Tokyo Game Show Cammys
Autumn 1999

Lots of you have wanted to see all the girls I talked about seeing at the Tokyo Game Show, so here they are.  In all, I saw 14 Cammys, but only about half of them have pictures here.  Out of all the cosplayers, Cammy was definitely one of the most popular... if not the most popular (for fans to take pictures of, and for people to play).  Whatta great thing cosplay is - so silly yet so much fun.  Enjoy!! (I sure did)
stefan-cammys-tn.jpg (3529 bytes) My favorite picture!!  102k  (525x460)
Dreams do come true!  But you know, this picture actually depresses me... how is life ever gonna get this good again?!  It's gotta be all downhill from here.
black-cammy-tn.jpg (2850 bytes) Chubby cheeks!  77k  (373x600)
This Cammy is special because she has the face of a 300 pound (136 kg) girl, but she's not that big... how cute!!
shadowloo-cammy-tn.jpg (3153 bytes) Shadowloo Cammy  71k  (355x540)
This Cammy has the best costume... most are homemade, but this one was surely a professional job.  'Pro' outfits easily cost US$ 500 or more!  This is a really Cammy fan.
blue-cammy1-tn.jpg (3346 bytes) Miss Blue #1  75k  (349x497)
I think this was the most popular Cammy.  She had a big crowd taking pictures of her for as long as she stood there.  It was very hard for her to finally leave because people couldn't get enough of her.
blue-cammy2-tn.jpg (2899 bytes) Miss Blue #2  60k  (301x600)
Yeah!  I know that pose. You know it too.  But, I bet you've never seen a real girl doing it before... now's you chance!
blue-cammy3-tn.jpg (2732 bytes) Miss Blue #3  64k  (372x540)
Here's another of this Cammy.  Remember how I said she was so popular with all the fans... well I was definitely one of them!!  I got a lotta pictures of her.  There are only 4 here, but I probably used a whole role of film.
blue-cammy4-tn.jpg (3056 bytes) Miss Blue #4  70k  (342x600)
Here's the last one of popular Miss Blue.  I bet you're saving all these pictures to your hard drive, right?
the-crowd-tn.jpg (3072 bytes) Gather round... it's Cammy!!  80k  (633x400)
Here you can kinda see how people flocked around the Cammys.   The 3 Cammy's I took a picture with were together, and around them were at least 50 people taking pictures and filming the girls!
cammy-juni-tn.jpg (3588 bytes) Cammy and Juni  80k  (398x560)
Cammy and Juni.  These two were hiding way in back away from all the other cosplayers.  Luckily, I found them and asked 'em to pose for a quick picture.
gray-cammy1-tn.jpg (2800 bytes) Yes Sir, mission completed!  75k  (353x600)
This is a great picture of one of my favorite Cammys!  I'm so in love with her smile!  Don't ask me why... I just like it.
gray-cammy2-tn.jpg (3184 bytes) I'm ready for you!  57k  (258x508)
And we're ready for you too!!  Out of all the Cammys, this one was the best when it came to posing.  She came up with a new pose for every picture.
gray-cammy3-tn.jpg (3239 bytes) Can't get enough of me...?  78k  (345x521)
Can't get enough of this one!  She was also drawing a very big crowd of fans.  I think I took almost 2 rolls for films on this girl.  And it was not enough...
gray-cammy4-tn.jpg (2989 bytes) Cammy and Sakura!  91k  (418x600)
This Cammy was always with her buddy Sakura, but I cut her out of the other pictures.  Cammy and Sakura make a good team... you should have seen them tell off the guy who was trying to film them!
pink-cammy-tn.jpg (3079 bytes) Pink Cammy  61k  (344x500)
This is the first Cammy I met.  As I was talking with her by the Capcom booth, we posed for a picture, and then got filmed for TV.  I wonder what show we were on?
white-cammy1-tn.jpg (2814 bytes) Full of herself Cammy  74k  (251x617)
See looks pretty good from in front, but not so hot from behind.   And she was not the most friendly girl either.  I coulda done without this person as Cammy...
white-cammy2-tn.jpg (2771 bytes) Still full of it... Cammy  59k  (273x617)
Here's one more of the b**** Cammy.  It was kinda funny to watch her because you could tell that she was SO full of herself. She wasn't that great, but I gotta admit that the pictures of her did turn out pretty nice.