Misc. Delta Red Cammy cosplay
Last Update = October 14, 2002   (Gray Cammy 1f added)

This is where all the left-over Delta Red Cammy cosplay pictures are kept.  There's nothing wrong with them, it's just that they don't fit into any of the other categories.  In fact, some of the very best pictures are in this gallery!
cam-d-2-1a-tn.jpg (3093 bytes) White Cammy 1 w/ green friend - 1a  20k  (330x226)
The only thing that's better than a Cammy cosplayer... two Cammy cosplayers!  If you've been to the DR White gallery, you should recognize the girl in white as White Cammy 1.
cam-d-2-1b-tn.jpg (3071 bytes) White Cammy 1 w/ green friend - 1b  23k  (210x375)
Girls in Japan really like this pose... they think it's so cute.   And guys... we have other thoughts about this pose!
cam-d-2-1c-tn.jpg (3256 bytes) White Cammy 1 w/ green friend - 1c  32k  (139x226)
And here's a good look at both of the girls.  One's got a good traditional costume, but the other has a really unique costume... it's hard to say which one's better.
cam-d-camo-1a-tn.jpg (2209 bytes) Camouflage Cammy 1a  15k  (200x286)
This one of my very favorite Cammy cosplayers!  This camouflage outfit is really, really cool looking.  And she even knows the turn-around win pose!
cam-d-camo-1b-tn.jpg (2576 bytes) Camouflage Cammy 1b  18k  (200x285)
Here's a really nice look at the girl and her awesome outfit.  I wonder where the heck she got that camouflage suit?!
cam-d-camo-1c-tn.jpg (2639 bytes) Camouflage Cammy 1c  16k  (262x200)
And this is the last picture.  I wish I'd met her, because I'd like a lot more pictures... 3 doesn't feel like enough.  But, I'm sure we're all grateful for what we've got.  BTW, I think her name is "Ai".
cam-d-camo-2a-tn.jpg (3313 bytes) Camouflage Cammy 2a  45k  (388x560)
I never thought I'd never see another girl in a camouflage outfit, but here she is!  And this one is every bit as good looking as the first one!
cam-d-camo-2b-tn.jpg (3330 bytes) Camouflage Cammy 2b  42k  (288x560)
Although I like the regular Cammy outfit, it would be interesting to see her get a camouflage outfit like this one.  But I guess those bright red gloves and beret kinda make camo obsolete, huh?
cam-d-gray-1a-tn.jpg (2553 bytes) Gray Cammy 1a  72k  (576x760)
I met her this Cammy at the Autumn '99 Tokyo Game Show, and there was something about her (especially her smile) that really got to me.
cam-d-gray-1b-tn.jpg (2978 bytes) Gray Cammy 1b  82k  (576x760)
I don't think this is an official pose... it looks like Cammy was walking by, and the photographer got her attention and took a quick picture.
cam-d-gray-1c-tn.jpg (2971 bytes) Gray Cammy 1c  83k  (576x760)
What kinda pose is this?  I dunno, but it's something different, so that's cool.  BTW, if you wanna see more pictures of her, check out the Personal 1 gallery!
cam-d-gray-1d-tn.jpg (2526 bytes) Gray Cammy 1d  69k  (576x760)
And the unique poses continue!  I don't think I've seen any Cammys without a hat, or without the pigtails.  No pigtails would normally be a sin, but this girl could do almost anything, and I wouldn't mind a bit!
cam-d-gray-1e-tn.jpg (2471 bytes) Gray Cammy 1e  69k  (576x760)
Here's another interesting pose.  I don't know what it means, but it's cute.  And there's that wicked smile that I love so, so much.
cam-d-gray-1f-tn.jpg (2610 bytes) Gray Cammy 1f  89k  (512x640)
Found another one!  One one hand, cosplay is glamorous, but one other hand, how many pictures are taken in parking lots filled with trash?  Oh well, Cammy makes pretty much any picture good.
cam-d-gray-2a-tn.jpg (2477 bytes) Gray Cammy 2a  51k  (450x600)
Here's another gray Cammy.  It looks almost like it could be Ginrou (Cannon Spike gallery & DR Black gallery), but I'm pretty sure it's not.
cam-d-gray-2b-tn.jpg (3111 bytes) Gray Cammy 2b  35k  (-415--x601)
You can get a better look at her in from this picture.  The outfit looks great, but I don't think it was too hard to make... just needed a few simple items that anybody can easily get.
cam-d-gray-3a-tn.jpg (2979 bytes) Gray Cammy 3a  11k  (243x378)
Damn, this looks like a really cool Cammy... but it's the only picture I have, and it's not very good quality.  Maybe someday more pictures will turn up.
cam-d-s-pink-1a-tn.jpg (2381 bytes) Pink Cammys  9k  (243x378)
In the wonderful world of cosplay, Delta Red Cammy and Shadowloo Cammy can exist in the same place, at the same time!  Both Cammy's look great, but I don't think I have any other pictures of them either! 
cam-d-yellow-1a-tn.jpg (2854 bytes) Yellow Cammy 1a  36k  (441x641)
Normally, there's no such thing as a yellow Cammy, but almost anything's okay in cosplay.  I think the yellow and white look is really cool!
cam-d-yellow-1b-tn.jpg (2575 bytes) Yellow Cammy 1b  24k  (441x641)
It's probably more fun when you do something unique.  And at cosplay shows, there are always lots and lots of Cammys, so you need to be different to stand out.
cam-d-purple-1a-tn.jpg (3062 bytes) Purple Cammy 1a  31k  (384x384)
This isn't really a picture of Cammy... she's just in the background of another picture.  This purple Cammy looks great from what I can see, so I hope some good pictures turn up of her someday!
cam-d-yellow-2a-tn.jpg (3319 bytes) Yellow Cammy 2a w/ SFZ gals  59k  (344x489)
Here's another yellow and white Cammy... even her hair's white!   And, she brought a couple of friends.  Rainbow Mika looks especially good, huh?  I only caught a glimpse of 1 Mika at a show, but I never got to take any pictures.
cam-group-1a-tn.jpg (3882 bytes) SF Group pic 1a  55k  (546x373)
Is it really just a coincidence that Vega and the Cammys look extra cool, while the shotoclones all look really dorky?  No, I doubt it!
cam-group-1b-tn.jpg (3811 bytes) SF Group pic 1b  53k  (526x360)
Here are some more.  If you think this is a lot, you should see the KoF cosplay group pictures... they easily get to about 30-40!!!
cam-group-1c-tn.jpg (4038 bytes) SF Group pic 1c  37k  (289x262)
This is a really cool picture... the Lords and Lady of Shadowloo!   Cammy and Vega look extra cool, huh?  That Vega outfit is really impressive!   And that Bison... he's... he's funny.  ^_^
cam-group-2a-tn.jpg (3704 bytes) SF Group pic 2a  92k  (685x512)
There are just too many things to look at and comment on in this picture.  The 2 Cammys are really cool of course.  Ken and Ryu... speak for themselves.  And if you thought the previous Bison was funny, check out this guy!!