2-4tn.jpg (3131 bytes) Cammy #2-4 Spring 2k  64k  (317x529)
This picture is kinda outta focus, but it's not that bad.  And it's the only one where you can see her from behind.
tgs-s00-cam2-5tn.jpg (3154 bytes) Cammy #2-5 Spring 2k  54k  (221x558)
Here's another salute, but from a little different angle.  Gotta get all the angles because Cammy's cool no matter how you look at her!
tgs-s00-cam2-6tn.jpg (3396 bytes) Cammy #2-6 Spring 2k  52k  (211x578)
And this is just a simple relaxed pose.  Sometimes it's nice to be a little plain.
tgs-s00-cam2-7tn.jpg (2654 bytes) Cammy #2-7 Spring 2k  37k  (153x549)
This isn't really a pose... she's just talking to a friend.  I needed a good side view, so I just took it.

The Wonder Festival Winter 2000 Cammy

wf-cammy-cos1-tn.jpg (2721 bytes) Cammy 1-1 Wonder Fest 2k  93k  (361x580)
Not only did this Cammy look as perfect as any Japanese girl could, but she braved some very cold weather to cosplay as Cammy... It was only about 8C (45 F)!!!  Whatta girl.
wf-cammy-cos2-tn.jpg (3175 bytes) Cammy 1-2 Wonder Fest 2k  203k  (600x474)
Here's another example of how much people love Cammy - you can see the line of people waiting for pictures, and it goes all the way back past that guy in the blue jacket!   And don't miss the Balrog cosplayer!  ^_^
wf-cammy-cos3-tn.jpg (3381 bytes) Cammy 1-3 Wonder Fest 2k  130k  (387x575)
Another thing that was funny about this Cammy, is that a girl dressed like Chun Li was next to her, and nobody was taking her pictures.  Inside, I laughed at Chun Li, but I felt bad for the poor girl cosplaying as her.  She'll probably do Cammy next time!
wf-cammy-cos4-tn.jpg (3495 bytes) Cammy 1-4 Wonder Fest 2k  79k  (219x600)
The good old salute, a staple Cammy cosplayer pose.  You can get a real good look at her costume and hair here... is there anything that's amiss?  I don't think so.   Every single detail is there!  Even the boots are like the real thing.
wf-cammy-cos5-tn.jpg (3165 bytes) Cammy 1-5 Wonder Fest 2k  82k  (248x560)
I saw this Cammy inside the show and ran over to say hello.  Later, we met outside and I took a role of pictures!  I wish we coulda met again (for dinner or something like that) but I was kinda shy, and I didn't wanna pester her too much.
wf-cammy-cos6-tn.jpg (3148 bytes) Cammy 1-6 Wonder Fest 2k  126k  (360x540)
Here's a good look at her from behind.  She's posing for some other fans who waited in line, but I got around and took this one... gotta get all the angles.
wf-cammy-cos7-tn.jpg (2828 bytes) Cammy 1-7 Wonder Fest 2k  82k  (242x600)
And here's another picture from behind.  This has to be my one of my favorite Cammy cosplayers... a perfect costume, and a die-hard fan who braved the cold weather!