Delta Red Cosplay - Green 3
Last Update = June 15, 2007   (Izuru green Cammy 5 added)

Amazing, huh?  With this gallery, we've got well over 100 Green Delta Red Cammy pictures, and over 30 different girls.  And what's more, instead of getting tired of the same old thing... it actually gets more and more exciting!
cam-d-green-25a-tn.jpg (3102 bytes) Green Cammy 25a  56k  (402x604)
I know this girl... I met her at the Spring 2000 Tokyo Game Show!   If you check out my "Personal 2" gallery, you can see some of the pictures I took of her!
cam-d-green-25b-tn.jpg (3224 bytes) Green Cammy 25b  59k  (402x606)
As you can see, she's one of the best cosplayers around.   With the small exception of the boots, her outfit is perfect... even the gloves.
cam-d-green-25c-tn.jpg (2969 bytes) Green Cammy 25c  48k  (403x605)
Here's a closer look at her.  I remember when I talked to her... those green eyes freaked me out, but in these pictures here, I think they look beautiful.
cam-d-green-25d-tn.jpg (2813 bytes) Green Cammy 25d  48k  (420x606)
This is a really cool picture because the photography is good, and it's one of her best poses.
cam-d-green-izuru1-tn.jpg (3336 bytes) Izuru green Cammy 1  63k  (333x500)
Just so you don't get confused, "Izuru" is also "Green Cammy 25".  Anyhow, l was lucky enough to get a hold of some more great pictures.  Here's the 1st.
cam-d-green-izuru2-tn.jpg (2973 bytes) Izuru green Cammy 2  63k  (333x500)
This picture makes Izuru seem really huge, but she's actually VERY tiny... about 5 feet tall.
cam-d-green-izuru3-tn.jpg (2649 bytes) Izuru green Cammy 3  56k  (326x500)
And it doesn't get any better than this!  One of my favorite cosplayers... my favorite character... and my favorite pose!

cam-d-green-izuru4-tn.jpg (2478 bytes)

Izuru green Cammy 4  75k  (333x500)
You know, I could have a thousand cosplay pictures of Izuru cosplaying as Cammy and I still would want more!
Izuru green Cammy 5  41k  (334x526)
Just when I thought Izuru couldn't get any cuter... glasses!   LOL
izuru-lilith-tn.jpg (3208 bytes) Izuru Lilith  112k  (346x500)
No, it's not Cammy, but it is the girl who played Cammy, and it's my 2nd favorite cosplay picture of all-time (#1 is me with the 3 Cammys!).  Anyhow, I thought you just HAD to see this one.
nekokuma-banner.jpg (15270 bytes)And, I also need to plug Izuru's Nekou's website.   She's obviously a beautiful girl and a great cosplayer, but she's also a very talented artist.  And when I met her, she seemed like she was a really nice person too.  Definitely go check out her website!  It's all Japanese, but I guarantee you'll enjoy yourself nonetheless.
cam-d-green-26a-tn.jpg (2726 bytes) Green Cammy 26a  31k  (256x640)
Hey, here's another Cammy that I've met!!  She was also at the Spring 2000 Tokyo Game Show.  She was a shy little girl, but very nice.
cam-d-green-26b-tn.jpg (2732 bytes) Green Cammy 26b  24k  (384x384)
Here's a good up-close look at her.  She got a unique face, and those ribbons holding her pigtails are really cute!
cam-d-green-26c-tn.jpg (2979 bytes) Green Cammy 26c  42k  (350x500)
At the show, it seemed like this Cammy and I were on the same route, because it seemed like we were always ending up at the same display.  No, I wasn't following her around!  Maybe she was following me?!  ^_^
cam-d-green-26d-tn.jpg (2844 bytes) Green Cammy 26d  21k  (350x500)
I've got a bunch of pictures here, but there are also a lot of pictures that I personally took... they're in the "Personal 2" gallery.
cam-d-green-26e-tn.jpg (2647 bytes) Green Cammy 26e  17k  (288x500)
This is this Cammy's favorite pose.  Se really liked to flex her muscles.  I don't think I've seen any other Cammy cosplayers pose quite like this.
cam-d-green-26f-tn.jpg (2916 bytes) Green Cammy 26f  22k  (335x500)
And hey, if you notice, there are 2 different sets of pictures here... the ones where she has the red ribbons in her hair are from the Spring 2k TGS, but the other 3 without the ribbons must be from another show.
cam-d-green-27a-tn.jpg (2666 bytes) Green Cammy 27a  9k  (147x481)
This Cammy looks pretty cool, but it's too bad that I don't have a bigger & better picture of her.  And I've never seen Cammy with white boots before, but they actually look pretty good.
cam-d-green-28a-tn.jpg (3401 bytes) Green Cammy 28a  29k  (333x500)
Cammy's in trouble!  Two Chun Li cosplayers have her trapped at the show... what's Cammy gonna do?!
cam-d-green-28b-tn.jpg (3409 bytes) Green Cammy 28b  28k  (500x333)
Well, it may be 2 on 1, but Cammy looks better than both Chun Li's put together.  I'll take quality over quantity any day.  Oh, and Cammy's tougher than Chun Li too...
cam-d-green-28c-tn.jpg (3005 bytes) Green Cammy 28c  14k  (167x500)
Hey, now it's just Cammy.  The action took place to fast for the cameraman to get it on film, but between pictures, she beat both of the Chun Li's up, and took the spotlight all for herself.
cam-d-green-28d-tn.jpg (2983 bytes) Green Cammy 28d  21k  (333x-500)
Oh... and Cammy's at least twice as tough as Chun Li too!  In SFZ3 she takes on 2 girls, Juni & Juli, and beats 'em both up, and here at the cosplay show, she does it again!
cam-d-green-29a-tn.jpg (2805 bytes) Green Cammy 29a  30k  (256x640)
Hey, here's another one of those rare (don't understand why) turn-around Cammy poses!
cam-d-green-29b-tn.jpg (2865 bytes) Green Cammy 29b  24k  (384x384)
Here's an good close up picture of Green Cammy 29.  I've got lots and lots of pictures from this girl...
cam-d-green-29c-tn.jpg (2952 bytes) Green Cammy 29c  18k  (500x350)
From the thumbnail, you can already see that this Cammy has got some... ummm... 'special' boots.  Click on the link and better a close look at those things!
cam-d-green-29d-tn.jpg (2578 bytes) Green Cammy 29d  15k  (288x500)
Here she is on the ground again, but it's an up-close picture that doesn't include her crazy boots.  This time, there's nothing distracting you from looking at the rest of her outfit.
cam-d-green-29e-tn.jpg (2801 bytes) Green Cammy 29e  17k  (288x500)
And this is the fist that Cammy uses to punch the lights out of all the Chun Li cosplayers... and the occasional Sakura & Karin.
cam-d-green-29f-tn.jpg (2602 bytes) Green Cammy 29f  16k  (335x500)
And this is an even closer close-up than 29d!  This is about as close as 99.999% of Cammys fans ever get before she clobbers 'em...
cam-d-green-29g-tn.jpg (3255 bytes) Green Cammy 29g  30k  (256x500)
This picture is a lot like 29b, but it's a full-body shot.
cam-d-green-29h-tn.jpg (3229 bytes) Green Cammy 29h  18k  (288x500)
Here's another version of 29b and 29g.  BTW, if you haven't noticed yet, all that hair is really hers!
cam-d-green-29i-tn.jpg (2871 bytes) Green Cammy 29i  18k  (335x500)
Can't ever get enough of Cammy's super-cool turn around win pose, so here's another one.  (close-up)
cam-d-green-29j-tn.jpg (2614 bytes) Green Cammy 29j  12k  (168x500)
Zoom out of picture 29i, and this is what you get... a full body shot of the coolest pose any Cammy cosplayer could ever do.
cam-d-green-29k-tn.jpg (2804 bytes) Green Cammy 29k  17k  (288x500)
Here's that fist again.  After so many pictures, I think this was Cammy's way of telling the photographer that she's had enough... it's time to go.   Bye Cammy!
cam-d-green-30a-tn.jpg (2567 bytes) Green Cammy 30a  23k  (224x640)
And we've got a really nice blond Cammy too.  Seeing so many Japanese girls with black or brown hair cosplaying as Cammy, it's almost become strange to see a blond Cammy.  How ironic!
cam-d-green-30b-tn.jpg (2894 bytes) Green Cammy 30b  27k  (288x640)
Usually, I don't think blond looks right on Japanese girls (maybe it's just me), but it works pretty well on this girl.
cam-d-green-30c-tn.jpg (2949 bytes) Green Cammy 30c  23k  (384x384)
The last photograph of this rare blond Cammy is good close-up picture...
cam-d-green-31a-tn.jpg (2942 bytes) Green Cammy 31a  21k  (296x434)
Hey. another blond Cammy... a real blond!  Here I think she's on stage winning the cosplay contest for best costume.
cam-d-green-31b-tn.jpg (2639 bytes) Green Cammy 31b  29k  (338x450)
Here she is again.  From this picture, you can kinda see that her outfit looks like it's got scales or something like that.  There's nothing all wrong with it.  In fact, I think it's pretty cool.
cam-d-green-31c-tn.jpg (2527 bytes) Green Cammy 31c  12k  (300x225)
This picture looks like it's from a different source, but it's definitely the same girl cosplaying Cammy.
cam-d-green-32a-tn.jpg (2734 bytes) Green Cammy 32a  27k  (248x355)
Thanks to my friend Daala for taking this picture at the Otakon 2000 in Baltimore, MD.  Daala said she told this Cammy about, so hopefully she'll stop by and tell us who she is...
cam-d-green-32b-tn.jpg (2459 bytes) Green Cammy 32b  27k  (358x488)
Anyhow, as you can see, she's got a wonderful costume!  All the details are right on... hat, gloves, boots w/ socks, and really long pigtails.   Of all the non-Japanese Cammy cosplayers I've seen this is definitely the best.