Created April 15, 2007
I knew my friend Illiara was up to something, but she didn't give me any clues about what.  So when I got this set of pictures, I was totally blown away!!  I never imagined that anybody would or could somehow cosplay something like that.
Cammy by herself is a great character!   But it's the support of all her amazing fans over the years that has made her one of the greatest characters ever!!  Over the years, you all have continued to shock me with the most amazing stuff.
.Cammy Cosplay
Original Tanlines  89k  (467x590)
Here's the original fanart picture that inspired the cosplay.   I think it's without a doubt one of the best Cammy fanarts ever!  Simple, but so clever!  It's one of the 1st Cammy pictures I ever scanned.
Tanlines 1  114k  (498x700)
Here's Cammy enjoying the sun.  She's staring off thinking about something.  I bet it's cats!
Tanlines 2  113k  (531x700)
Now she's lifting up her sunglasses to get a better look at something... A cute boy?  Unruly kids?  Some fat girl in an embarrassingly skimpy outfit?  Some weird old guy with back hair?!  A Cat?  You pick.   Imagine whatever you want ^_^
Tanlines 3  128k  (531x700)
Another thinking picture.  Seeing the tanlines from her shoes reminds me of the school girls in Japan cuz they had tanlines exactly like that from their baggy socks at the start of the summer LOL
Tanlines 4  110k  (514x700)
I love this one.  What a devilish grin!
Tanlines 5  123k  (542x700)
You'd think that Cammy's watching the boys in the water, but she's actually looking for sharks!  That's why she's got her boots... ready to gear up and kick butt at any time!
Tanlines 6  144k  (492x700)
And the best for last!
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