Juni & Juli Cosplay

Juni and Juli aren't really clones of Cammy... they're Cammy wannabe's.  But, that's a great thing to wanna be, so we're here to help 'em be as cool as they can be.  ^_^
Capcom took Cammy's body and Cammy's moves, added different heads, colored her differently, and that's how they came up with Juni and Juli.  According to the storyline, Juni and Juli (June and July in German) are 2 of Vega's 12 Dolls.  They were kidnapped from Germany, and then genetically enhanced like Cammy.  To learn more about them, check out the "Shadowloo Dolls" section on the Cammy Info page's Shadowloo Cammy Bio.
juni-juli-1a-tn.jpg (2698 bytes) Juni & Juli 1a  69k  (346x493)
Here's a great Juli cosplayer.  Her costume is practically perfect... but too bad this picture is so low quality!
juni-juli-1b-tn.jpg (3134 bytes) Juni & Juli 1b  66k  (345x490)
And this is Juni.  I'm not sure, but I bet these two cosplayers were at the Capcom booth at some game show.  Their costumes are especially good, and they're inside, not outside with all the other cosplayers.
juni-juli-2a-tn.jpg (2977 bytes) Juni & Juli 2a  34k  (500x348)
And here are two other girls pretending to be Juni & Juli.  If you've played SF Zero 3, then you should recognize this pose.
juni-juli-2b-tn.jpg (3481 bytes) Juni & Juli 2b  11k  (238x166)
This picture is similar to the previous one, but it's a little smaller and more clear.
juni-juli-2c-tn.jpg (3616 bytes) Juni & Juli 2c  38k  (348x496)
This is another pose that you'll recognize from SF Zero 3.   If Juni and Juli are standing like this, that probably means they just beat you up!   You can get a good look at their whole costumes in this picture.
juni-juli-2d-tn.jpg (3350 bytes) Juni & Juli 2d  109k  (349x494)
Here's the Cammy-wannabe, Juli, trying to pose like Cammy.  It looks good, but without the pigtails, she doesn't look as good from behind.  BTW - don't overlook the Ryuji Yamazaki cosplayer in the background.
juni-juli-2e-tn.jpg (3009 bytes) Juni & Juli 2e  42k  (172x244)
This is a very nice close-up picture of Juni's face.  She's not German, but I think she makes a very good Juni, don't you?
juni-juli-2f-tn.jpg (3309 bytes) Juni & Juli 2f  120k  (351x499)
This is Juli... looking like she's ready to kick somebody's butt!   Anyway, it's a nice full-body picture that lets you look at the whole outfit.
juni-juli-2g-tn.jpg (3298 bytes) Juni & Juli 2g  43k  (173x243)
Here's a nice close-up picture of Juli's face.  BTW, have you noticed that the stripes on her outfit look like big seams?  It's a little different, but I think it looks nice.
juni-juli-2h-tn.jpg (3985 bytes) Juni & Juli 2h  72k  (345x501)
This has got to be one of the best cosplay pictures I've seen... Vega and his Dolls!  Where's Cammy?  She's probably off on some important mission.  When she gets back, she'll take back her spot at Master Vega's side!!
juni-juli-3a-tn.jpg (2375 bytes) Juni & Juli 3a  32k  (680x463)
I'm not sure if this is Juni or Juli... it could be either one.   But, she looks good nonetheless.
juni-juli-3b-tn.jpg (2747 bytes) Juni & Juli 3b  41k  (461x650)
Here's a very pretty up-close picture of her face.  It's amazing how cute and nice a Vega's ruthless assassins can look.  But don't trust 'em... they are very dangerous!
juni-juli-3c-tn.jpg (2409 bytes) Juni & Juli 3c  38k  (495x700)
This looks like a professional, studio-type cosplay picture.   Anyhow, as you can see, she's wearing black stockings instead of... hmmmm... I don't know how to say it.  But anyhow, her legs are different.  You know what I mean, right?
juni-juli-4a-tn.jpg (3358 bytes) Juni & Juli 4a  15k  (289x616)
This might be the best Juni cosplayer I've seen, but the picture is really low quality!  Arrggghhh... that's frustrating.  At least it's a big picture.  Anyways, I bet she's a Capcom booth girl too.  (not an off the street cosplayer)
juni-juli-5a-tn.jpg (2751 bytes) Juni & Juli 5a  30k  (333x560)
I think this is a picture of 2 Juli cosplayers.  Again, I'm not quite sure.  And they have their legs like Juni/Juli 3 too.
daali-juli-tn.jpg (3250 bytes) Daala's Juli  39k  (448x337)
Thanks to my friend Daala for taking this picture at the Otakon 2000 in Baltimore, MD.  This isn't Daala... I have no idea who it is.  But I do know that she's cosplaying as Juli.  And that must be Dan to her left.