Kylie Cammy Cosplay

This is probably the most official of the 'real' Cammys... it's Australian pop superstar, Kylie Minogue, from the Street Fighter live-action movie.  There are all sorts of interesting pictures here, and if you check the .GIFs Page, you'll find a gallery full of pictures and animation of Kylie as Cammy from the SF Movie video game.  Here she's wearing a modified version of Cammy's SF2 outfit, but in the game, she wears the real thing!
BTW - for more on Kylie Minogue, check out this cool fan site... Mega Kylie, or her brand-new official website...
kylie-cammy1-tn.jpg (2412 bytes) Kylie Cammy 1  34k  (397x403)
Here's a really nice picture of Kylie as Cammy.  No backgrounds or anything to distract you... just Kylie Minogue as Cammy.
kylie-cammy2-tn.jpg (3384 bytes) Kylie Cammy 2  99k  (387x600)
Here's another picture of Miss Minogue.  I remember reading somewhere, that the director saw Kylie listed in People magazine as one of the world's 50 most beautiful people, and that's when he decided that she had to be Cammy!
kylie-cammy3-tn.jpg (4076 bytes) Kylie Cammy 3  93k  (600x348)
Here's a scene from the movie.  After beating up all the Shadowloo goons she could get her hands on, Cammy starts shooting a bazooka at the rest!   BTW, check out T Hawk... he looks scared of Cammy.
kylie-cammy4-tn.jpg (3216 bytes) Kylie Cammy 4  89k  (594x450)
Here's another scene from the movie... a Shadowloo goon almost gets his head kicked of by Cammy!
kylie-cammy5-tn.jpg (4318 bytes) Kylie Cammy 5  99k  (600x421)
This is the front side of a SF Movie trading card.  It's a picture of Cammy at Chun Li's stage.  I bet Chun Li wouldn't have let Cammy take the picture, so Cammy probably beat her up and took it anyways!
kylie-cammy6-tn.jpg (3818 bytes) Kylie Cammy 6  96k  (428x531)
This is the back side of the SF movie trading card.  Beside the picture is a profile of Cammy... and the storyline they give is very interesting because they tried to fill in some of the blanks.  (of course this is before Shadowloo Cammy was invented)
kylie-cammy7-tn.jpg (3499 bytes) Kylie Cammy 7  105k  (432x600)
This is the front side of another SF Movie trading card I have.   But, these are the only 2 cards I have.  If anybody has any more... lets trade!  Heck, I might even be interested in another copy of the 2 I have.
kylie-cammy8-tn.jpg (2662 bytes) Kylie Cammy 8  95k  (429x519)
And this is the back of the 2nd SF Movie trading card.   Beside this picture is a profile of Kylie Minogue.  BTW, doesn't this look a lot like the winning pose Chun Li does in the SF Zero series?
kylie-cammy9-tn.jpg (3109 bytes) Kylie Cammy 9  71k  (393x585)
Here's a picture of Cammy with my least favorite Street Fighter... T. Hawk.
kylie-cammy10-tn.jpg (2887 bytes) Kylie Cammy 10  68k  (553x393)
The ladies of Street Fighter - Cammy and Chun Li.  I wonder why they're so dirty in this picture... have they been fighting?  No, probably not.   If they'd been fighting, Chun Li wouldn't be standing!
kylie-cammy11-tn.jpg (3392 bytes) Kylie Cammy 11  59k  (563x47)
Here's another picture of Cammy giving some Shadowloo goon the boot.
kylie-cammy12-tn.jpg (4361 bytes) Kylie Cammy 12  65k  (373x593)
This is Kylie Cammy dressed up in full camouflage w/ beret.   I wonder... what's the point of blue camouflage?! 
kylie-cammy13-tn.jpg (2774 bytes) Kylie Cammy 13  39k  (401x597)
Whoo hoo! Here's a really cute picture of Cammy in her office uniform.  One thing that's especially cool about Kylie's Cammy cosplay, is that she has so many different outfits.
kylie-cammy14-tn.jpg (2895 bytes) Kylie Cammy 14  69k  (373x593)
Cammy's ready to fight!  She's trying to look real serious and mean, and I know that she could kick my butt, but I can't help but think that she's so cute!
kylie-cammy15-tn.jpg (2910 bytes) Kylie Cammy 15  50k  (631x460)
Here's Cammy and the bazooka again!  It's kinda funny... Cammy's an undercover agent, spy, and assassin, yet she's one of the most unsubtle people you'll ever see!
kylie-cammy16-tn.jpg (3131 bytes) Kylie Cammy 16  77k  (641x429)
Guess Cammy used up all her bazooka rockets, so she was forced to shoot bad guys with a puny pistol.
kylie-cammy17-tn.jpg (3303 bytes) Kylie Cammy 17  55k  (269x529)
Here's Cammy with T. Hawk again.  I bet Cammy doesn't even know he's there... he probably snuck into the picture at the last moment.  Give him a mule kick Cammy!
kylie-cammy18-tn.jpg (4246 bytes) Kylie Cammy 18  64k  (373x575)
Here's Cammy posing with her beloved bazooka!
kylie-cammy19-tn.jpg (3444 bytes) Kylie Cammy 19  58k  (395x599)
It's Cammy and Guile, the stars of the movie!  When I look at this picture, I can't help but think that Cammy's discretely trying to pry his hand off from around her waist...
kylie-cammy20-tn.jpg (4091 bytes) Kylie Cammy 20  80k  (359x489)
Here are the two ladies before the got themselves all dirty.