White Delta Red Cammy cosplay
Last Update = October 14, 2002   (white Cammy 5 added)
                              April 29, 2002   (white Cammy 4 pics added)

The white Delta Red Cammy cosplayer give the pink cosplayer a run for their money when it comes to cuteness!  You know, in some instances (like the Makura pictures), it might even look better.  Then again, when you're talking about Cammy, it's really doesn't matter because she looks cool, cute, sexy, and beautiful no matter what color she's wearing!!
makura-d-w1-tn.jpg (3160 bytes) white Makura Cammy 1  22k  (285x425)
Here she is again... it's Makura!  If you look around the other Cammy Cosplay galleries, you'll see many more pictures of her.
makura-d-w2-tn.jpg (2697 bytes) white Makura Cammy 2  32k  (285x425)
Cammy's turn-around win pose is always a winner!  All Cammy cosplayers need to perfect this pose before they go out to have their pictures taken.
makura-d-w3-tn.jpg (2651 bytes) white Makura Cammy 3  36k  (285x427)
Makura's obviously at the Tokyo Big Sight.  That's Tokyo Bay behind her.  Tokyo Big Sight and a lotta other stuff is built way out into the ocean on gigantic land fills!
makura-d-w4-tn.jpg (2765 bytes) white Makura Cammy 4  31k  (380x567)
Makura's definitely one of the best cosplayers I've seen, but do you notice that she's always got the same expression on her face?  Hmmmm...

makura-d-w5-tn.jpg (3000 bytes)

white Makura Cammy 5 (w/ pink Cammy)  8k  (85x128)
Oh, it should be illegal to make a picture THIS teeny tiny!   It's torture to only get a glimpse of a picture that looks like it's really, really cool.
makura-d-w6-tn.jpg (3374 bytes) white Makura Cammy 6  36k  (285x425)
Here's my favorite game character with my favorite Final Fantasy character... Tifa Lockheart.
kanoe-d-w1-tn.jpg (2301 bytes) white Kanoe Cammy 1  15k  (201x503)
This picture's in bad shape too, but at least it's big enough where you can get a good look at it!
kanoe-d-w2-tn.jpg (2276 bytes) white Kanoe Cammy 2  236k  (578x768)
Here's a closer picture with much better resolution.  This sure is a great Cammy outfit, huh?
kanoe-d-w3-tn.jpg (2249 bytes) white Kanoe Cammy 3  66k  (578x768)
And here's a picture with a unique pose, taken from a unique angle.  What stands out most to me, is how cute her hair looks!
cam-d-white-1a-tn.jpg (2911 bytes) white Cammy 1a  35k  (169x395)
This is an interesting Cammy cosplayer, and we've got plenty of good pictures of her.
cam-d-white-1b-tn.jpg (1828 bytes) white Cammy 1b  59k  (292x472)
Here's a nice and simple pose where you can see what her outfit looks like.  It's basically Cammy, but there are some cool little changes.
cam-d-white-1c-tn.jpg (3090 bytes) white Cammy 1c  57k  (216x313)
Here, some maniac fan with a camera cornered Cammy back by the lockers.  This picture was taken just moments before Cammy leapt at him and kicked his butt!
cam-d-white-1d-tn.jpg (2219 bytes) white Cammy 1d  55k  (286x467)
Cammy looks like she's ready to fight here, but I think she's probably just posing.  You can get a good look the entire outfit in this picture... from her blue beret, down to her untied boots.
cam-d-white-1e-tn.jpg (2161 bytes) white Cammy 1e  57k  (297x460)
Cammy's thinking about something... I wonder what it is?  She probably forgot something, and is now trying to remember what it was.  You know, she's known for having a bad memory...
cam-d-white-1f-tn.jpg (2038 bytes) white Cammy 1f  54k  (269x500)
Like I said... "
All Cammy cosplayers need to perfect this pose before they go out to have their pictures taken."  This girl has it perfect!
cam-d-white-1g-tn.jpg (2590 bytes) white Cammy 1g  34k  (152x441)
This is Cammy posing after her win back at the lockers.  She took the guy's camera, set the timer, and gave him this one last present.  No hard feelings, right?
cam-d-white-2a-tn.jpg (2576 bytes) white Cammy 2a  27k  (400x400)
This is the fist Cammy cosplayer I ever met... and she's my least favorite because she's rude and totally full of herself.  And what's funny, I know another girl who's met her, and she totally agrees with me.  Looking at her is fine because she looks good as Cammy... I just don't wanna see her in person again.
cam-d-white-3a-tn.jpg (2253 bytes) white Cammy 3a  60k  (578x768)
I wonder if that heart with the #69 written on it is some kinda sick joke?  Most likely, she's in a contest... which I'm sure she won!
cam-d-white-4a-tn.jpg (2800 bytes) white Cammy 4a  61k  (389x600)
Pink and white is kind of a silly color scheme for a soldier, but it does look cute.
cam-d-white-4b-tn.jpg (2749 bytes) white Cammy 4b  57k  (416x600)
What Cammy cosplay would be complete without a picture of the turn-around win pose?
cam-d-white-4c-tn.jpg (3134 bytes) white Cammy 4c  69k  (400x600)
Whoa!  She went all out for this picture.  I wonder where she found all the props...?
cam-d-white-4d-tn.jpg (3373 bytes) white Cammy 4d  49k  (400x600)
Cammy and Chun Li.  Hey say a picture is worth a thousand words, and this one's no exception, but I don't dare say anything!
white Cammy 5  49k  (400x600)
This great-looking Cammy is from the Autumn 2002 Tokyo Game Show.   She has cosplayed as Cammy a lot of times, but I think this is her best looking outfit yet!