Dali-Lamb Cammy
Created March 15, 2008
Since she was 11 years old, Dali-Lamb has been one of the most dedicated and creative Cammy cosplayers.  The one thing that stands out most about her is how much fun she has being Cammy!  You'll see it in these pictures.  This is what cosplay is all about!! dali-collage-tn.jpg (25464 bytes)
For more info on Dali-Lamb, check out...  Cosplay.com and LiveJournal.  BTW, she's a member of the "Ota-Queens" group that has been participating in masquerades at several conventions (most notably ACen) since 2001.
.Cammy Cosplay
dali-1st-tn.jpg (4351 bytes) Dali-Lamb's 1st Cammy!  28k  (213x350)
You can see how young she looks here, she's obviously been a fan for a long time!
dali-chun2-tn.jpg (3546 bytes) Cammy & Chun Li  112k  (340x512)
Dali-Lamb with her sister, Sailor Gaia.

dali-chun3-tn.jpg (2696 bytes)

Frankensteiner!  54k  (480x640)
Dali-Lamb's favorite picture!  One of mine too... it's always good to see fighting game characters fighting, and it's best when it's Cammy about to KO Chun Li with a Frankensteiner!
dali-guile1-tn.jpg (2927 bytes) Cammy & Guile 1  61k  (480x640)
Wow, what an awesome pose!  I woulda liked to have seen exactly how he got her up there like that...
dali-guile2-tn.jpg (3028 bytes) Cammy & Guile 2  41k  (560x420)
The friendship and cool poses didn't last long!  Here's a German Suplex for you Guile!
dali-guile3-tn.jpg (2979 bytes) Cammy & Guile 3  55k  (640x480)
NO, not the hair!!
dali-guile4-tn.jpg (3424 bytes) Cammy & Guile 4  57k  (640x480)
I guess Cammy felt guilty after the beatdown, so here she is fixing Guile back up again.  Good as new.
Cammy, Chun, & Guile video  Time: 50 seconds
Here's a fun little skit from Anime Iowa 2006

dali-vs-bed1-tn.jpg (3374 bytes) Cammy vs Bed 1  44k  (480x360)
I have no idea what brought about this onslaught against a bed!   It was uncomfortable?  Cammy is known for having a bit of a temper... but whoa!
dali-vs-bed2-tn.jpg (3076 bytes) Cammy vs Bed 2  50k  (420x560)
Nevertheless, I love it!  Most cosplayers wanna play Cammy cute & nice, and as much as we all love that, it's refreshing seeing something different, isn't it?
dali-juli1-tn.jpg (3240 bytes) Juli 1  84k  (448x640)
Dali's alternate white colored Juli costume.
dali-juli2-tn.jpg (3686 bytes) Juli 2  68k  (480x640)
I like this action pose.  Eurobeat King is always good at getting cosplayers to do stuff like this. BTW, that Eurobeat King link will take you to all the pictures from this Dali Lamb & Miri photoshoot!
dali-juli3-tn.jpg (3235 bytes) Juli 3  69k  (500x640)
Cammy: C'mere I just wanna give you a hug!
Juli: Ewwww, no!
dali-juli4-tn.jpg (3357 bytes) Juli 4  76k  (480x640)
Never mind, I guess Juli had a change of heart.
dali-juli5-tn.jpg (3268 bytes) Juli 5  79k  (480x640)
What a cool pose.  I'm sure M. Bison would be very proud!   But where's Juni?
dali-shadowloo1-tn.jpg (2820 bytes) Shadowloo 1  40k  (450x600)
A great look at the whole silver & black Shadowloo Cammy outfit.
dali-shadowloo2-tn.jpg (2937 bytes) Shadowloo 2  43k  (450x600)
Cammy's famous winning pose!
dali-shadowloo3-tn.jpg (2785 bytes) Shadowloo 3  49k  (640x480)
Maybe my favorite picture of Dali-Lamb as Cammy.  Can't really say why, it just turned out really nice.  I guess as much as I like the cantankerous Cammy, it always makes me happy to see her happy.
dali-shadowloo4-tn.jpg (3216 bytes) Shadowloo 4  56k  (450x600)
Dali-Lamb and her sister again, in different Cammy & Chun Li outfits.
dali-chun1-tn.jpg (3368 bytes) Shadowloo 5  76k  (640x427)
Sometimes there's no time to do a Spinning Back Knuckle through a fireball, so you just have to block it!  CG by Dali!
dali-drill-tn.jpg (3332 bytes) Cammy Drill!  45k  (640x333)
Here's a great CG picture of Cammy's X-Men vs Street Fighter or Marvel vs Capcom style Cannon Drill!  I'm always amazed that more artists don't CG cosplay pictures like this.
dali-katamari-tn.jpg (2941 bytes) Street Fighter vs Katamari  40k  (640x480)
Low blow!  She's a spy, bodyguard, and assassin... she'll do anything to win... no matter what.  Anyhow, I wonder what started this fight?!
dali-wedding1-tn.jpg (2655 bytes) Wedding Cammy 1  54k  (480x640)
Cammy's wearing combat boots under her wedding dress!  ROFL
I LOVE pictures like this!  Creative & fun!!  I've only seen a few cosplay pictures ever of Cammy out-of-costume, but I think it's great!  I'd love to see more.
dali-wedding2-tn.jpg (2719 bytes) Wedding Cammy 2  56k  (480x640)
Getting ready for the big day by cleaning her fingernails with a combat knife!  BTW, another picture not shown here shows that the knife is a part of the costume!
dali-wedding3-tn.jpg (2568 bytes) Wedding Cammy 3  38k  (480x640)
"Because Cammy would get married eventually-- and 'cause I was bored ^^;"

           Stay tuned for more cuz Dali-Lamb is working on some more costumes!