Cannon Spike Cammy
Last update = November 24, 2003 (top 8 pictures added)

It sure didn't take long for cosplayers to make their ARSF Cammy outfits!  Despite Capcom's lack of support for the incredibly popular Cammy, fans have continued to love her.  And now that there's finally a new version of Delta Red Cammy (after 7 years!), her popularity, it seems, will only continue to grow.  These first ARSF Cammy cosplay pictures are among the best best I've ever seen!
eriko-arsf-cammy1-tn.jpg (2083 bytes) Eriko ARSF 1  30k  (273x500)
Eriko's ARSF Cammy outfit is almost perfect.  The only thing that's a little off is the neon green water pistol in the holster on her leg!  ^_^
eriko-arsf-cammy2-tn.jpg (2023 bytes) Eriko ARSF 2  33k  (375x500)
Okay, so Eriko's outfit isn't quite perfect, but her butt sure is!   WOW!!  Sorry, I know it's a little pervy, but I can't help by admire...
tomu-arsf-cammy1-tn.jpg (1852 bytes) Tomu ARSF 1  44k  (480x640)
This is Tomu, and her outfit is really awesome.  You can only see the top half in these pictures, but it looks great from what we can see.  Only the neon green fingernails are a little strange.
tomu-arsf-cammy2-tn.jpg (1922 bytes) Tomu ARSF 2  39k  (480x640)
Tomu's lookin' kinda intense in this picture, huh?  Anyhow, doesn't she have the perfect Cammy body... kinda thin but strong and muscular.
tomu-arsf-cammy3-tn.jpg (2027 bytes) Tomu ARSF 3  43k  (480x640)
Here's an up-close picture of Tomu.  Her bangs are absolutely perfect!!  I wonder how she managed to get 'em to look just like that?
misc-arsf-cammy1-tn.jpg (1782 bytes) Misc ARSF 1  21k  (265x499)
Unfortunately, I don't know this girl's name, but I love her look... I hope I'll find more cosplay pictures of her someday.  And I hope there are some more Cammys!
misc-arsf-cammy2-tn.jpg (2327 bytes) Misc ARSF 2  31k  (323x499)
Here she is flexing her muscle... is anything happening?  ^_^   Nevertheless, she looks great as Cammy, and that's a very nice outfit.
misc-arsf-cammy3-tn.jpg (1995 bytes) Misc ARSF 3  32k  (312x499)
And finally, here's an up-close picture.  She's got a great Cammy-like here look that's a little friendly and dangerous at the same time.
momo-arsf-green1-tn.jpg (2846 bytes) Momo ARSF Cammy 1  25k  (256x640)
Here's a really interesting girl whose name is Momo.   And that's a really great looking costume she's wearing!
momo-arsf-green2-tn.jpg (3029 bytes) Momo ARSF Cammy 2  33k  (288x640)
I wish I could find more cosplay pictures of Miss Momo because she's such unique looking girl.  If you know more about her, lemme know!
momo-arsf-green3-tn.jpg (2509 bytes) Momo ARSF Cammy 3  29k  (384x640)
Hey, you don't gotta point that gun at me!  I'll be more than happy to take your picture and heap praises on you... ^_^
momo-arsf-green4-tn.jpg (2778 bytes) Momo ARSF Cammy 4  22k  (384x384)
Here's a nice up-close picture of Miss Momo's face.  You know she's gotta be a really nice girl to be able to look so sweet while holding a sub machine gun!
ginrou-asrf-green-1-tn.gif (4140 bytes) Ginrou ARSF Cammy 1  46k  (450x600)
This is the first in a series of the 10 best cosplay pictures that I've ever seen!  Meet Ginrou, the first ARSF Cammy cosplay I ever saw...
ginrou-asrf-green-2-tn.gif (4916 bytes) Ginrou ARSF Cammy 2  54k  (450x600)
ginrou-banner.jpg (10591 bytes)Be sure to check out her homepage!
ginrou-asrf-green-3-tn.gif (3395 bytes) Ginrou ARSF Cammy 3  37k  (401x597)
Here's one of those cool turn-around pictures that Cammy's famous for.  I wonder what kinds of poses ARSF Cammy will have in Cannon Spike...?
ginrou-asrf-green-4-tn.gif (4467 bytes) Ginrou ARSF Cammy 4  50k  (450x600)
Anyhow, besides having a bunch of magnificent cosplay pictures on her homepage, she's also some great fanart by Lulu Shinjoh.  Be sure to check out that stuff too!
ginrou-asrf-green-5-tn.gif (4537 bytes) Ginrou ARSF Cammy 5  45k  (450x600)
They say "When you got it, you got it."  And lemme tell you... Ginrou has it all!  Ginrou is not only pretty, smart, cool, and nice, be she's also got a ton of talent!  This is really an amazing girl.
ginrou-asrf-green-6-tn.gif (4265 bytes) Ginrou ARSF Cammy 6  28k  (276x600)
Hey, here's a really nice full-body picture where you can see the whole costume.
ginrou-asrf-green-7-tn.gif (3688 bytes) Ginrou ARSF Cammy 7  53k  (600x450)
BTW, I gotta thank Ginrou for letting me put up all these pictures of her!  I e-mailed her, told her about the site, asked for permission, and she was totally okay with it.
ginrou-asrf-green-8-tn.gif (3937 bytes) Ginrou ARSF Cammy 8  44k  (450x600)
I could talk forever about how cool these cosplay pictures are!   I really, really love the look of the new ARSF Cammy from Cannon Spike!
ginrou-asrf-green-9-tn.gif (3892 bytes) Ginrou ARSF Cammy 9  31k  (314x600)
No only is the new Cammy cool, but Ginrou's got all the details down... guns, holster, knives, kneepads, etc!  She left out the roller blades, but that's okay because they're kinda silly anyhow.
ginrou-asrf-green-10-tn.gif (4049 bytes) Ginrou ARSF Cammy 10  50k  (450x600)
And here's the last of Ginrou's own pictures.  When a I found these pictures on her site, I was as happy and excited about anything as I've been in a really long, long time!  In fact, I'm still pretty damn worked up over this great find!  ^_^
ginrou-asrf-green-11-tn.gif (5018 bytes) Ginrou ARSF Cammy 11  22k  (384x384)
Hey, beside Ginrou's own pictures, here are a few that somebody else took of her!  This is a nice up-close picture.
ginrou-asrf-green-12-tn.gif (5175 bytes) Ginrou ARSF Cammy 12  26k  (256x640)
Here's Cammy holding her fire!  But don't doubt that she could aim that gun at a second's notice and blast whoever gets in her way...
ginrou-asrf-green-13-tn.gif (5197 bytes) Ginrou ARSF Cammy 13  35k  (320x640)
Looks pretty safe now... Cammy looks pretty relaxed here.  I don't think she's planning on shooting anybody anytime soon.  (no guarantees!)
cam-arsf-black-1a-tn.gif (5226 bytes) Black ARSF Cammy 1a  29k  (224x640)
Here's a great looking ARSF Cammy dressed in black.  Just look at her... she's armed to the teeth!! 
cam-arsf-black-1b-tn.gif (4043 bytes) Black ARSF Cammy 1b  27k  (384x384)
This is a nice (safe) up-close picture of this black ARSF Cammy.   BTW, that gun sure looks real, huh?!  They don't have real guns in Japan, but they make models that look and feel like the real thing.
cam-arsf-black-1c-tn.gif (5121 bytes) Black ARSF Cammy 1c  43k  (352x640)
Wow... I can't stop looking at ALL those weapons!  If you thought Cammy talked a lot of trash when she was just using her hands and feet in the SF series, try to imagine what ARSF Cammy's like now that she's invincible!
cam-arsf-green-1a-tn.gif (5163 bytes) Maki ARSF Cammy 1a  110k  (256x640)
And hey, here's another excellent ARSF Cammy!  This girl's one of the best looking Cammys I've seen.  Maki's various cosplay is always among the best.  But the one time I saw her live, she was a tennis player...
cam-arsf-green-1b-tn.gif (5096 bytes) Maki ARSF Cammy 1b  46k  (384x640)
Here's a full-body picture of her saluting... it's taken from her left side.  She's not as armed as the black ARSF Cammy, but she still looks good with what she's got.
cam-arsf-green-1c-tn.gif (5112 bytes) Maki ARSF Cammy 1c  27k  (384x384)
This is an up-close picture of her face as she salutes!  With all those guns and stuff, I have no doubt that Cammy's mission is complete.
cam-arsf-green-1d-tn.gif (4748 bytes) Maki ARSF Cammy 1d  45k  (416x640)
Saving the best for last!  This is probably the best turn-around Cammy cosplay picture I've seen so far.  Ohhh.... what a great idea that game was!  I wish they'd make another one!