Delta Red Cosplay - Green 1
Last Update = October 14, 2002 (green Cammy 7c is new)

All these pictures were collected somewhere off the web.  Some of them are not very good quality, but I've adjusted the color wherever I could to improve the pictures.  This is just the first batch of Delta Red Cammy cosplay pictures where the girls are wearing Cammy's green outfit...
chie-d-green-1tn.jpg (2731 bytes) Chie Green Cammy 1  45k  (332x498)
Meet Chie, she's one of the best best Cammy cosplayers you'll ever see!  Luckily, we got a lotta good pictures of her...
chie-d-green-2tn.jpg (2224 bytes) Chie Green Cammy 2  51k  (332x498)
Chie's green eyes don't even freak me out.  Usually, Asian girls with colored eyes really give me the creeps.  But they look nice on her.
chie-d-green-3tn.jpg (2494 bytes) Chie Green Cammy 3  48k  (332x498)
Chie sure does have a pretty face... I guess that's why there are so many up close pictures.  And what's cool too, is that it's obviously her real hair. 
chie-d-green-4tn.jpg (2374 bytes) Chie Green Cammy 4  63k  (332x498)
It's not the most fancy pose I've seen, but it turned out pretty good nonetheless... don't you think so?
chie-d-green-5tn.jpg (3102 bytes) Chie Green Cammy 5  82k  (420x400)
And the last is is from a different photographer, but it's no doubt Chie.  Actually, this is 2 pictures in one.
chie-d-green-6tn.jpg (2606 bytes) Chie Green Cammy 6  68k  (358x500)
Hey, I told you she was one of the best!  Chie's so good that she got her own trading card... and I got it too!  This is the front side.
chie-d-green-7tn.jpg (3130 bytes) Chie Green Cammy 7  78k  (555x500)
And here's the back side of Chie and her card.  It's got al the vital info... birthday, Chie's 3 sizes, a message, etc.
cospla-card-tn.jpg (2255 bytes) Cosplay cards w/Cammy!  152k  (615x364)
How do you sell cards?  Show off your Cammy card!!  This is an ad for a new cards set, and as soon as I saw Chie dressed as Cammy, I bought a box.   Luckily I got 2!  ^_^
cam-d-green-2a-tn.jpg (2747 bytes) Green Cammy 2a  52k  (332x498)
Here's another good girl.  And check out those gloves... very nice!  I wonder if she somehow made those herself.  They're just like the 'real' thing.
cam-d-green-2b-tn.jpg (2771 bytes) Green Cammy 2b  48k  (332x498)
This Cammy's almost as good as the first one.  However, if you look real close... those pigtails aren't real, are they?  They're too perfect.  Oh well, looks good nonetheless.
cam-d-green-2c-tn.jpg (2763 bytes) Green Cammy 2c  57k  (332x498)
This is a nice pose of Cammy sitting down.  Girls rarely sit down when they pose for you, but I've noticed that guys requesting pictures like to ask the girls to sit down... wonder why?  Or maybe it's just my imagination.
cam-d-green-3a-tn.jpg (2897 bytes) Green Cammy 3a with Chun Li  44k  (358x352)
Cammy and Chun Li... I kinda miss the days when that's really all there was.  Now, it seems like there are just too many miscellaneous girls getting in the way.
cam-d-green-3b-tn.jpg (2634 bytes) Green Cammy 3b with Chun Li  32k  (202x408)
And here's another picture of the same couple.  This time you get to see the whole outfit.  (Cammy blinked...)
cam-d-green-4a-tn.jpg (3203 bytes) Green Cammy 4a with Sakura  47k  (400x733)
Cammy and Sakura.... Cammy could kick her ass!
cam-d-green-4b-tn.jpg (3143 bytes) Green Cammy 4a with Sakura  47k  (400x646)
...but it doesn't look like she wants to.  Delta Red Cammy never meets Sakura in any of the games... I wonder when they became such good friends?
cam-d-green-5a-tn.jpg (2662 bytes) Green Cammy 5a  66k  (356x551)
This girls got a nice outfit, and she's got the perfect Cammy body. 
cam-d-green-5b-tn.jpg (2830 bytes) Green Cammy 5b  81k  (356x551)
Don't have to look hard to see that this girl's pigtails aren't real!  But, with a face that cute, and an outfit that good, it really doesn't matter.  Cammy's so cool that little problems are easily overlooked.
cam-d-green-6a-tn.jpg (2855 bytes) Green Cammy 6a  25k  (335x455)
More fake pigtails!  Don't be surprised though... if you go into a cosplay store in Japan, they have lots.  Cammy's always been one of the most popular characters.
cam-d-green-6b-tn.jpg (2247 bytes) Green Cammy 6b  14k  (186x442)
As you can see from the thumbnail, the quality of this picture sucks.  But, you can see her whole outfit.  Damn, is should be illegal to make pictures with such low quality!
cam-d-green-6c-tn.jpg (2533 bytes) Green Cammy 6c  65k  (512x896)
And here's the same girl somewhere else.  And, this picture is MUCH higher quality than the other two... it's one of the biggest and best I have.
cam-d-green-6d-tn.jpg (2540 bytes) Green Cammy 6d  31k  (243x378)
And here she is again.  Unfortunately, the quality on this one's pretty bad too, but it is a pretty nice picture nonetheless.
alisa-d-green-1tn.jpg (1873 bytes) Alisa Green Cammy 1  26k  (326x508)
Here's first of 6 Cammy cosplay pictures by an American girl named Alisa.  Check out her cosplay homepage (lots of great stuff!) called:  Alisa's Cosplay
alisa-d-green-2tn.jpg (2075 bytes) Alisa Green Cammy 2  21k  (276x508)
Anyhow, there aren't many pictures of non-Japanese girls dressed as Cammy.  Besides these, I've only seen a few others.
alisa-d-green-3tn.jpg (2204 bytes) Alisa Green Cammy 3  32k  (580x374)
One of the neat things about Cammy's Delta Red outfit, is that most girls can usually get a hold of all the things they need without much trouble... no need to spend tons of money & time on making a costume.
alisa-d-green-4tn.jpg (2029 bytes) Alisa Green Cammy 4  39k  (422x659)
And since the outfits are usually such a mish-mash of stuff, they always look a little different.
alisa-d-green-5tn.jpg (2151 bytes) Alisa Green Cammy 5  27k  (324x488)
Chun Li costumes, Morrigan costumes, etc, can be bought in most stores, so they're always the same thing... it gets boring real quick.  But not Cammy, she always ends up being unique!
alisa-d-green-6tn.jpg (2728 bytes) Alisa Green Cammy and Guile  33k  (332x498)
Cammy and Guile... they made a great team in SSF2!  However, as thick-headed as they both are, I can't imagine them getting along very well.
cam-d-green-7a-tn.jpg (3517 bytes) Green Cammy 7a  102k  (512x768)
Here's Cammy at the bar.  Delta Red Cammy's only 19 years old... she shouldn't be in there!  Here's a funny 4 ko manga on the subject... Too Young 4koma
cam-d-green-7b-tn.jpg (3366 bytes) Green Cammy 7b  101k  (512x768)
I wonder what kinda drunk Cammy is?  I hope she's not a violent drunk... that would be dangerous!  And I hope she's not a depressed drunk like me.  No, I'm not a drunk... I don't drink anymore.  Errr.... anyways....
cam-d-green-7c-tn.jpg (2641 bytes) Green Cammy 7c  40k  (380x651)
I think this girl goes by the name of Marcy, but I'm not sure.   Anyhow, is this a blue or green outfit?  I can't tell, but since the camo on her legs is green, I'm assuming that the suit is supposed to be green.