Delta Red Cosplay - Pink 1
Last Update = October 14, 2002   (pink Cammy 6d added)

Welcome to gallery #1 featuring pink Delta Red Cammy cosplayers.  In 'real life' Cammy's pink outfit is a pretty silly thing for special forces agent/spy to wear, but for cuteness, I think it's the best looking outfit!   See for yourself, I've got lots and lots of samples gathered here for you to see...  
cam-d-pink-1a-tn.jpg (2632 bytes) Pink Cammy 1a  119k  (512x768)
This picture was probably taken at Comiket (Comic Market) at the Tokyo Big Sight.  That's always a big cosplay event.  Unfortunately, when I went, it was too cold to cosplay as Cammy...
cam-d-pink-1b-tn.jpg (3193 bytes) Pink Cammy 1b  103k  (512x768)
Here's a nice picture from the side.  Too many pictures only show you the front, so it's nice to get pictures from different angles.
cam-d-pink-1c-tn.jpg (2914 bytes) Pink Cammy 1c  25k  (259x607)
The quality of this picture is not bad, but it if was much better, I think this would be one of my best pictures.
cam-d-pink-1d-tn.jpg (2884 bytes) Pink Cammy 1d  21k  (249x549)
You all recognize this pose, right?  It's how Cammy stands in her first official character artwork from Capcom!  If you don't know, here it is...
cam-d-pink-1e-tn.jpg (2877 bytes) Pink Cammy 1e  30k  (274x660)
Here's a picture by some guy named the Donkey!  However, that URL doesn't seem to exist anymore...
cam-d-pink-1f-tn.jpg (2975 bytes) Pink Cammy 1f  43k  (392x680)
Here's another Donkey picture, and it's taken from a really neat angle.  Donkey must be standing on something, or he's a big guy.  BTW, who the heck is that cosplayer behind Cammy?!
cam-d-pink-1g-tn.jpg (2204 bytes) Pink Cammy 1g  70k  (356x551)
This is Pink Cammy 1's best overall picture (I think so).  From this angle, everything on this Cammy looks perfect!   
cam-d-pink-1h-tn.jpg (2862 bytes) Pink Cammy 1h  44k  (362x529)
This is a really nice pose.  And look behind her... is that Shadowloo Cammy in disguise, ready to assassinate somebody?!
cam-d-pink-1i-tn.jpg (2999 bytes) Pink Cammy 1i  46k  (362x527)
Cammy looks like she's up to some kinda mischief here in this picture.  I wonder what she's thinking about?
cam-d-pink-1j-tn.jpg (2869 bytes) Pink Cammy 1j  48k  (362x528)
Yeah, it's still the same girl, and there's 1 more left.  I'm not surprised that there are so many pictures... you should see how many people gather around to photograph Cammy cosplayers!  Check the 1st picture in the Personal 2 gallery...
cam-d-pink-1k-tn.jpg (2383 bytes) Pink Cammy 1k  26k  (362x528)
This is a very special picture because at the same moment the photograph was taken, a cosplayer died!  Look behind Cammy... that's Death coming to claim the soul!  (musta been the person Shadowloo Cammy in pic 1h assassinated!!)
cam-d-pink-2a-tn.jpg (2936 bytes) Pink Cammy 2a  44k  (480x640)
Here's a really big and up-close picture of a girl who looks a lot like my cousin in Germany...
cam-d-pink-2b-tn.jpg (2910 bytes) Pink Cammy 2b  37k  (400x640)
This is a unique pose.  Kinda seems like the photographer said "C'mere I gotta tell you something" and then whipped out a camera and took the picture.
cam-d-pink-2c-tn.jpg (2821 bytes) Pink Cammy 2c  56k  (487x691)
Here's a really good Cammy making Lum look bad!
cam-d-pink-2d-tn.jpg (2376 bytes) Pink Cammy 2d  19k  (184x269)
For some strange reason, somebody put this Cammy in a box.   Maybe it's a present.  Ohhh.. I hope it's for me!  I've always wanted one of those!!!!
cam-d-pink-3a-tn.jpg (3338 bytes) Pink Cammy 3a  70k  (320x440)
SF Zero Chun Li and SF2 Delta Red Cammy are standing in from of a blown-up picture from Pocket Fighter... maybe they're Capcom girls working at the booth.
cam-d-pink-3b-tn.jpg (3369 bytes) Pink Cammy 3b  67k  (440x316)
And here they are again.  Cammy's obviously cooler, but I gotta admit, that's a pretty good Chun Li cosplayer.
cam-d-pink-4a-tn.jpg (2280 bytes) Pink Cammy 4a  31k  (256x384)
Pink Cammy standing in front of a giant wall of aluminum foil?!
cam-d-pink-4b-tn.jpg (2316 bytes) Pink Cammy 4b  26k  (256x384)
Here's a great up-close picture of a very pretty girl cosplaying Cammy.
cam-d-pink-4c-tn.jpg (2836 bytes) Pink Cammy 4c  46k  (382x512)
In this picture, Cammy's posing with Rose and some really weird guy...  (who the hell is that?!)
cam-d-pink-4d-tn.jpg (2052 bytes) Pink Cammy 4d  32k  (480x640)
And here she is again... but this time, it looks like she's posing for some kinda photo shoot.  You know, there are many cosplay books, but I don't remember seeing this Cammy in any of them.  Maybe I'm missing a book!  Grrrrr....
cam-d-pink-5a-tn.jpg (2617 bytes) Pink Cammy 5a  59k  (403x606)
Here's another Cammy that's able to look really cool, despite the fact that she's standing by a pile of trash.  Chun Li wouldn't look so good next to trash!
cam-d-pink-5b-tn.jpg (2536 bytes) Pink Cammy 5b  54k  (402x604)
Here she is again... looks good, huh?  And she's doing the favorite Cammy cosplay pose, the salute.
cam-d-pink-6a-tn.jpg (2802 bytes) Pink Cammy 6a  55k  (401x602)
It's kinda hard to look cute and glamorous when you're standing in front of a trashcan by the restrooms, but this Cammy makes it work!  In fact, I think this Cammy looks extra good!  She'd be one of the all-time best if she had her legs painted.
cam-d-pink-6b-tn.jpg (2774 bytes) Pink Cammy 6b  53k  (401x601)
Here's an up-close picture of this exceptional Cammy.  And hey, look in the background... not only is she standing by the trashcan in front of the restrooms, but the bum behind her is picking is nose!!  ^_^
cam-d-pink-6c-tn.jpg (2506 bytes) Pink Cammy 6c  55k  (420x400)
This is another one of those "Hide" (hE-de) pictures... two pictures in one, with one close-up, and one full-body.  Very nice work, very nice cosplayer!
cam-d-pink-6d-tn.jpg (2724 bytes) Pink Cammy 6d  19k  (333x500)
And here's one last one of Miss 6.  It's a nice close-up picture.