Black Delta Red Cammy 2
Last Update = September 15, 2003 (the last 6 pics of Ai Amaebi added)

The other gallery of black Delta Red Cammys filled up, so here we are at gallery #2!  Let's fill this gallery up too, and then get a third gallery started!  Cammy doesn't really have a black outfit in the game, but as you can see in these pictures, it looks great (especially because it matches the black hair of the Japanese girls). Everybody looks good in black, right?
cam-d-black14a-tn.jpg (2385 bytes) black Cammy 14a  25k  (320x640)
This is a good pose that lets you see her whole outfit.  It's a great outfit... as far as I can tell, she's got all the details right.  BTW, how do you like the shiny suit?  I think it's pretty cool.
cam-d-black14b-tn.jpg (2389 bytes) black Cammy 14b  27k  (288x640)
This picture is kinda funny coming after the first one.  In the first one, she looks so open and confident, but here she's kinda covered up and shy.
cam-d-black14c-tn.jpg (2592 bytes) black Cammy 14c  22k  (384x384)
This is an up-close picture, but unfortunately, it's while she's doing her famous turn-around win pose, so you don't really get to see it.
cam-d-black15a-tn.jpg (2483 bytes) black Cammy 15a  30k  (333x500)
This is a strange pose.  But, as you'll see in the next few pictures you'll see that most of the poses and camera angles are unique.
cam-d-black15b-tn.jpg (2558 bytes) black Cammy 15b  26k  (500x333)
You know, I'm pretty sure I e-mailed this girl to get permission to use these pictures, but when my e-mail went down, I lost all that...  (but if this is the one I'm thinking of, she said it was okay!)
cam-d-black15c-tn.jpg (2302 bytes) black Cammy 15c  26k  (333x500)
Cammy looks like she's trying to use her mental powers to read your mind.  I don't think it's working, because if it were, she'd probably be blushing or laughing!  ^_^
cam-d-black15d-tn.jpg (2404 bytes) black Cammy 15d  29k  (333x500)
This girl doesn't have the typical Cammy body (she's got a lot more curves), but that's okay... I'm sure nobody's complaining!
cam-d-black15e-tn.jpg (2584 bytes) black Cammy 15e  29k  (500x333)
Unfortunately, this is the last picture of Miss Black #15.   Let's hope she takes some more pictures of herself dressed up as Cammy!  I haven't had enough yet...
cam-d-black-kasumi1-tn.jpg (2758 bytes) Kasumi black Cammy 1  37k  (326x482)
This first picture is an up-close picture.  There's no pose or anything like that... just a nice simple picture.
cam-d-black-kasumi2-tn.jpg (3149 bytes) Kasumi black Cammy 2  40k  (327x481)
Here Kasumi is starting to pose.  Again, it's nice but nothing too fancy.  I bet she's saving the best for last.
cam-d-black-kasumi3-tn.jpg (3078 bytes) Kasumi black Cammy 3  42k  (327x481)
Yup, the last is the best!  It's Cammy's classic turn-around win pose.  It's a great outfit, but we can't quite see it all in any of these pictures.
cam-d-black-asamyknife1-tn.jpg (2092 bytes) Asamyknife black Cammy 1  25k  (300x400)
These next few pictures are actually from an auction where this Cammy outfit was for sale.  After is was all over, I think it went for over $400.
cam-d-black-asamyknife2-tn.jpg (2280 bytes) Asamyknife black Cammy 2  17k  (300x400)
Here's a really good look at the entire outfit... except for the missing paint on her legs, it's maybe the best one I've ever seen!
cam-d-black-asamyknife3-tn.jpg (2757 bytes) Asamyknife black Cammy 3  27k  (300x400)
And here's the last picture.  BTW, if you're wondering.. yes, she blurred her face out.  Everybody seems to do that when they sell stuff online in Japan.  BTW2, no, I don't have a Cammy outfit!  I love Cammy, but I've got no business with a Cammy outfit!
cam-d-black-ai1-tn.jpg (2209 bytes) Ai Fujiwara black Cammy 1  43k  (600x800)
This is not only a great character (the greatest!), but it's a great cosplayer, a great pose, and a huge picture with great quality.
cam-d-black-ai2-tn.jpg (2115 bytes) Ai Fujiwara black Cammy 2  128k  (600x866)
Here's another extra big and high-quality picture of Ai.   This is a nice pose of her sitting down and relaxing (cosplay is hard work).
cam-d-black-ai3-tn.jpg (2561 bytes) Ai Fujiwara black Cammy 3  52k  (431x720)
And here's Ai at the Tokyo Game Show.  You can tell by those windows behind her... they're inbetween the 3 main halls, and it's where all the cosplayers hang out.  This is a nice picture of her front.
cam-d-black-ai4-tn.jpg (2367 bytes) Ai Fujiwara black Cammy 4  45k  (431x720)
This picture shows her side.  I always like it when I can get pictures that show you the whole outfit.  Ai has a great outfit, and she's cosplayed as Cammy tons of times, but she's never done the camo leg paint.
cam-d-black-ai5-tn.jpg (2229 bytes) Ai Fujiwara black Cammy 5  48k  (431x720)
Here's Ai doing the classic Cammy turn-around win pose.  And it's also the best picture I have of the back of her costume.
cam-d-black-ai6-tn.jpg (2425 bytes) Ai Fujiwara black Cammy 6  40k  (420x600)
babylove.gif (8302 bytes)Finally, here's Ai with an interesting pose... she's kinda relaxed and thinking.  For more on Ai Fujiwara, check out her home page at: