Blue Delta Red Cammy cosplay
Last Update = October 14, 2002   (Alisa Blue Cammy's 1-3 & link added)
       April 29, 2002   (Blue Cammy 2 pictures c & d)

Out of all the alternate Cammy colors, I think I like the blue outfit the best.  Some of the other Delta Red members even wear blue outfits, so it even seems normal.  Unfortunately, I don't have all that many blue Delta Red Cammy cosplay pictures.  I'da thought there would be more.  BTW, check out the Personal 1 gallery for some more really good pictures of a blue DR Cammy I met.
alisa-d-cam-blue1-tn.jpg (3617 bytes) Alisa's Blue Cammy 1  152k  (541x800)
Here's Alisa with Katie dressed as Vega (aka M. Bison).  They met at the show.  Normally, Cammy and Vega would be fighting at first sight, but cosplay is all for fun, so there was no fighting... just fun!
alisa-d-cam-blue2-tn.jpg (2811 bytes) Alisa's Blue Cammy 2  158k  (372x771)
No set of Delta Red Cammy cosplay pictures is complete without a picture of her turn-around win pose.  So here you go!
alisa-d-cam-blue3-tn.jpg (2933 bytes) Alisa's Blue Cammy 3  132k  (362x700)
And this is my personal favorite.  It's just a simple pose, but I really like the way she's holding her pigtails.  I've never ever seen a picture of Cammy holding her pigtails like that!

Alisa's Cosplay for more Cammy!!And for more great pictures of Alisa cosplaying Cammy (almost 20 more pictures!), check out Alisa's website.  Besides Cammy, you'll find a ton of other interesting stuff.  Set aside a few hours and have fun exploring a great site!

makura-d-blue1-tn.jpg (2871 bytes) blue Makura 1  60k  (394x701)
Here's Makura again.  She's cosplayed as Cammy many times.  Look through the other galleries, and you'll see lots more of her.  BTW, check out Ronald McDonald walking behind her!   ^_^
cam-d-blue-1a-tn.gif (5016 bytes) blue Cammy 1a  66k  (576x768)
This girl's pictures take up most of the gallery, but that's okay because she's really good!
cam-d-blue-1b-tn.gif (4943 bytes) blue Cammy 1b  50k  (487x691)
Here she is going her SSF2 select screen pose.  Very, very clever!!  All Cammy cosplayers should know Cammy's real poses.
cam-d-blue-1c-tn.jpg (3284 bytes) blue Cammy 1c  43k  (383x512)
Ha ha ha... the guy who took this picture pretended to photograph the girl in red and white, but he really wanted Cammy's butt!  ^_^
cam-d-blue-1d-tn.jpg (3337 bytes) blue Cammy 1d  31k  (509x503)
Not only does this Cammy look really good, but she's got a ton of poses!  No wonder there are so many pictures of her.
cam-d-blue-1e-tn.jpg (2890 bytes) blue Cammy 1e  42k  (768x512)
I'm not really sure what this pose is, but it's different, and that's always good to see.  I've never really seen and fighting poses... like Cammy's fierce punch or something like that.
cam-d-blue-1f-tn.jpg (2967 bytes) blue Cammy 1f  46k  (487x691)
Another thing I really love about this Cammy, is that she really looks like she's having a lotta fun being Cammy!
cam-d-blue-1g-tn.jpg (2519 bytes) blue Cammy 1g  74k  (576x768)
This is a close-up of the pose from picture 1e.  The color's not all that good on this one, but you shoulda seen what it looked like before I worked on it!  I've actually improved the quality of a lot of these cosplay pictures.
cam-d-blue-1h-tn.jpg (2711 bytes) blue Cammy 1h  36k  (384x512)
I know she looks green on the thumbnail, but it really is a blue suit!
cam-d-blue-1i-tn.jpg (2512 bytes) blue Cammy 1i  17k  (204x305)
This is a nice picture with a URL on it... unfortunately, that site doesn't exist anymore.
cam-d-blue-1j-tn.jpg (2794 bytes) blue Cammy 1j  56k  (228x425)
Here's a good look at the whole outfit.  Aside from a few minor details, this is one of the best-looking outfits I've seen.
cam-d-blue-2a-tn.jpg (3267 bytes) blue Cammy 2a  51k  (401x602)
This is another girl that I'm pretty sure I've seen before!  Maybe I've got some other cosplay pictures of her... or maybe I saw her at one of the shows in Tokyo.  Hmmm...?
cam-d-blue-2b-tn.jpg (3363 bytes) blue Cammy 2b  55k  (401x602)
Anyhow, here's a nice full-body shot so you can see the whole outfit.
cam-d-blue-2c-ayame-tn.jpg (3288 bytes) blue Cammy 2c  27k  (283x500)
Ah-ha!  I found out "blue 2's" name, and it's "Ayame"!  Well, at least that's filename of one of her pictures said, so I'm assuming...
cam-d-blue-2d-ayame-tn.jpg (2328 bytes) blue Cammy 2d  18k  (214x500)
Here she is again.  The suit in this picture acutally looks purple, but I think the color of the picture's just off a little bit.  And even if it's not, it's good to have all the pictures of Ayame together.
cam-d-blue-3a-tn.jpg (3257 bytes) blue Cammy 3a  15k  (196x274)
Cammy and Chun Li both look really good here, but yet again, Cammy comes out on top!
cam-d-blue-4a-tn.jpg (3333 bytes) blue Cammy 4a  98k  (524x811)
This is strange... although they used to be best friends (kinda), Delta Red Cammy and Vega want to kill each other in the worst way!  But, it's a cool picture nonetheless.