Black Delta Red Cammy cosplay

Whereas the pink Delta Red Cammy is the ultimate in cute, the black Delta Red Cammy is the most serious.  She's still cute, pretty, and sexy, but she looks a little scary too.  And since most of the cosplayers have black hair too, it really gives Cammy a different, more dark look. 
ginrou-d-black-1-tn.jpg (2045 bytes) Ginrou black Cammy 1  25k  (223x452)
If you've been to the Cannon Spike Cammy Cosplay gallery, then you'll recognize Ginrou.  If not, that's here you need to go to see more!  BTW, this it one of those cool turn-around win poses that Cammy's so famous for.
ginrou-d-black-2-tn.jpg (1979 bytes) Ginrou black Cammy 2  28--k  (274x537)
ginrou-banner.jpg (10591 bytes)Aside from the other Ginrou pictures in the Cannon Spike Cammy Cosplay gallery, Ginrou has her own homepage...
ginrou-d-black-3-tn.jpg (1991 bytes) Ginrou black Cammy 3  25k  (226x548)
With the last picture, you can get a good look at Ginrou's great outfit.  Out of all the cosplayers I've seen, she's definitely one of the very best!
cam-d-black-1a-tn.jpg (3024 bytes) Black Cammy 1a  75k  (200x302)
This is one of the best pictures, and best Cammy cosplayers, but I just wish that the picture was a little bigger.  BTW, the homepage on the photograph is unfortunately gone.
cam-d-black-2a-tn.jpg (3549 bytes) Black Cammy 2a  33k  (313x579)
These two cosplayers both look really good.  However, I can't stop thinking that I've seen that girl cosplaying as Cammy before.  I suppose I saw her at one of the many cosplay shows I went to in Tokyo...
cam-d-black-2b-tn.jpg (3262 bytes) Black Cammy 2b  34k  (353x531)
And here are the SF2 ladies from a different angle.  No matter how you look at 'em, Cammy always comes out looking better than Chun Li!
cam-d-black-3a-tn.jpg (2656 bytes) Black Cammy 3a  17k  (256x384)
This Cammy's looking really serious!  See what I mean about the black Delta Red Cammy's being a little scary?
cam-d-black-3b-tn.jpg (2218 bytes) Black Cammy 3b  16k  (256x384)
She looks like she's in a better mood here.  You know what they say about Cammy...  What she hates most is anything she sees when she's in a bad mood!
cam-d-black-4a-tn.jpg (2578 bytes) Black Cammy 4a  11k  (167x500)
This is a really cool Cammy because the girl playing her looks really good, and she's done some special stuff to the outfit.
cam-d-black-4b-tn.jpg (2800 bytes) Black Cammy 4b  21k  (353x500)
The hat's different, the gloves are different, the colors are different, etc.  I'd like to see more Cammy cosplayers make little modifications to the outfit.
cam-d-black-4c-tn.jpg (2814 bytes) Black Cammy 4c  18k  (333x500)
Chun Li's outfit doesn't look right if you modify stuff... Sakura's outfit doesn't look right if you modify stuff... but you can easily do that with Cammy, and it still looks great!
cam-d-black-4d-tn.jpg (2886 bytes) Black Cammy 4d  13k  (167x500)
This Cammy reminds me a lot of Psylocke.  In X-Men vs Street Fighter, Psylocke saves Cammy, and they're both English, so maybe Cammy got some ideas from her friend.
cam-d-black-4e-tn.jpg (2812 bytes) Black Cammy 4e  17k  (333x500)
Wow, that has to be one of the biggest and most beautiful smiles that I've ever seen...
cam-d-black-4f-tn.jpg (3353 bytes) Black Cammy 4f  20k  (286x500)
Here's Cammy with Karin Kanzuki... Nobody was taking pictures of Karin, so she had to hang out with Cammy in order to get people to look at her!
cam-d-black-5a-tn.jpg (2340 bytes) Black Cammy 5a  59k  (404x606)
This Cammy's REALLY dark!  The outfit's all black, but I think it looks really neat.  However, I think if she were wearing some black fishnet stockings, it would look even darker and better.
cam-d-black-5b-tn.jpg (2658 bytes) Black Cammy 5b  58k  (401x603)
After a while, cosplayers run out of good poses.  Sometimes they try to invent new ones, but it rarely works.  This, however, is a great new pose.
cam-d-black-6a-tn.jpg (2749 bytes) Black Cammy 6a  49k  (367x575)
Outta all the great cosplay pictures of Cammy that I've got, this has got to be one of the very best... the girl, the quality, and the pose are all top notch.
cam-d-black-6b-tn.jpg (2887 bytes) Black Cammy 6b  128k  (576x768)
This Cammy looks really familiar to me too... I think that she reminds me of Chie Cammy from the DR Green Cammy gallery.
cam-d-black-6c-tn.jpg (2603 bytes) Black Cammy 6c  114k  (576x768)
There are quite a few pictures on the Cammy Cosplay Page of Cammy with Sakura, but in all the cosplay shows I've gone to, I've only seen about 2-3 Sakura's.   I've seen about 10 times as many Cammys at the shows.
cam-d-black-7a-tn.jpg (2523 bytes) Black Cammy 7a  11k  (132x320)
This is another cosplayer and outfit that I really like a lot.
cam-d-black-7b-tn.jpg (2442 bytes) Black Cammy 7b  50k  (486x691)
Here's a close-up picture that's also higher quality, so it lets you see her a little better.  It looks like her suit might be made out of leather... or vinyl.
cam-d-black-7c-tn.jpg (2805 bytes) Black Cammy 7c  43k  (486x691)
This is an almost full-body picture that lets you see the whole outfit.  She's even doing the cool pose from Cammy's 1st Capcom character art... SSF2 Cammy.
cam-d-black-8a-tn.jpg (2031 bytes) Black Cammy 8a  10k  (164x492)
Here's one of those cool turn around win poses again, but this girl has kinda modified it.
cam-d-black-9a-tn.jpg (3013 bytes) Black Cammy 9a  21k  (225x504)
This is a cool Cammy, but the background for the picture is no good because it's also black.  Normally, Cammy's supposed to blend into her background, but when somebody's trying to take your picture, it's a bad thing.
cam-d-black-10a-tn.jpg (3235 bytes) Black Cammy 10a  53k  (486x691)
Here's a cool looking Cammy on the patio of the Tokyo Big Sight.   She's probably at the summer Wonder Festival.  To learn more about the Wonder Fest, check out my report on the Misc... Page.
cam-d-black-11a-tn.jpg (2965 bytes) Black Cammy 11a  21k  (286x500)
And this Cammy's at the Makuhari Messe... that's where they hold the Tokyo Game Show every spring and fall.  I sure know my cosplay backgrounds, don't I?!
cam-d-black-12a-tn.jpg (2600 bytes) Black Cammy 12a  59k  (512x896)
Quite frankly, this Cammy scares me to death!  She's looking really serious, and the blonde hair & blue eyes make it even more freaky...
cam-d-black-13a-tn.jpg (2678 bytes) Black Cammy 13a  33k  (448x640)
This is a great Cammy, and a great costume... but if you look really closely at her gloves, you'll notice that they're made out of painted plastic PET bottles!
cam-d-black-13b-tn.jpg (2324 bytes) Black Cammy 13b  19k  (256x640)
Ha ha ha... plastic bottles!!!  ^_^