Delta Red Cosplay - Green 2

This is the 2nd gallery of Delta Red Cammy cosplayers wearing the traditional green outfit.  All these pictures were collected somewhere off the web or sent in by friends.  Some of them are not very good quality, but I've adjusted the color wherever I could to improve the pictures.
makura-d-green1-tn.jpg (2854 bytes) Makura Green 1  29k  (281x425)
Unfortunately, I don't actually know this girl, but she's a good friend of one of my good friends.  She's REALLY big into cosplay.
makura-d-green2-tn.jpg (3038 bytes) Makura Green 2  44k  (281x425)
And here's Makura again.  If you wanna see more of her, check out some of the other Cammy cosplay pages, because she's cosplayed as the coolest character (Cammy!) many, many times.  ^_^
makura-d-green3-tn.jpg (2667 bytes) Makura Green 3  43k  (500x366)
Makura and all her cosplay buddies used to have a cool site called "Tokyo Cosplay Girls"... but it gone now.  BTW, she wasn't in Tokyo when I was in Tokyo, so I never got to see her at any of the shows.
makura-d-green4-tn.jpg (2526 bytes) Makura Green 4  42k  (356x540)
This is a nice picture where you can see just HOW long those pigtails are!  They're the longest I've ever seen...
makura-d-green5-tn.jpg (3234 bytes) Makura Green 5  23k  (281x423)
And he's the last one of her in Delta Red green.  I don't know why, but Makura has one of the most recognizable face I've seen.  I think I'd recognize her anywhere.
keiko-d-green1-tn.jpg (4693 bytes) Keiko Cammy 1  54k  (436x600)
This is a CD of Keiko Onsawa.  I don't have it, but I DO have her cosplay video!  It looks exactly the same.  BTW, that little picture there on the left is the CD, and if you click on the link, you'll see the picture from the video.
keiko-d-green2-tn.jpg (2591 bytes) Keiko Cammy 2  5k  (168x114)
My video shows Keiko cosplay as a number of different characters, but the main one is Cammy.  I saw Cammy on the cover of the video and immediately added it to my collection.  Actually, I have quite a few cosplay videos with Cammy!  ^_^
cam-d-green-8a-tn.jpg (1995 bytes) Green Cammy 8a  12k  (192x256)
Although it's a teeny tiny picture, this is still one of my favorites.  It's a shame that it's so small...
cam-d-green-8b-tn.jpg (2873 bytes) Green Cammy 8b  15k  (192x256)
Here's a closer look at the same girl.
cam-d-green-9a-tn.jpg (2649 bytes) Green Cammy 9a  23k  (173x247)
And here's cammy standing in front of a merry-go-round... I wonder what she's doing there?  When they're not at shows, these cosplayers sure like to pose in strange places...
cam-d-green-9b-tn.jpg (3279 bytes) Green Cammy 9b  69k  (342x255)
This is another one of my favorites.  The outfit is practially perfect, and this girl also has a perfect Cammy body.  Just the hair is a little too short, but it's no big deal... looks good anyways!
cam-d-green-9c-tn.jpg (2864 bytes) Green Cammy 9c  51k  (343x492)
This, and the next 3 are from a different batch of pictures, but I'm pretty sure that it's the same girl as in pictures 9a & 9b.  Right?
cam-d-green-9d-tn.jpg (2598 bytes) Green Cammy 9d  58k  (343x492)
Here he's a really good look at a great costume!  And unlike the strange backgrounds in most cosplay pictures, this one's pretty cool.
cam-d-green-9e-tn.jpg (2855 bytes) Green Cammy 9e  50k  (343x492)
Here's a nice close-up look at her left side....
cam-d-green-9f-tn.jpg (2936 bytes) Green Cammy 9f  64k  (492x343)
...and here's a close-up look at her right side.  Both sides are good sides.
cam-d-green-10-tn.jpg (3199 bytes) Green Cammy 10  213k  (765x1024)
Besides the pictures I scanned from my own photographs, this is the biggest and highest quality picture of a Cammy cosplayer that I have.  They should all be this nice!
cam-d-green-11-tn.jpg (2730 bytes) Green Cammy 11  9k  (300x225)
This is a strange little picture... looks like it's a picture of a photo shoot.
cam-d-green-12-tn.jpg (3518 bytes) Green Cammy 12  77k  (400x536)
This is another good one with really long pigtails.  And the suit is kinda different... it's looks like it's made from some kinda smooth and shinny material.
cam-d-green-13-tn.jpg (2734 bytes) Green Cammy 13  18k  (240x320)
This looks like a really, really cute little Cammy.  Outta all the pictures I have, I think I'd want a bigger and better version of this picture.
cam-d-green-14-tn.jpg (2631 bytes) Green Cammy 14  104k  (342x502)
This is a cool Cammy, but whenever I look at this picture, I can't help but think HOW bad a Cannon Spike would hurt with those boots on!
cam-d-green-15-tn.jpg (2779 bytes) Green Cammy 15  25k  (225x560)
The coolest thing about this Cammy, is that her pigtails look like they're made out of yarn!  Sounds silly, but it looks pretty neat.
cam-d-green-16-tn.jpg (3020 bytes) Green Cammy 16  36k  (295x442)
Hey, it's my only other picture of an non-Japanese girl cosplaying as Cammy.  I suppose this girl was promoting the SF2V TV series for Manga Video.
cam-d-green-17a-tn.jpg (2899 bytes) Green Cammy 17a  94k  (336x494)
Here's a cool Cammy cosplay outside in nice weather...
cam-d-green-17b-tn.jpg (2435 bytes) Green Cammy 17b  71k  (240x480)
Guess the weather didn't stay nice... here she is inside. 
cam-d-green-18-tn.jpg (2232 bytes) Green Cammy 18  24k  (160x233)
I've seen cosplay pictures taken at strange locations, but nothing's as strange as this!  Strange... strange... strange!!  See for yourself...
cam-d-green-19-tn.jpg (3248 bytes) Green Cammy 19  71k  (480x640)
Here's a really fancy outfit... she even took the time to detail the Delta Red symbols on her hat and bodysuit.  BTW, from the way the people behind her are dressed, it looks like winter...
cam-d-green-20-tn.jpg (2526 bytes) Green Cammy 20  44k  (512x768)
All I'm wondering is... is that her real hair?  I think so.   If it is, that's impressive!
cam-d-green-21-tn.jpg (2369 bytes) Green Cammy 21  15k  (267x516)
Good Cammy, neat picture... but you know what?  I just cannot think of of a comment for this one...
cam-d-green-22-tn.jpg (3204 bytes) Green Cammy 22  18k  (120x170)
2 Cammys and 1 Chun Li... that's because Cammy is twice as good as Chun Li!  Heck, she's probably even better than that.
cam-d-green-23a-tn.jpg (2896 bytes) Green Cammy 23a  67k  (420x400)
This is actually 2 pictures in one... a close-up and a full shot.  
cam-d-green-23b-tn.jpg (2442 bytes) Green Cammy 23b  84k  (410x400)
And this is just like the first one, a close-up and a full shot... but the poses are different.
cam-d-green-24a-tn.jpg (2220 bytes) Green Cammy 24a  22k  (256x640)
This is a really nice Cammy outfit... even the boots are just like Cammy's boots from the game.
cam-d-green-24b-tn.jpg (2240 bytes) Green Cammy 24b  22k  (256x640)
Here's a rare picture... Cammy turning around.  Since Cammy's most famous poses in the game are her turn around poses, you'd think cosplayers would do that a lot, but they don't.  Maybe they're shy about showing their butts...?
cam-d-green-24c-tn.jpg (2304 bytes) Green Cammy 24c  19k  (384x384)
Finally, here's a close-up pictures of this Cammy's face.