Ikuy Cammy
Created February 1, 2009

I saw my first Cammy cosplay picture back in late 1994, and I still remember how stunned I was... I'd never really thought fans doing something like that.  Since then I've met dozens of Cammy cosplayers and collected about 6,000 Cammy cosplay pictures.  And, I'm still finding more all the time!
I've seen all kinds of Cammys... Asian, White, 1 Black, a few Hispanic/Latino... lots of girls and 2 boys (WTF boys!!)... sexy, cute, fat, tall, short... drop-dead beautiful, drop-dead ugly... professional costumes, original costumes, made-at-home-in-3-minutes-costumes... etc.  Except for the guys, all awesome examples of fans having fun!
I LOVE being a Cammy fan because when I think I've really seen it all, a fan like Ikuy comes along and totally blows me away!   She's a perfect Cammy.  She looks amazing and her costume is almost flawless, but what she has is that intangible extra something special that I can't really put into words.  Ikuy is without a doubt one my all-time very favorite Cammys, if not the favorite!
.Shadowloo Cammy
Shadowloo Cammy design  174k  (1024x768)
Compare for yourself, here's the official character design.  Aside from the missing scar (easy to fix), the costume's only 'flaw' (if you wanna be picky) is no elbow guard on her left glove.  If that hair were real, I think she would be Cammy!
Anime USA 1  140k  (600x900)
This picture and the next one by LJinto on Flickr were the 1st two pictures I discovered of Ikuy after Anime USA 2008. 
The quality of these two pictures is amazing!
Anime USA 2  176k  (394x900)
I wish all cosplay pictures were this good.  It's so sad to see great cosplay photos ruined by bad quality (crappy file size + resolution). And I wish that LJinto would have taken more than just 2 pics!
Testing 1  158k  (640x480)
Q: How does it look from the front?
Testing 2  158k  (480x640)
Q: How does it look front the side?
Testing 3  158k  (480x640)
Q: How does my winning pose look?
A: *speechless*
Salute!  255k  (767x1022)
Another salute pose, but I love this angle from the front/side.  Cammy's outfit is cool because it really accentuates the curves from any angle you look at it.
Close-up  57k  (426x640)
A great close-up shot of those beautiful pigtails!
Yes, Sir!  64k  (427x640)
A must-have pose for any Shadowloo Cammy cosplayer... "Mission completed, Sir!"
Stealthy  56k  (640x499)
Good stealth pose!  Cammy is, after all, a spy and assassin.
Winner!  70k  (439x640)
Just another win pose? No way, can't have enough of those!
Winning again!  40k  (390x640)
More win posing is win!
Champion of winning!  46k  (416x640)
Aaaannnndddd one more!  Yay!  This one's close-up.   I love that lock of hair between her eyes.
Cammy and Chun Li  48k  (400x640)
No no no... don't pose and act happy!  Kick her butt, Cammy!!   Show her who the strongest woman in the world really is!!!
SF Girls  66k  (454x640)
Delta Red Cammy
+ Chun Li + Shadowloo Cammy = surrounded!
Stranglehold  66k  (640x450)
DR Cammy + Shadowloo Cammy - Chun Li = fight!
World's Strongest Women  62k  (452x640)
DR Cammy + Shadowloo Cammy = WIN!
Cammy and hugs  64k  (640x492)
Cammy's making friends.
Cammy V  92k  (640x426)
V is for Victory!  This is a really nice up-close picture.
Thanks to Eurobeat King for taking a big chunk of these pictures plus a ton more!

*different Cammy cosplayer pics on pgs 64 & 65 http://www.cosplay.com/gallery/129960/p71 http://www.cosplay.com/gallery/129960/p97
And for more info and stuff on Ikuy, check out her Profile on Cosplay.com!
.Delta Red Cammy


Nothing yet... I don't even know if anything is in the works... but I'm praying every night that Ikuy is gonna do a Delta Red Cammy too... Please join me!