Cammy vs Chun Li Cosplay
Created = June 26, 2006   (all new!)

Had an idea for a themed Cammy cosplay page (see the 2nd to last picture for the story), and here it is.  I actually had a lot of Cammy vs Chun Li cosplay pictures, but I was kinda disappointed that this is pretty much it.  They are fighting game characters after all!  Every cosplay pose imaginable has been done before, so it's cool that some cosplay players are really getting into character and having fun!  And congrats to all these Cammys for winning their fights vs Chun Li :p
camvchun-misc1-tn.jpg (1719 bytes) Misc 1
C'mon Chun Li, you don't think that Karate Kid stuff is gonna work on Cammy, do you?!
camvchun-misc2-tn.jpg (1401 bytes) Misc 2
This is one of the better pictures, but it's kinda cut-off, and it's the only one I have from these two cosplayers.
camvchun-misc3-tn.jpg (2301 bytes) Misc 3
This picture was taken .1 seconds before Cammy broke all of Chun Li's fingers with that kick.  It was an easy win after that.
camvchun-misc4-tn.jpg (2078 bytes) Misc 4
This one is kinda disappointing because it's just a picture of Cammy and Chun Li before the fight.
camvchun-misc5-tn.jpg (2553 bytes) Misc 5
Wow, amazing CG work on this picture!  BTW, what's Taki from Soul Calibur doing back there? LOL
camvchun-misc6-tn.jpg (2257 bytes) Misc 6
See, this is how you catch a kick (not with your fingers).   I'm not sure what happened next, but I'm sure Cammy hurt Chun Li pretty bad!
dali-lamb1-tn.jpg (2003 bytes) Dali-Lamb 1
Cammy is cosplayed by Dali-Lamb, and Chun Li is cosplayed by her sister... I think she goes by SailorGaia.
dali-lamb2-tn.jpg (2167 bytes) Dali-Lamb 2
Cammy knows all about Chun Li's kicks, so it's easy for her to block.
dali-lamb3-tn.jpg (2021 bytes) Dali-Lamb 3
Uh-oh, the fight's about to get up-close and person.
dali-lamb4-tn.jpg (2214 bytes) Dali-Lamb 4
Another picture with some really good CG work.   If I remember correctly, Dali-Lamb herself did this one.
dali-lamb5-tn.jpg (1895 bytes) Dali-Lamb 5
Cammy's defense is too good!
dali-lamb6-tn.jpg (2092 bytes) Dali-Lamb 6
Ouch!  Sometimes you gotta take 1 step back to take 1 step forward...
dali-lamb7-tn.jpg (2068 bytes) Dali-Lamb 7
Gotcha!  Cammy's got Chun Li in headlock, and there's nowhere to go but down from there!
fumi-rumi1-tn.jpg (2239 bytes) Fumi & Rumi
Zorousu PinkHere's another picture of cosplaying sisters fighting it out as Cammy and Chun Li.
deji-bijon-tn.jpg (1668 bytes) Deji-Bijon
A great picture, but just the start of a fight... nothing from the fight itself >_<
maki1-tn.jpg (1636 bytes) Maki 1
Space Hospital 7122You should know cosplayer Maki cuz she's one of my top 3 favorite cosplayers, and she's cosplayed Cammy many times.
maki2-tn.jpg (2935 bytes) Maki 2
Talk about tension!  This is a great picture.
maki3-tn.jpg (3027 bytes) Maki 3
Great angle here, but I think the photographer must be in a bad spot... cuz the fight's about to start, and there's a very good chance he might get caught in the middle of it @_@;
maki4-tn.jpg (2491 bytes) Maki 4
Maki's got that Chun Li on her knees!  Go Cammy!!
rikkux1-tn.jpg (1710 bytes) RikkuX 1
www.TENSHICOSPLAY.comHere's RikkuX as Cammy.   This is the best set of Cammy vs Chun Li cosplay pictures I've seen.  Check out her homepage for more good stuff too ^^
rikkux2-tn.jpg (2046 bytes) RikkuX 2
Chun Li barely misses this Spinning Back Knuckle!
rikkux3-tn.jpg (2296 bytes) RikkuX 3
Cammy's got Chun Li on the defensive!  It's just a matter of time before Chun Li misses a block, and then Cammy'll be all over her!
rikkux4-tn.jpg (2179 bytes) RikkuX 4
Ouch!  Chun Li's doing some extreme stuff to avoid Cammy now!
rikkux5-tn.jpg (2144 bytes) RikkuX 5
Here's Cammy getting in a kick and knocking Chun Li back.
rikkux6-tn.jpg (2174 bytes) RikkuX 6
OMG!  I never imagine in a million years I'd see a cosplay picture of Cammy doing a Frankensteiner!
rikkux7-tn.jpg (2110 bytes) RikkuX 7
Here's another angle.  Awesome!  ^_^
kameta-tn.jpg (1626 bytes) Kameta 1
Never seen Cammy use a leg-lock, but this picture is super-cool.   Good strategy, take out Chun Li's big fat legs in a fight LOL   BTW, this is the picture that gave me the idea to find all my Cammy vs Chun Li pictures and create a special gallery.
Kameta is one of the best and most dedicated Cammy cosplayers out there today.  I've got pictures of her in every Cammy costume, so if you haven't seen her cosplaying Cammy elsewhere, look for more of her pictures here in the future!  No cool fighting pictures like this, but very cool stuff nonetheless!
loser-tn.jpg (1608 bytes) Loser
Just a random picture I found a few days ago.  Though it was funny and perfect way to end this gallery ^_^