Delta Red Cosplay - Green 5
Last Update = August 15, 2008 (everything is new!)

Gallery #5 of girls dressed in Delta Red Cammy's traditional green outfit!  Already 5 galleries, but the truth is, I've literally got at least 20 times as many pictures of just green-outfitted Delta Red Cammy cosplayers.  And there are more all the time!  I'll keep putting 'em up, but if you want more, I guarantee there's a lot more online if you take the time to go look for yourself.
yuumu9-tn.jpg (2721 bytes) Yuumu  381k  (600x807)
Forget best for last... we're starting out Gallery 5 strong!!   Picture isn't centered, butt it's a great shot, and I really like location pictures like this.
suu4-tn.jpg (2600 bytes) Suu 1  172k  (432x576)
Cool perspective. Cammy giving the person behind the camera a little left hook!
suu5-tn.jpg (2318 bytes) Suu 2  100k  (300x450)
Cammy's famous winning pose. Every Cammy cosplayer's gotta know this one.
suu34-tn.jpg (2596 bytes) Suu 3  154k  (330x497)
Cammy making sure her beret fits just right.
suu2-tn.jpg (2417 bytes) Suu 4  56k  (432x576)
I like the look on her face in this picture, especially her lips.
Hanamurai Misaki 1  25k  (300x450)
I love this pose, and I'm seeing it a lot lately.  It all started with a picture of Cammy from Street Fighter Alpha 3. 
Hanamurai Misaki 2  64k  (291x450)
I told you... every Cammy cosplayer needs this pose! 
Hanamurai Misaki 3  68k  (300x450)
Oh, great picture!!  I love the salute pose, but I really love the way this picture is framed.  I normally don't like off-center pictures that cut off arms, legs, etc, but this one just looks great that way!
Hanamurai Misaki 4  50k  (219x450)
Cammy looks bored here.  Kinda looks like she's expecting something.  Either way, that's dangerous!
kanata1-tn.jpg (3125 bytes) Kanata 1  97k  (334x500)
WTF, Shouryuken? Wrong move Cammy!
kanata2-tn.jpg (2656 bytes) Kanata 2  143k  (400x600)
Nice close-up of those really green eyes and you can see how cool her hair it.  And I'm wondering how much of whatever she put in her bangs to make 'em stand out like that!
kanata3-tn.jpg (3151 bytes) Kanata 3  117k  (365x550)
It says "Good job!".  I agree, Kanata is a great Cammy!!
kanata4-tn.jpg (2710 bytes) Kanata 4  192k  (400x600)
kanata5-tn.jpg (2864 bytes) Kanata 5  99k  (400x603)
See, here's that pose again.  Maybe unnatural, but it looks great... so what.
kanata6.-tn.jpg (2304 bytes) Kanata 6  98k  (400x600)
This is another interesting pose.  I like Kanata a lot, not just for how she looks as Cammy, but she's got some of the best poses.  I get the impression that a lotta cosplayers don't put much thought into the poses, but Kanata obviously does.
kanata7-tn.jpg (2023 bytes) Kanata 7  78k  (600x398)
Dunno what this pose it, but looks like like Cammy's lining you up for something... a big punch maybe?!
kanata8-tn.jpg (2029 bytes) Kanata 8  87k  (400x600)
A classic kung-fu pose.  Kinda like the Karate Kid.  And check out the boots... high-heeled and platform combat boots ROFL  (BTW, if you didn't notice, same boots but better in the 1st picture of this gallery)